Week In Review for 10/1/18 (Pro Wrestling Post)

I’m baaaaack!…….. And better than ever! Many thanks to Marc Madison for covering for me last week, awesome job as always from the owner and founder of Pro Wrestling Post. I was on assignment (I love when WWE uses that excuse) with SEPW, ring announcing their latest show, Faverslam! Here is the latest edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Week in Review for 10/1/18.

Now with the pleasantries out the way, shall we crack on with some wrestling news??

 Week In Review for 10/1/18
Joey Janella Injury. Out For 10 Months?

At last weekend’s GCW event, Joey Janella injured his knee after performing a crossbody dive to the outside from the top rope. He landed awkwardly outside and suffered the injury. He even tweeted after the show to lets fans know what was going on.

After going to the hospital to have an MRI on his knee, Joey went back onto Twitter to let everyone know what was happening…..and it wasn’t good news

And if you couldn’t hear exactly what the injuries were, here’s the list

It sucks that he’s injured and will be gone for a significant amount of time. Just as his career was sky-rocketing he’s sidelined. But as he said he’ll come back stronger than before and knowing Joey, probably even more insane 🙂
Maybe with him on the bench he can work with GCW more behind the scenes with producing shows? Just because he can’t perform doesn’t mean he can’t hold his Spring Break events?

Possible Hardy WWE TV Show?

Over the past few weeks, Matt Hardy has been tweeting about not performing in the ring anymore. This is due to cumulative injuries over the years. He could now be transitioning into a backstage/producer/agent role.

That was until Matt tweeted photos of WWE producers James Long and Jeremy Borash at his house this week with speculation saying that they were there to film a Hardy Compound Halloween Special. The rumors went even further when Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that WWE would be filming a pilot for a possible Hardy TV show at the compound

On the most recent WWE Fan Council (yup no idea either) survey, a Hardy Halloween special was mentioned, and by the looks of Matt Hardy’s tweets, and the description of the special – below – it looks like this is indeed that special.

House Hardy: Halloween Special – Go inside the WONDERFUL world of the Hardy family in this delightful short form scripted sitcom, featuring Matt and Jeff Hardy”

Is this a way of keeping the Broken Universe around as Matt can’t wrestle anymore? Seeing the positive reviews the Hardy compound specials on TNA/Impact and WWE have received then I can see this being a great addition to the WWE Network as they try to make different content.

 Week In Review for 10/1/18

SmackDown 1000 Adding More Star Power

WWE announced that Evolution (the stable not the women-only PPV) will reunite for one night only on the huge SmackDown 1000 episode. One that is emanating from the Capital One Arena, Washington DC on Tuesday, October 16.

As you should know to be wrestling fans, Evolution consists of Ric Flair, Triple H, Randy Orton, and huge movie star Batista. Is WWE using Batista’s movie star power to push more viewers into watching this historic episode? Does a bear shit in the woods?!?

Rumors are flying that they won’t be the only former stars to come back to celebrate SmackDown’s 1000 episode. Names such as Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian, and The Undertaker have been mentioned over the last few days

 Week In Review for 10/1/18

Brie Bella/Liv Morgan Controversy

With Brie Bella making her return to WWE TV over the past month, many have been highlighting her many recent botches (c’mon the woman has been out the ring for so long and has probably been pushed by WWE too fast too soon in readiness for the Evolution PPV but you know, whatever). Those tope suicido dives from Raw the other week and this unfortunate incident involving Liv Morgan


Many have offered their opinions on Brie. But on his Busted Open Radio show this week, Bully Ray brought to the fore that BOTH women may have been responsible for the concussion.

Shit happens, that’s it. It’s pro wrestling, man. You know how I always talk about ring rust Dave (co-host), wouldn’t it be safe to say that Brie still has some ring rust on her? And listen, saying Brie has ring rust on her is not a detriment, or a knock on Brie. Ring rust happens to any and all wrestlers who are not in the ring for a significant amount of time. There are very few guys and gals, who can jump right back into it and be at the same level that they were.

Secondly is inexperience and the inexperience is on Liv’s end. Liv hasn’t been wrestling for a long time. Yeah she spent time in NXT, she’s on the main roster now, but Liv is not getting a lot of great reps in the ring. It’s not like, she’s in six-mans, but it’s not like she’s in a lot of single matches where she’s truly being able to get those reps in that she needs, where she understands how to do everything.

– Bully Ray on  Busted Open Radio

So you could tell by the way she was feeding her body to Brie, that she was feeding it in an incorrect way. Normally you want don’t want to have your shoulders rolled in and your head down when you’re taking those kicks. You want to have your shoulders back and your chin up. You want to have your chest exposed. Basically the “YES” kick is a clothesline with your shin”

I think Bully Ray is the first to publicly say that Liv was also at fault for her concussion. But as he also mentioned – and it’s a motto I live to this day – wrestling ain’t ballet son!

And that is that folks! Another week in the books. Thank you one and all for continuing to read my work here at Pro Wrestling Post. Hopefully, I’ll continue to entertain you for many more weeks and months!

I shall be back with you all next weekend with another edition of my Week In Review. I hope to see you all……RIGHT HERE……at Pro Wrestling Post!