WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Quick Hits Recapatory for 6/12/19

Welcome to the weekly edition of the WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Quick Hits Recapatory. It has an insanely long name because we are insane…ly good people? Let’s go with that! Mark Blake, Brandi Wagner and I rotate the responsibility for this presentation of each weeks’ Raw and Smackdown Live shows. Buuut…this will mark the end of our presentation of this weekly review; be sure to read at the end for why that is.

Go-home week before Super Showdown

The Raw portion of the Raw and Smackdown Live recap kicks off with a recap of Super Showdown then cuts to Seth Rollins in the ring with the chair he bashed Brock Lesnar with. He speaks of how others have tried to take the title from him. He also noted Lesnar’s time in the company, mentioning that he’s been there since 2002 but neglects the 8-year absence. Baron Corbin comes out and shares what he thinks of the crowd, and they reciprocate the contempt. Corbin says he wants a rematch with a guest referee, a comment that is followed by the arrival of the critic of the critics, Sami Zayn. Zayn says that he cares about Rollins as a person and that being WWE Universal champion is not good for him. Rollins asks who will have Zayn’s back, and immediately Kevin Owens comes out. Rollins then challenges Owens to come and face him tonight. The crowd cheers at the announcement.

Lars Sullivan comes out and they head to commercial, but he is slated to go on next. Back from the break, he is in the ring awaiting the Lucha House Party. It is a 3-on-1 elimination match up. Before the bell rings, Sullivan goes right at Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik. He eliminates Kalisto first and then faces Lince Dorado. Sullivan blocks a hurricanrana and hits a running powerbomb on Dorado for a three count. Gran Metalik that is the last member of his team that remains. Sullivan pulls him up after a count of two, leaves the ring and throws Kalisto onto the steel steps with a gorilla press. Back in the ring, Sullivan hits the ‘Freak Accident’ on Metalik, but once again pulls him up at two. He then goes after Dorado and picks him up and drops on the ring post, (not steel steps, Michael Cole). He then hits a diving head butt from across the ring and covers Metalik for a count of three. Sullivan wins, while inside and outside the ring is like a M.A.S.H. unit.

Truth and Carmella are running through the arena being chased by everyone. Eventually, the pursuers all get stuck in the elevator. We then see Lacey Evans admiring herself. Cole says that Lynch is backstage with her boyfriend, WWE Universal champion, Seth Rollins. It isn’t common to divulge personal information like this when it isn’t part of a storyline.

After the commercial break, Lynch and Evans are interviewed simultaneously via split screen. The two make threats towards one another. Evans says that Lynch is afraid and that’s what drives her, and her worst fear will come true when Lacey takes Lynch‘s last remaining title. Later on, we will get the Raw and Smackdown Live women’s champions teaming up, as Bayley and Becky Lynch join forces to face Lacey Evans and Alexa Bliss. Bliss is calling Bayley fake and manipulative, which ironically is how she is with Nikki Cross.

After the break, we go to Miz TV with guest Samoa Joe. The Miz welcomes Joe, now the three-time U.S Champion. They show how Rey Mysterio relinquished the title, was attacked by Joe, and his son being threatened. Joe says he thought he was going to speak about potential challengers but then says maybe he should start speaking about The Miz’s family. Braun Strowman comes out much to the delight of those in attendance. Bobby Lashley comes out next and says he should also be considered a challenger for the championship. Ricochet says much the same thing, but then gets sucker punched by Cesaro and a melee involving all six-men starts. Eventually, Miz, Strowman, and Ricochet stand alone in the ring.

During the commercial break, a six-man tag match gets made, with Strowman, Miz, and Ricochet facing Joe, Cesaro and Bobby Lashley. The action goes back and forth, and all six-man get their shots in the match, with Miz eventually getting in there and taking the fight to Bobby Lashley. Strowman breaks up an attack and pinning attempt by Samoa Joe on The Miz. Cesaro is then tagged into the match while Lashley takes down Strowman. Inside the ring, Miz is being tossed around by Cesaro, who locks in the sharpshooter. Ricochet comes in with a ‘Protect Ya Neck’ on Cesaro. Strowman is on the apron stomping and asking for a tag, and when he comes in he cleans house. He is attacked by Samoa Joe who is stopped in his tracks, and he makes a hasty escape with the U.S title. Miz is caught with an uppercut by Cesaro but manages to hit a skull crushing finale and then tags in Ricochet who hits a 630 on Cesaro for the win.

Corbin is interviewed backstage about whom will be his referee. Zayn once again interrupts.

Becky Lynch comes out next with the Raw women’s championship. After the commercial break, they show Mansoor of NXT winning the 50-man battle royal. We see that this matchup will set up the women’s championship matches taking place at Stomping Grounds. Bliss and Evans get the early advantage, but Bayley and Lynch recover. After the commercial break, we see Lynch caught in one corner. Bayley is caught with the ‘Women’s Right,’ knocking her out. On this night the challengers are the victors.

Heyman comes out to address the crowd about what took place at Super Showdown. The angle now seems to be about making it seem that Rollins isn’t a deserving champion. Heyman declares they won’t tell us when they’re cashing in. We learn that Heyman won’t insinuate, but technically he does. Confused yet? You aren’t the only one.

We see R-Truth stuck in the elevator with Drake Maverick, Carmella, EC3, Cedric Alexander and Heath Slater. After this, the IIconics come out to the ring. They mock San Jose, in particular, the Sharks. They face two unnamed enhancement talents and make short work of them.

