Week in Review for 9/24/18 (Pro Wrestling Post)

Welcome to the latest edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Week in Review for 9/24/18. This isn’t an error on the site’s part. No, you aren’t reading the same writer with simply different spelling in his name. Unfortunately, Mark Blake is unable to cover this past week’s events. Like a good footsoldier, I’ve simply stepped in and tried to do his review justice. So unlike an edition of HQ, I’m filling in for our resident Scott Rodogosky always there and always on time.

Much like Mark, we will cover the most noteworthy events over the course of the last week. In the process, we hope to entertain you. We may not always be amusing or clever. But we’ll be sure to serve you with something that you’ll be talking about..hopefully. This week’s events include the son of a legend pursuing wrestling as a career. It also includes WWE giving a rather suggestive name to an upcoming event in Saudi Arabia. Finally, the return of a former WWE Champion back into the company.

Week in Review for 9/24/18

Dominick Gutierrez begins training under Lance Storm

If the name sounds vaguely familiar they should. While we wouldn’t argue whose’s his ‘Papi’ is (see what we did there?). He does have a wonderful learning tree to learn from. As the son of the legendary luchador and former WWE champion Rey Mysterio, Dominick is bigger than his father.  At 21 years of age, he will begin training under former WWE superstar Lance Storm at Storm’s Wrestling Academy in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Many will recall that the younger Gutierrez gained notoriety as part of the Mysterio and late Eddie Guerrero storyline. One in which a custody battle took part between the two men. It was when Guerrero began to wear an ‘I’m Your Papi’ t-shirt proclaiming that he was the father of Dominick.

Week in Review for 9/24/18

Rey Mysterio set to return to the WWE

What has become the worst kept secret in recent times it appears as though Rey Mysterio is returning to the WWE. The former star has competed all over North America and Japan since departing the company a few years ago. Mysterio was a surprise entrant at this past year’s Royal Rumble event. He also competed in the WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble as well.

At 43 years of age, Mysterio appears primed to be making a memorable run with the company. One that fans around the world are most grateful to see. Whether the deal is one year or two it appears that it may be his last run with the company. However, if he is in the shape fans saw in January than it appears as though it is a Rey Mysterio that has turned the clock back 20 years. And we couldn’t be happier.

Abyss to be inducted into the TNA Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame

This past week it was announced that ‘The Monster’ Abyss will be inducted into the promotion’s hall of fame. Before there was a Monster among men, Abyss blazed a trail as a big man that had the agility and was willing to sacrifice all that he had regardless of his opponent. He is most recognized for his famed Monster’s Ball matchup and his rivalries with the likes of Raven.

Many speculated that it would be AJ Styles that would be inducted by all cannot deny that Abyss’s induction is a welcomed addition and one fans around the world would be most appreciative of. Abyss has also competed under his actual name of Chris Park and in fact, played the dual role of that of his brother. Abyss joins Earl Hebner, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Sting and Ric Flair among other entrants in the TNA Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame.

WWE announces a return to the middle east with WWE Network event Crown Jewel

While the name of the event may leave something to be desired (Hi Mark!) the event itself proves to once again be a fruitful venture for the company. Crown Jewel is the second time this year the WWE will venture into a territory that many may call into question. However, from a business standpoint and a global perspective, the event will prove to be something many will appreciate.

The event takes place on Friday, November 2nd and unlike many of the WWE featured events will not take place at a prime time but a time that is reflective of the territory in which the event is taking place. This marks the second consecutive month the WWE will have a non-pay per view featured event on the network following next month’s Super Show-Down from Melbourne, Australia.

This wraps up a rather shorter than usual edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Week in Review for 9/24/18. Mark Blake will return to resume his role covering the noteworthy and the less than noteworthy world of wrestling next week. For Mark Blake and the Pro Wrestling Post Week in Review, I’ve been Marc Madison.