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wXw Toronto

#Preview wXw Presents wXw Toronto

 wXw Germany is coming to Toronto for two action-packed shows.  The first one was Ambition 11 om the Thursday.  Then on Friday, August 9th...
Shortcut To the Top 2019

#Preview: wXw Presents Shortcut To The Top 2019

wXw Germany presents Shortcut To The Top 2019 on Saturday, August 3rd.  Featuring a 30 competitor battle royal match up.  Battle Royals are always...
Drive of Champions

#Preview: wXw Presents Drive Of Champions

wXw Germany present Drive Of Champions live in Hamburg Germany on Friday, June 14th, 2019. wXw has been putting on amazing matches since their...
wXw Superstars of Wrestling

#Preview wXw Presents Superstars of Wrestling 2019

wXw Germany has been having a memorable calendar year with some of the most memorable matches in the industry.  wXw consistently is producing some...
wXw True Colors

#Preview : wXw Presents True Colors

May 11th, 2019 the true colors of the women and men of wXw Germany will be shown with some incredibly exciting wrestling matches planned...

#Preview: wXw Presents Amerika Ist Wunderbar

It is a Wunderbar time of year wrestling fans, we are only a matter of days before the most active time for...
wXw Presents 16-Carat Gold

wXw Presents 16-Carat Gold

wXw is the leading wrestling company in Germany and quite arguably one of the finest in all of Europe. wXw is widely...
Malakai Black & Cody Rhodes

Malakai Black & Cody Rhodes | Crossing Paths In Purgatory

On one side, we have an AEW Executive Vice President, a former TNT Champion, who was also a WWE Intercontinental and WWE Tag Team...
Malakai Black

Malakai Black | The (Tommy) End To A Means

Throughout 2021, a litany of top names and popular stars have been released from World Wrestling Entertainment for a variety of reasons. However, one of the...
Leyla Hirsch

Leyla Hirsch | Proving She’s ‘Legit’ From Day One

On the best of days, wrestling can come easy for many. The business can have an incredibly grueling schedule to maintain, but the world’s...