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world of sport for episode 4

World of Sport Episode 1 | Review

The wait is over for us Brits. On the day NXT UK began their TV tapings and became an official entity, WoS Wrestling began...
randoms from ringside

Randoms from Ringside

You had your run, and it was a good one. -Willie Nelson, "Old Timer" from the inaugural edition of Randoms from Ringside. 2018 marks 20...
Brody King Audio Edition

Audio Edition with Brody King

As a former trainee of the Santino Brothers Training Academy, Brody King has emerged as a must-see talent. He is one of the fastest...
Jake Atlas Audio Edition with

Audio Edition with Jake Atlas

As a resident of Los Angles, California, the 23-year-old Atlast stated that he was gay. One that was met with criticism but rather embraced...
Preview: Defy Wrestling Presents - Defyance United

DEFY Wrestling Presents Defyance United Preview

The United Kingdom's hottest wrestling company, PROGRESS Wrestling comes to the United States this August with a tour across the country. One of their stops will...
King Khash Audio Edition with

Audio Edition with King Khash

Iranian born King Khash is a modern-day throwback to a time when the mindset and approach to wrestling was unlike what we see today....
Tetsuya naito discusses los ingobernables

NJPW: Naito’s reflections of his time in Los Ingobernables de Japon

They have become one of the most notable factions in wrestling today. In both North America and Japan, Los Ingobernables de Japon has emerged...
Preview: DEFY Wrestling Presents Loud

Preview: DEFY Wrestling Presents Loud

Once again Defy Wrestling brings about one of its most incredible events to date as they welcome a former WWE Intercontinental and tag team...
Chris Sabin Talks Best of the Super Juniors & More

Chris Sabin Talks Best of the Super Juniors & More

Ring of Honor's Chris Sabin has had a career that has spanned nearly two decades. As a former X-division champion, tag team champion and...
world of sport for episode 4

World of Sport Wrestling V3.0: Rebooting A Reboot

If you're reading this then you know you're stuff. You're not some fairweather fan, you know your wrestling history. This article is about a...