SummerSlam 88 | WWE Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView

On August 29th, 1988 the WWF presented its inaugural Summer event, Summerslam 88. It took place at Madison Square Garden from New York City. It was one of the inaugural major events that the WWF presented.

With Gorilla Monsoon and ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham on commentary. Graham was quite excited as there was also a special referee that would be a part of the major events to take place. Howard Finkle announced the Rougeau’s entrance. This is our latest Sunday Night RetroView for Summerslam 88′.

WWE Presents Summerslam 88
The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers vs The British Bulldogs w/Matilda

With the Rougeau’s in the ring, the British Bulldog’s make their way to their quite popular theme at the time. Davey Boy Smith and Jaques Rougeau start off the match. Smith takes the early advantage and allows Raymond to be tagged into the match. With the referee in between both Ray and Davey, he doesn’t see a blind fist.

Dynamite is tagged into the match with him using his skills to take down Raymond Rougeau. An armbar keeps Ray on the mat. A tag is then made to Davey Boy Smith. Davey Boy locks in an armbar on Ray Rougeau who then switches with Dynamite WITHOUT A TAG. The referee didn’t see it but he let it go.

Davey Boy is then tagged back into the match. Another quick tag to Dynamite shows how fluid they were. Raymond attempts to tag in his brother but to no avail. Davey Boy then is taken down from behind without the referee seeing it. Jacques then works on the legs of Davey Boy Smith.

Raymond is then tagged into the match. Raymond works on both hamstrings on Davey Boy Smith. The focal point is the left leg of Davey by Jacques. Each time he tries to make an effort to break free the referee is distracted by Dynamite. Davey Boy Smith is continued to beat down by both Rougeaus’.

SummerSlam 1988: photos | WWE
Photo / WWE

However, Davey Boy makes the tag, and Dynamite Kid hits a snap suplex and an array of strikes. He then hits a belly-to-back side suplex. Dynamite throws Ray outside of the ring. Jacques then makes his way around the ring to help his brother back in. Dynamite then makes a tag into Davey Boy who is prepared to hit his running power slam.

However, Jacques breaks up the count. From behind, he suplex’s a prone Dynamite Kid who was working with Raymond Rougeau. Raymond then tags in Jacques who continues their assault. Jacques then tags in his brother Ray who continues to work on the beaten Dynamite. Raymond has an abdominal stretch on Dynamite but Davey Boy comes in and breaks up the hold.

Jacques is then tagged in and continues his assault on Dynamite. He has a camel clutch like maneuver. Dynamite then has Jacques up his shoulders. With the referee distracted by Davey Boy, Raymond comes back in and beats down Dynamite. Jacques makes the tag to Raymond who comes in and attempts to take out Dynamite.

However, as Dynamite attempts to make a comeback Jacques comes back to break up the count. Raymond is then tagged back into the ring and uses leverage to prevent Dynamite from getting to his corner. However, just as he makes his way and a tag is made the referee doesn’t see it. Davey Boy is eventually tagged into the ring and does a gorilla press and drops him on the top rope. Davey Boy tosses Dynamite into his patented diving headbutt but the bell rings at SummerSlam 88′.

Winners: No Contest – A Time Limit Draw

The referee gets between both teams after the match. The Rougeau’s throw a sucker punch inciting the British duo and leading to a pursuit of the backstage area.

After the match, we find out why Brutus Beefcake will not be able to compete at Summerslam 88′. We see Beefcake attacked by Outlaw Ron Bass who uses a bull rope and chokes down and drags him around the ring. Bass takes the spur from his boot, cutting the forehead of the barber.

They actually used the giant censored X across the screen to hide the blood across the face of Beefcake. These actions caused Beefcake to not compete for the Intercontinental Championship against The Honky Tonk Man. A match will still take place, but who it will be had not been announced.

