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Shotaro Ashino All Japan

Shotaro Ashino Joins All Japan Pro Wrestling

News has happened during today's All Japan Pro Wrestling show as former Wrestle-1 wrestler, Shotaro Ashino. Ashino made a surprise appearance during...
Shotaro Ashino

Shotaro Ashino | Puroresu Spotlight Watch

There are plenty of promotions in Japan. Just like in the United States and the United Kingdom where people go straight to the bigger...
Kuma Arashi Arrives In AJPW

Kuma Arashi Arrives In AJPW

Shotaro Ashino has made some claims after saying All Japan Pro Wrestling was going to be his main battlefield. He wasn't wrong...
AJPW Champion Carnival

AJPW Champion Carnival 2020 Block Announcements Revealed

With the coronavirus affecting shows in Japan, it is causing various promotions like NJPW, Stardom, and NOAH to cancel shows. It looks like All...
Indie Spotlight Watch: Matt Angel

Matt Angel | Indie Spotlight Watch

Matt Angel. It’s crazy to us just how popular pro wrestling is sometimes in Ontario. The fans, the cult following of wrestling fans. It’s...
Ashley Vox 20 for 2020:

Ashley Vox ‘The Reel Catch’ : Indie Spotlight Watch:

A talented athlete that was a former trainee of Doug Summers, Ashley Vox is noted for being both singles and tag team wrestler. With...
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson | Indie Spotlight Watch

Paul Robinson is a wrestler who has been on an absolute tear through BritWres over the last fourteen months. He has become a regular...
John Atlas

Indie Spotlight Watch: ‘Relentless’ John Atlas

It’s almost hard to explain how good of a performer someone is. In this case, show the highlights of the journey John Atlas has...
Curt Stallion

‘Lonestar’ Curt Stallion: Indie Spotlight Watch (INCLUDES VIDEO)

In a career that initially began in Texas but has developed substantially, broadening his horizons both geographically and level, 'Lonestar' Curt Stallion has found...
Shazza McKenzie

Shazza McKenzie | Indie Spotlight Watch

Shazza McKenzie had been conquering the world of professional wrestling for 11 years now.  The Australian born wrestler made her professional debut back in...