After this, there is a focus on Shane McMahon’s win over Roman Reigns, and the post-match interview is shown. Back live, Drew McIntyre accompanies Shane McMahon to the ring. He shares what he plans to do to Roman Reigns at Stomping Grounds. After some celebrating, Shane calls The Revival to the ring as they are booked in a triple threat tag team championship match. The Usos then come out, followed by the tag team champions, Zach Ryder and Curt Hawkins.

Ryder and Hawkins get the advantage early, but we have Jey Uso with the superkick par…never mind. In the end, The Revival sneak in and capture the Raw tag team championship.

The main event has Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins facing one another, with Sami Zayn as the special guest referee on the floor. Zayn’s use of the mic to check on the competitors is pretty funny. Owens declares ‘You never touched me like that.’ We get some questionable refereeing by Zayn in aid of Owens. Owens maintains the advantage over Rollins early on, and as the match goes on every time Rollins attempts to recover Owens gets the better him. In the end, Zayn disqualifies Rollins for roughing him up. Rollins then decks Zayn after the match. Baron Corbin comes to the ring and lays in kicks and punches on the champion. He then picks up a steel chair, but Rollins counters it. Zayn gets a taste of the chair. Rollins makes an example of Zayn for Corbin, beating him with the chair. Eventually, he hits the curb stomp on the prone Zayn. Raw was certainly something this past week.

Gohome week before Super Showdown
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As for the Smackdown Live portion of the Raw and Smackdown Live recap portion is here as The Miz makes his way out for another episode of Miz TV. He welcomes Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon but mocks the script he has been told to read from. Elias accompanies McIntyre and McMahon. They run down the events of Super Showdown and how Roman Reigns lost due to outside interference and left the event worse for wear. Shane makes Greg Hamilton re-introduce him. Elias plays a little tune, which is met with ‘you suck’ chants. Miz hasn’t said a word as Shane continues to boast about how he is the best in the world. Miz finally speaks and declares how everything Shane has accomplished is tainted. Then, we see Roman’s post-match interview at Super Showdown, where he said just what he has planned for Drew McIntyre at Stomping Grounds. Miz and Shane exchange verbal jabs, and finally, Shane declares that Miz needs to beat Elias and McIntyre in order to get a shot at him.

After the break, Elias and The Miz start it off. Elias gets the early advantage but Miz recovers and begins to mount an offense. Elias attempts Drift Away, but that is turned into an electric chair lift into a powerbomb. He then misses an Elbow drop and gets caught with a skull crushing finale by The Miz for the win. We quickly cut to commercial before Miz faces Drew McIntyre. Once back from commercial, McIntyre is laying a beating on Miz. Miz comes back with a DDT, but a distraction by Shane leads to a ‘claymore kick’ by McIntyre and a successful pin. Afterward, Shane decides to give a beaten Miz a chance to face him, but the barely conscious Miz is beaten down and pinned again.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan come to the ring and remind us they are the planet’s tag team champions. They have come out to defend the titles against the YOLO county tag team champions. However, Heavy Machinery comes to the ring, and Otis shares how he and Tucker like to have a good time. They want a title match of their own, but Bryan tells them they have to earn it against the YOLO county tag team champions. Heavy Machinery makes quick work of the enhancement talents and has potentially earned themselves a championship match.

We then see R-Truth with the 24/7 title, which he calls the 7-11 championship. In attempting to hide from his constant pursuers, he gets locked in a box. Jinder Mahal hears his voice, realizes what has happened pretends to be Carmella. He says he is going to get a crowbar. Anyway, Sonya Deville faces Carmella next. Carmella gets the advantage early on but Sonya eventually gains control. Carmella has to fight off distractions by Mandy Rose. Deville takes out Carmella with a step up knee strike and gets the pin.

Alexa Bliss continues her manipulation of Nikki Cross, pushing her to seek vengeance against Bayley for all the comments sent her way on social media…which Nikki never knew about. We are reminded there will be a six-man tag match coming up between The New Day and the team of Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn. After a few commercial breaks, the New Day come out to address the crowd. Their opponents come out and both sides exchange insults with one another.

Bayley was set to face Nikki Cross, who is accompanied, by Alexa Bliss. Cross brings the fight to Bayley but eventually, the champion regains control. Bayley hits the big top rope elbow a la ‘Macho Man‘ and finishes off Cross. Bayley holds her title high.

They show the box that Truth is locked, which is apparently being sent as part of a shipment to LA for next week’s Raw.

We then see the Firefly Funhouse with Bray Wyatt talking about how it isn’t good to eat your friends. Rambling Rabbit getting smashed with a giant mallet…killing him. It’s always unnerving to see these interludes.

We then get Apollo Crews conducting an interview about Andrade, which is interrupted by Zelina Vega. Chad Gable is in a background taking notes.

We get the six-man tag match to end the show. It should be an engaging enough match up. The action was taking place both inside and outside the ring with the heel team singling out Kofi Kingston. After a while, it is Woods that is being beaten down, until Big E gets the hot tag. Ziggler and Big E are in the ring when Big E tags in Kofi Kingston. In the end, it is Kingston who gets the winning pinfall.


Both Raw and Smackdown Live will likely be building towards Stomping Grounds, with the match card being finalized.

So as mentioned at the beginning of the review, this will be the end of the weekly rotating review from Mark, Brandi and I. As of next week, Chris King will be your weekly WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Quick Hits Recapatory host. He will offer you all the details with fewer calories. Unless you want more calories and extra salt, then ask him, we’re pretty sure Chris will accommodate you. On behalf of Mark and Brandi, thanks again for reading our weekly review and be sure to check in on Chris’ presentation of the week that was in WWE for the WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Quick Hits Recapatory.

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