Week In Review for 10/8/18 (Pro Wrestling Post)

Hello, one and all and welcome to your weekly wrestling news catch up article, Week In Review. As always I, Mark Blake, will find the biggest and most interesting stories of the week. So sit back, put your feet up and read the most interesting thing you’ll read all day 😉 Here is the Pro Wrestling Post week in review for  10/8/18.

Week In Review for 10/8/18

Bully Ray And Ex WCW Champion Twitter Beef

RoH’s Bully Ray had a bit of a tête a tête on Twitter with former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette last week.

Which resulted in a response from the multi-time tag team champion who used a Back To The Future analogy. Shooting right back at Arquette, suggesting that maybe Marty McFly and the Doc could have gone back in time to stop David from winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

The argument could have ended then and I would have been happy, but Arquette legitimately popped me with this tweet and in my eyes convincingly won the war 🙂

Bullet Club Member Offered Deal With WWE

On an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE has offered Hangman Adam Page a contract recently.

To throw some light on this story I’ll take you back to a recent episode of Being The Elite where The Young Bucks gave Page a pair of cowboy boots with a note attached. The note said

“Nice try. If you want to be an assassin, try being more cerebral – H”

Obviously teasing a little HHH involvement there.

Meltzer then went on to say that Page had declined the offer as, by all accounts, it wasn’t a group offer and the group is sticking together.

Is WWE trying to cherry-pick members of the Bullet Club? Will they sign them as an entire entity? I’m not sure but with Kenny Omega’s, Cody’s and The Young Bucks contracts with NJPW/RoH coming to an end in the next few months, speculation will be rife.

Week In Review for 10/8/18

WWE Network Changes?

News from Network HQ is that Vince McMahon himself is personally overseeing some changes which involve the long-mooted tiered version of the Network subscription model.

A couple of years back an idea was floated that there could be four levels of Network subscription.

The first plan would have been free to pay, but with five hours of archived material and a 24/7 live stream that would include WWE content but without PPV’s NXT and the Cruiserweight Classic. It would also feature commercials and be available on all devices.

The second idea was for a price of $4.99 you would have the same model as we have now but without NXT and the Takeover events, limited commercials, access to the “Big Four” PPV’s, and be available on tablets and mobile phones.

The third idea was that for what we pay now, $9.99, you would have the Network as it is now but NXT would be aired live each week, with limited commercials.

The final plan would be priced at $14.99. One which would have given you a commercial-free Network, all the features we have now. Plus the live NXT show, and access to independent wrestling content such as TNA and RoH, along with “Fan Perks”.

Could we be seeing similar models in the near future? I personally think so as late last year an email questionnaire was sent from Titan Towers. One to everyone on their mailing list asking questions about the future of the Network.

With WWE having close business relationships with EVOLVE, ICW and Progress Wrestling, could they be in place of TNA and RoH?

Whether or not those same ideas are still on the table is to be seen. But I would expect something along those lines within the next year, maybe as soon as the day after WrestleMania.

A quiet week ends but a new busier week begins folks! But rest assured I’ll be back this time next week to keep you all up to date 😉

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