SummerSlam 88
Bad News Brown vs. Ken Patera

The next match saw Olympian Ken Patera facing the wrath of Bad News Brown. Brown was merciless when this match first started. Patera gains the advantage over Brown but only momentarily. Brown recovers and continues to drive his head and fists into the face, throat, and chest. Bad News then drives Patera head first into the corner turnbuckle.

Allen hits a chop and then continues to choke down Patera. Patera recovers and continues to hit Brown with strikes. He goes for a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Patera then proceeds to pick up Brown and locks in a bearhug on Bad News.

Brown appears to be fading but Patera has it broken up with a rake to the eyes. Patera was attempting the full nelson but Bad News got to the ropes. He attempts it a second time but again Brown gets to the corner turnbuckle.

Brown then drills Patera in the back of the head when he attempted a back body drop. After a missed shoulder tackle in the corner, Bad News hits the ghetto blaster at the back of the head of Ken Patera. He makes a cover for the three count and the win at SummerSlam 88′.

Winner: Bad News Brown

After the match, we get a backstage interview with the Mega Powers and Mean Gene. Savage spoke about having a secret weapon taking place during their match.

SummerSlam 88
“Ravishing’ Rick Rude w/ Bobby The Brain Heenan vs Junkyard Dog

Rude arrives at the ring first with Bobby Heenan. He then addresses the crowd as only he could. He’s sporting tights with the Junkyard Dog’s face all over. JYD then makes his way to the ring and takes the fight to Rude. The fans are right behind JYD as Rude is outside recovering.

Rude makes his way back in the ring and JYD again takes the fight to him. The Ravishing one takes the fight to JYD. He attacks him with countless elbows to the back of the head and neck. Rude then locks in a rear chinlock. He then transitions it into a reverse chinlock.

Both men then make their ways back to the feet. Rude then catches JYD with a boot. Rude returns back to a rear chinlock with JYD trying to make his way back up but Rude stops him. However, JYD eventually makes his way back up to his feet. Rude hits a Russian leg sweep.

He then climbs the ropes and pulls his tights to show Sheryl Roberts’s face (Jake The Snake Roberts wife at the time) as he threw a punch from the top rope. This brings out Jake Roberts and he begins to throw fists. This causes the referee to end the match.

Winner: Ravishing Rick Rude via disqualification

After the match, Mean Gene interviews The Honky Tonk Man. They discuss how Brutus Beefcake is unable going to be able to compete. However, he will face someone for the title but despite Mean Gene attempting to tell him who he is, Honky Tonk tells him he wants to be surprised. So he’ll be surprised!

Summerslam 88
The Bolsheviks (Boris Zhukov and Nikolai Volkoff)  w/Slick vs. Powers of Pain (Warlord and The Barbarian) w/The Baron

The Bolsheviks are in the ring with Volkoff singing the Russian national anthem. This brings out The Powers of Pain led by their manager The Baron (Von Rasche). Once they arrive in the ring they storm the ring and beat down both Zhukov and Volkoff. Barbarian starts off the match but Nikolai attempts to get involved.

However, neither Zhukov nor Volkoff could muster much if any offense in this match. Each time they did both the Warlord and Barbarian are able to put the boots to either member of the team. Volkoff gets involved and attacks Warlord from behind.

SummerSlam 88: A Mega-Powered Review - WWE Wrestling News World
Photo / Wrestling News World / WWE

Zhukov is tagged in and he sticks and moves hitting Warlord. Eventually, Warlord fights back. However, the Bolsheviks maintain control in this match up. A reverse chinlock by Zhukov takes down the Warlord. Eventually, he fights back and both Zhukov and Volkoff are dropped with a double axe handle.

Barbarian is tagged in and wipes both members of the team. Warlord is then tagged in and a double flying tackle leads to a running power slam and a diving headbutt. Barbarian makes the pinfall for three and the win.

