Shotaro Ashino Joins All Japan Pro Wrestling

News has happened during today’s All Japan Pro Wrestling show as former Wrestle-1 wrestler, Shotaro Ashino. Ashino made a surprise appearance during the show and has made a bold statement. He would talk about AJPW becoming his main battlefield going forward. Little known fact here, before the cancellation of the Champion Carnival, Shotaro Ashino and Jiro Kuroshio was going to be the last two replacements but it’s now unfortunately not happening.

Despite the Carnival being postponed, Ashino still wanted to make a statement. He wouldn’t be just a one-off type of person and is here to stay as his new home. Another thing to add to that, he said he will be bringing some people with him in the process. Now that Wrestle-1 has closed its doors, it seems some will be finding some new homes. It looks like some are jumping over to All Japan Pro Wrestling such as Shotaro Ashino.

Shotaro Ashino has been known as Wrestle-1’s ace.

While it was still around and he would officially leave around February after his match with Katsuhiko Nakajima for the Wrestle-1 Championship. So him going to AJPW is a smart move since they did need fresh faces in the top position but now the question is will he be a heel or a babyface? Another question is to find out who else will he be bringing with him? Could it be other people from Wrestle-1 or just his stable members, Enfants Terribles?

Either way, this is exciting news for all fans of his work and people who are fans of AJPW, so be sure to keep an eye out for him going forward. If you are new to Shotaro in general, you’re in for a real treat and look him up when you get the chance. Shotaro Ashino’s skillset is unquestionably a game-changer and something that will benefit All Japan Pro Wrestling.