Audio Edition with Madman Fulton

As a former WWE NXT superstar the Madman Fulton became successful in the promotion. He was a member of the Eric Young led faction Sanity. It was during this time when fans became aware of his physical prowess and ability to show just what he is capable of doing. During our chat, Fulton discussed how a legendary WWE wrestler and agent scouted him and left him hoping for an opportunity. It was from that day forward where he remained indebted to this man. He continues to connect with this and his son who also contributes to helping him improve in all facets of the sport. We present audio interview edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast with Madman Fulton.

Fulton has worked to earn a name for himself during his time in NXT. Regardless of the obstacles before him he appeared to persevere and rise to the occasion. He has evolved from his time with Angelo Dawkins to his time with Sanity to his freedom now on the independent circuit. Each of these experiences have helped to shape him as a performer and as a person to what fans see today in promotions like IMPACT Wrestling. As a member of oVe, Fulton appears as though he has found his new home.

Audio Edition with Madman Fulton

Today Fulton continues to compete all over the independent circuit with the intent on improving on what he learned. With aspirations of going to different companies and compete in different countries, Fulton continues to grow and develop. To listen to our discussion with Madman Fulton click the link below to listen to it in its entirety. Additional opportunities to hear this edition of the podcast are listed below as well. 

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