Winners: Powers of Pain

Brother Love comes out next as it appears he is going to have an interview in the ring. He begins by sharing that he loves us. Love comments on how the night is special for a couple of reasons. One is an interview with a special guest. Brother Love said that this person needs to learn the message of ‘love’.

He welcomes Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Hacksaw tells that he thinks he’s fake and a phony. Love goes on to say that he believes that Duggan needs to learn a message of love.

That he has no love anywhere in particular in his heart. He then proceeds to tell him that he doesn’t love his country like Dino Bravo. Love then continues to tell him that he uses a 2 x 4 as a weapon which doesn’t mean he has any love in his heart.

Duggan then proceeds to count to the count of 5 to get Love out of the ring. By the time he hits the count of five, Brother Love is running from the ring to the backstage.

SummerSlam 88
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Honky Tonk Man (c) with Jimmy Hart vs The Ultimate Warrior

Honky Tonk comes to the ring still unaware of who the challenger will be for the Intercontinental title. Howard Finkel then is interrupted and HTM says he doesn’t care who it is. Silence comes over the crowd until the Ultimate Warrior’s music hits!

Warrior hits the ring and attacks the Honky Tonk Man. He comes in and slams him then follows up with a shoulder tackle. He then clubs a clothesline and hits a big splash for the win.

Winner: AND NEW Intercontinental Champion The Ultimate Warrior

He won the match in under a minute, which was clearly showing that it a changing of the guard. After the match, we see a vignette for Summerslam’s upcoming main event. This is followed up with Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan coming to commentary and ‘reports’ what is happening in the backstage area.

Don ‘The Rock’ Muraco vs Dino Bravo w/Frenchy Martin

Martin came to the ring with the ‘USA is not OK sign’ as Bravo is set to face Muraco. It’s a great showing between these two super agile big men. Muraco is brought to the corner with Bravo working him over. But ‘The Rock’ recovers to take down Bravo. An armbar takedown showed Muraco use it to work over Bravo. It’s a fairly even match between both men.

There is no decisive advantage in one way or another. Bravo has the advantage at this moment and drops a knee on the forehead of Muraco. The World’s Strongest Man then proceeds to pick up Muraco and whip him into the ropes.

Muraco turns it into a reverse neckbreaker. It seems as though he can’t really follow up as Bravo comes back. Muraco drills Frenchy Martin. But Bravo hits a side suplex taking Muraco down and makes a three count for the pin and the win at Summerslam 88.

Winner: Dino Bravo

Sean Mooney is interviewing Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura. Ventura is the special guest referee for the main event match between The Mega Powers and the Mega Bucks. The discussion turns to whether or not Ventura ‘accepted money from DiBiase’. Ventura doesn’t admit to accepting it.

Summerslam 88
WWE Tag Team Championships
Demolition (Ax and Smash) with Mr. Fuji & Jimmy Hart (c) vs The Hart Foundation

This match came to pass after Hart had turned his back on the Anvil and the Hitman. Ax and Hart lockup but only for a moment as Ax uses his speed and finesse to his advantage. Smash is then tagged in and Hart hits a couple of arm drags.

Neidhart is in as he and Smash exchange blows. The Anvil takes the fight to Smash beating him down. He hits a shoulder tackle but Ax clocks him at the back of the head. Ax is tagged in and he and Smash work over The Anvil.

Anvil then makes a desperation tag to the Hitman. Hart then works over Smash in the corner. Bret is whipped into the corner and he’s worked over. Neidhart runs Jimmy Hart to the backstage area. Ax continues to work over the shoulder of the Hitman. He then tags in Smash who hits a shoulder breaker on the Hitman.

It was interesting to see Smash apply a shoulder like submission move. The focus at this point was to work over the right shoulder of the Hitman. Both Graham and Monsoon are on Neidhart for not trying to stop this attack.

Hart then hits a clothesline and makes a tag but the referee doesn’t see it so he has to return to his corner. He then makes the tag and Neidhart is in taking out both Ax and Smash. Anil is slingshot from the apron to the floor. Neidhart hits his power slam but then makes a tag to Bret. Anvil is then whipped shoulder first into Smash.

