WWE Raw & SmackDown Live Quick Hits Recapatory

Welcome folks to the first ever Quick Hits! Each and every week myself, co-editor Brandi Wagner and editor in chief Marc Madison, will take turns on giving you loyal readers what we think are the highlights of the week’s WWE Raw and SmackDown Live. That’s right highlights…

All of us here at Pro Wrestling Post believe that there’s enough negative attention drawn to the WWE and wrestling in general, all over the internet. And because of that, we will only be looking at the positives of the main WWE weekly programming. No negative Nelly’s here!

This week it’s me, Mark Blake in the hotseat, and right here are my Raw and SmackDown Live Highlights!


Raw Highlights

The Shield Reunion: Ok it’s been overdone the past 18 months or so, but you gotta admit, seeing the three of them together again just feels right. I have a sneaking suspicion that this will lead to an Ambrose vs Reigns match at WrestleMania. Maybe with Dean losing on the way out of the company, which is alright with me. I could be so wrong so don’t quote me on that 😉

Becky/Charlotte/Ronda Promo: There’s the Rousey that the fans have wanted to see for the past few months. She’s finally turned heel and wow did she look good. That vicious, dirty Rousey, the one that will beat down anyone for the hell of it. She’s really showing the legit bad ass we all saw in her UFC days. More please!

Triple H/Batista Build: Yes it’s another promo I’m highlighting but the way Haitch was getting fired up with what he was saying? You don’t see that much anymore from the Executive VP. It shows that he still has a passion to be in that ring. And in this case beat the holy hell out of Batista for what he did to his mentor and close friend Ric Flair.

A close to the heart (and possibly bone) promo that really sets the table for their rumored WrestleMania match. Can Dave step up next week and give an equally impassioned promo?


SmackDown Live Highlights

R-Truth: He has been my guilty pleasure for a number of years, all the way back to his Little Jimmy phase. The guy legit cracks me up when he’s on the mic. Remember when he declared he was gonna win the MITB match, even though he wasn’t in it? Just brilliant!

Well he’s back to his hilarious best as US champ (former but we’ll get to that in a minute). Channeling his inner John Cena and bringing back the US Title Open Challenge, and even admitting he looked up to him as a little kid growing up! 🙂

New US Champion: Yup, at last Samoa Joe finally has a main roster title defeating Truth, Andrade and Rey Mysterio in a great four-way. It’s been a long time coming, he’s been on the main roster for quite some time now. And with Truth dropping Cena’s name in his promos, could we see a returning John Cena versus Samoa Joe at WrestleMania?

Kevin Owens/ Daniel Bryan Promo: Oh wow, if that promo exchange at the start of the show wasn’t on fire! And who said that Owens wouldn’t be a convincing babyface huh? The crowd was 110% behind him. How long he’ll stay as a face I’m not sure, but let us enjoy this new side of KO.

Welcome Back Mustafa Ali: There were rumblings online that due to Kofi-Mania taking over the world, people would forget who was originally supposed to be in the Elimination Chamber last month. Well, that theory was blown out the water as Ali came back this week. He ran in to make the save on Owens and the crowd was jacked to see him back. Will he have a major role on the WrestleMania card? I’m not sure, but he was riding the crest of a wave before his concussion, let’s hope he can get that momentum going once again!

What I’m Expecting Next Week

First off I’m saying it’s all about the aftermath of Fast Lane, and were better to start than a victorious Becky Lynch rubbing it in the face of Ronnie Rousey that she’ll be inserted into the Raw Women’s title match. This feud is gold and I expect it to continue and catch fire.

In my eyes The Shield will be splitting up as quickly as they got together. Seth will have his eyes on the Universal title and Brock Lesnar, and I really can see Dean turning on Roman next week.

Kofi Kingston will somehow get his title shot at WrestleMania. How? I dunno, but with all the fan attention he’s garnered, you’ve got to be a crotchety old man to not give him that match 😉

Miz will have turned on Shane to set up their feud. Unless there’s a huge swerve and it’s Shane that does the turning? I do like a swerve!

And there we go folks, the end of the first Quick Hits. Nothing but positivity here (the New Day would be so proud of us) and we hope you’re just as positive about this new article.

What were you’re best bits? Did they match mine? What do YOU think or want to happen next week? Let us know in the comments or you can talk to us personally by our social media, which can be found below –

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