Audio Edition with PJ Black

In this edition of the Pro Wrestling podcast, we present audio interview edition with former WWE superstar and tag team champion, PJ Black. Black has taken his talent and notoriety in one promotion and didn’t allow himself to rest on his laurels. Black has traveled all the world and in the process an old enthusiasm that he had to compete on the independents prior to his signing with the WWE. While his passion wasn’t lost, Black was able to come to a place where he could read the audience and learn from their reactions on the fly.

Black is as willing to takes in the ring as he is out of the ring. He certainly lives for the moment and in doing so will take activities to the extreme. The rush and exhilarating feeling may leave some speechless but for PJ Black it has breathed new life into him and his career. While the future of what Black intends on doing potentially after Lucha Underground has yet to be shared that isn’t to say he isn’t always looking to grow.

Audio Edition with PJ Black

During our conversation, Black discusses his early training and how the name ‘Pure Juice’ came about. He shares the details as one-half of a tag team with another former WWE superstar. The South African native shares about his early training and learning that he gained under his father’s tutelage. As the ‘dare-wolf’, Black has emerged as a persona that reaches into the depths of his living on the edge lifestyle. PJ Black reflects on who he is in the ring. To listen to our discussion and interview in its entirety, click the link below. Readers can do this or click one of the podcast platforms also listed below to help navigate in that direction.

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Episode 12 with PJ Black
Photo / Pro Wrestling Post / @imkingroach