Bret then attempts a pinfall attempt but Mr. Fuji comes onto the apron. At that point the Anvil clocks Fuji. While the referee is distracted Jimmy Hart returns to the ringside area and tosses Ax the megaphone to which he uses to clock Bret on the back of the head with. The referee is distracted at this point. The referee then returns to make the pinfall making Demolition the winners and still tag team champions at Summerslam 88.

Winners: Demolition

We get a backstage interview with Honky Tonk Man livid that he lost the title and was robbed against The Ultimate Warrior.

Big Boss Man with Slick vs Koko B. Ware

Boss Man and Slick were awaiting Koko in the ring. The Birdman makes his way to the ring with his bird Frankie. Slick distracts Koko just long enough for the Boss Man to attack him. The Boss Man throws Koko to the outside but Koko comes back into the ring. He brings the fight to the Boss Man.

However, after momentarily having the advantage, The Big Boss Man regains control. He whips Koko into the corner turnbuckle and lays in a splash. He follows that up with a clothesline and makes a cover. Boss Man pulled up Koko after a count of two. He continues to work on and wear down Koko.

SummerSlam 88: A Mega-Powered Review - WWE Wrestling News World
Photo / WWE Wrestling News World / WWE

Koko kicks off the Boss Man in the face. This just upsets the Big Boss Man who continues his beatdown on Koko. The Boss Man then climbs to the top rope and attempts a splash but misses. Koko then dodges a splash in the corner turnbuckle.

The Birdman then continues to throw fists on the Big Boss Man. He hits a dropkick off the top turnbuckle. Koko attempts to beat down the Big Boss Man. The Boss Man then hits the sidewalk slam on Koko. He makes the cover for the three count and the win.

Winner: The Big Boss Man

After the match, Sean Mooney interviews the Ultimate Warrior who is being congratulated after winning the Intercontinental Championship. He gives a promo about darkness and light, it was cool when hearing it again. I didn’t understand it but it was still cool none the less.

Summerslam 88
Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts vs Hercules

Hercules is introduced in the ring but there is no Bobby Heenan with him. After this, Jake Roberts comes to the ring with Damien in tow. Roberts brings the fight to Hercules but we’re reminded of Roberts animosity for Rick Rude. Jake gave the sign for the DDT and Hercules avoided it and got out of the ring.

Hercules comes back in and Jake hits a scoop slam and then locks in a side headlock on him. However, Hercules hits a back suplex and maintains a side headlock onto him. Jake is really wrenching in the side headlock here. Roberts continues to wrench in but Hercules gets to the bottom rope. Jake is forced to back off.

As Roberts comes back in Hercules drives his head into the midsection of Jake. Hercules then drives elbow after elbow into the chest of Jake. He then turns it into a rear chinlock. Its temporary as Jake tries to make his way up only to be stopped. Hercules then hits a clothesline on Jake once again.

Hercules attempts a pinfall but only for a count of two. He then follows up with another rear chin lock. Roberts appears to fade but momentarily. After lifting his arm twice, Roberts prevents it from coming down for the third time. To see the psychology here with Hercules working Roberts over.

Then we see Jake continue to make his way to his feet. Roberts recovers but takes a reverse elbow knocking him to the floor. Jake attempts to make his way back in and Hercules stops him the ring apron. A momentary hesitation on Hercules’ part led to Jake tossing the strong man outside.

Hercules is furious and comes in for the attack but is stopped with a chin breaker. Roberts throws fists at Hercules and eventually takes him down with a short clothesline. Jake signals for the DDT, but Hercules blocks it. Hercules regains control and begins to drop an elbow on Jake’s chest.

Another fist into the midsection of Jake leads to an attempted scoop slam. But, Jake whipped around and hit the DDT on Hercules. After a momentary delay, Roberts rolls onto Hercules for the three count and the win.

