WWE Raw & SmackDown Live Quick Hits Recapatory for 3/27/19

Welcome folks to this week’s Quick Hits Recapatory! Each and every week myself, co-editor Brandi Wagner and editor in chief Marc Madison will take turns on giving you loyal readers what we think are the highlights of the week’s WWE Raw and SmackDown Live.

All of us here at Pro Wrestling Post believe that there’s enough negative attention drawn to the WWE and wrestling in general, all over the internet. And because of that, we will only be looking at the positives of the main WWE weekly programming.


Raw Best Bits

Advancing The Mania Main Event Storyline (Part 1) – Beat The Clock made it’s (un)welcome return to WWE programming this week. And the competitors of this year’s WrestleMania main event took part to see who could win in the fastest time. Admittedly the BTC challenge made no sense, it was just for bragging rights. But it was great to see the interaction of all three women less than two weeks before the Show of Shows.

Great Drew Promo – I said a few weeks ago that I thought Drew McIntyre should be used more prominently going forward. Lo and behold, he’s been on a tear for the past three weeks on RAW. Now has a high profile match at WrestleMania against Roman Reigns. He’s been booked like an absolute monster which is how he should be. I’m hoping that he’ll get pushed to main event level after Mania

The Hart Foundation Hall Of Fame Induction – It was rumored around six weeks ago that Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart were going to be inducted into this years WWE Hall Of Fame. And then it all went quiet. Degeneration X was announced, The Honky Tonk Man was announced. Heck, even Torrie Wilson was announced. I had just about given up, but then WWE made the announcement. A well-deserved entry in the Hall of Fame and thoroughly overdue

Great HHH Promo – Triple H finally gave Batista “what he really really wanted” in this great promo. His in-ring career is on the line at WrestleMania in their No Holds Barred match up. One wants vengeance for assaulting his 70-year-old mentor. The other wants to end the career of one of the most powerful men in WWE. The fire that Triple H was spitting at the end of the promo? That was some great stuff there. Putting over the seriousness of the stipulation and the match itself, the beatdown he will be putting on Batista. Great work!

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SmackDown Live Best Bits

The New Day Takeover – The conspiracy against Kofi Kingston continued this week as Uncle Vince once again made the trio jump through hoops in the name of the WrestleMania WWE championship match for Kofi. The Gauntlet match was brought back again this week. But with a difference – Big E and Xavier Woods would team up and run the Gauntlet against five other teams. What a feel good moment at the end of the show when Big E and Woods had run the Gauntlet and guaranteed Kofi his shot at Daniel Bryan at Mania. Great great booking!

Advancing The Mania Main Event Storyline (Part 2) – Well who saw this coming?? Charlotte Flair defeating Askua to once again become SmackDown Live Women’s champion! This has totally blown the doors of the Raw Women’s Championship Mania match wide open. Will it be for both titles or just the Raw one? Is the match to now unify the titles? What happens to Askua now? It’s amazing how the landscape of the Mania main event and the Women’s division has dramatically changed so quickly and looks to have got people reinvested once again.

Miz Versus The Roster – Seeing Miz in a babyface role, defending his and his father’s honor is refreshing. We’re so used to seeing him be an out and out jackass to everyone, and seeing him as the man in peril is good stuff. Shane, has his best heel years behind him, but he’s doing his level best to play the dastardly villain and push Miz’s buttons. The Falls Count Anywhere stipulation makes sense as this is now a blood feud and needs to be elevated as such. And seeing Sanity back on TV is always a great thing to see!

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What I’m Expecting Next Week

It’s the go home editions of RAW and SmackDown Live, and I’m hoping that they’re going to be mega packed full of action and story delvelpoment. Brock and Batista will be on RAW, and hopefully Stephanie McMahon will let the rest of the world in on what excatly is happeniong for the RAW Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania.

The SmackDown Live side will have Daniel Bryan pushing his match against Kofi Kingston, and maybe have a solution to the possible lack of a SmackDown Live talent challenging for their Women’s championship?

It’s going to be an exciting week taht’s for sure. The week before Mania always is.

What were you’re best bits? Did they match mine? What do YOU think or want to happen next week? Let us know in the comments or you can talk to us personally by our social media, which can be found below –

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