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world of sport for episode 4

World of Sport Wrestling V3.0: Rebooting A Reboot

If you're reading this then you know you're stuff. You're not some fairweather fan, you know your wrestling history. This article is about a...
The Patriot Del Wilkes

The Patriot Del Wilkes talks life & redemption

Former WCW and WWE wrestler The Patriot Del Wilkes recently took some time out of his schedule to participate in an interview. Wilkes' career...
Tom Zenk

Tom Zenk discusses AWA, WWF, WCW and AJW

Former WWF/E star Tom Zenk shared a number of details about his career with us in an interview in 2002. His career spanned several...
Dr. Tom Prichard

Dr. Tom Prichard talks wrestling & Vince McMahon

Former WWE superstar and trainer, Dr. Tom Prichard recently took some time to participate in an interview. Prichard reveals his past training under The...