Winner: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

After the match, Roberts drapes Damian all over the fallen Hercules.

We then get a flashback of the attack by DiBiase and Andre on Randy Savage during an interview segment. Both men are beating down Savage. Savage said he issued a challenge to both Andre and Ted DiBiase and would select a partner at a later date. We also hear that Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura has been selected as the guest referee for the match.

The timeline of who Savage’s tag team partner would be came about later on as well. We then see Ventura on the Brother Love Show. Jesse better pay good attention to both Andre and DiBiase in the match. We also see DiBiase stuff money into the coat of Jesse.

SummerSlam 88
The Mega Powers vs The Mega Bucks (Andre the Giant and ‘The Millon Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase) w/Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan & Virgil

Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura as the guest referee

Andre, DiBiase, Virgil, and The Brain come to the ring after Jesse Ventura. They are followed by The Mega Powers who walk to the ring. Pomp and Circumstance lead them to the ring with both of them draped in red and yellow. Ventura is saying that he’s the boss, and he calls the shots.

Jesse is dictating to have everyone out of the ring to the floor. Ventura moves the tag ropes to another corner. Hogan taps Ventura on the back and he yells at him not to touch him. Savage wants to start and he does so against Andre. A quick tag to DiBiase leads to Savage to getaway. DiBiase then says he wants Hogan.

Savage then obliges and the Hulkster makes his way back into the ring. Hogan catches DiBiase and hits an atomic drop. Then DiBiase like a pinball moves from fists to Savage to Hogan. Both men then hit elbows on DiBiase. Savage then tags in the Hulkster. Hogan drives DiBiase’s head into the foot of Savage.

Another tag into Hogan leads to a big boot. Hogan then legs multiple fists and a leg drop. Andre comes in and attacks Hogan. This leads to Andre being tagged in and he steps on the bottom rope across the throat of Hogan. Andre then appears to either choke or clutch the traps of Hogan.

Photo / Wrestling News World

Ventura then is preoccupied with Savage while Andre chokes Hogan with his singlet. DiBiase is then tagged into the ring.  He whips in Hogan and follows that up with a clothesline. The Millon Dollar man follows this up with multiple fists and knees to the fallen Hogan.

Hogan attempts to make his way to his feet but DiBiase brings him down. Weasel chants ring out as DiBiase continues to use a rear chinlock on Hogan. This is then followed up with a clothesline taking both men out. Savage is then tagged in, and he hits DiBiase with everything.

Macho Man hits a double ax handle after a slingshot drapes DiBiase across the top rope. Savage maintains the advantage until DiBiase stops it and makes the tag to Andre. Andre continues to work on the chest of the Macho Man. The Giant then sits on the head of the WWF Champion. Andre then makes the tag to DiBiase.

DiBiase then hits a snap suplex and makes a pinfall on Savage but only for a count of two. DiBiase then hits a backbreaker and then climbs to the second rope and drops and misses him. Hogan backs DiBiase into the corner and takes the fight to the Million Dollar Man.

The Divas of SummerSlam 88 : photos | WWE
Photo / WWE

Hulk wipes out both Andre and DiBiase. Andre then catches Savage with a big boot. The Giant clears the ring of both Hogan and Savage. This was until Elizabeth went on the ring apron. She then walked along the apron near the hard camera.

She then removed her skirt to the shock of everyone in attendance and those in the ring. Elizabeth throws her skirt in the face of DiBiase. Savage then hits a top rope elbow and then follows with a big boot. An apprehensive Jesse counts to three at Summerslam 88.

Winners: The Mega Powers (Hulk Hogan and Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage)

This ends the first-ever Summerslam event with Summerslam 88. Savage, Hogan, and Elizabeth all celebrate after the event. This was the ‘handshake felt around the world. It was a pretty interesting event no doubt. They made a memorable trio without a doubt at SummerSlam 88.