Kuma Arashi Arrives In AJPW

Shotaro Ashino has made some claims after saying All Japan Pro Wrestling was going to be his main battlefield. He wasn’t wrong with starting his claim. On the April 30th show, he would bring in a former Wrestle-1 wrestler and fellow Enfants Terribles member, Yusuke Kodama in as his mystery opponent for a match. After that, there would be another tag match booked for the May 5th show. Shotaro said he’ll bring in another mystery partner for this show as well. The show happened and it was time to reveal his next partner who was none other than another Enfants Terribles member from Wrestle-1, Kuma Arashi. Kuma Arashi Arrives in AJPW

Kuma Arashi was the final Wrestle-1 Result Champion and a four-time Wrestle-1 Tag Team Champion and is also known as the factions powerhouse. The two took on JIN members, Jake Lee and Koji Iwamoto as Enfants Terribles would be able to pick up the victory to make a bigger statement for Enfants Terribles.

Kuma Arashi Arrives to AJPW

They wouldn’t be the only victory for this unit on that show. Yusuke Kodama took on Yusuke Okada and was able to defeat him. It gave the unit a clean sweep on the show. Enfants Terribles was the top faction of Wrestle-1. This coupled with Shotaro leading the charge in AJPW, there was no doubt that his crew members would start coming over. JIN, Purple Haze, and Evolution better watch out because Enfants Terribles look to make an impression on a bigger stage. There’s no word on if Kuma is officially apart of the AJOW roster or just a free agent. Either way, he’ll be here to stay for as long as he needs to. Be sure to keep an eye on this unit at their streaming service on ajpw.tv. It is sure to be quite a debut.