WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Quick Hits Recapatory for 5/23/19

Welcome to the latest installment of the WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Quick Hits Recapatory. The only column where we try to tell you we are anyone’s favorite son or daughter except for Brandi who is our favorite sister and Mark our favorite brother. Once again, we will dazzle you briefly with something noteworthy while trying to maintain your attention, unlike some promos.


We kick off the post Money In the Bank WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Quick Hits Recapatory with a recap of the events from the night before. Following that, Brock Lesnar comes out with Paul Heyman by his side, carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase like a beatbox. They are greeted by a chorus of boos. They threaten that Lesnar could strike at any moment. The coolest quote was ‘Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean the whole world isn’t against you;’ credit to Papi Dangerously for that one.

Seth Rollins then came out to confront Lesnar, and after heated words between those two, the WWE champion comes out to also confront The Beast. It is unusual to see the champions want at the challenger instead of it being the other way around. In the end, Heyman and Lesnar after throwing out lots of threats, but no blows.

Sami Zayn is shown pleading with Bobby Lashley to watch his back after he was brutalized and hung upside down at Money In the Bank. Lashley asked Zayn to soften up Braun Strowman for him. After Zayn eventually gets to the ring, a camera zooms in on the face of the ‘Monster Among Men’ backstage. Once the commercial break ends, Strowman makes his way to the ring and goes right at Zayn, chasing him all around the arena before getting him back in the ring and soon after getting a three count.

Lars Sullivan comes to the ring for an interview, but the Lucha House Party is determined to stop him at every turn. In the end, though, they eventually flee, thankfully as they avoid once again getting squashed.

Ricochet faces Cesaro but is clearly hampered by injuries suffered in the Money in the Bank match the night before. It was a pretty remarkable spot he took when he was flung over the top rope and landed on, and went through, a ladder propped up by the apron and the announcers’ table. Cesaro has new music and a new entrance, which suggest that he may be getting the singles push that he has long deserved. Cesaro makes short work of Ricochet, weakening him by working on the injured back and ultimately hitting a neutralizer.

At the top of the second hour, Roman Reigns comes out and Shane McMahon interrupts him. Shane asks the fans if they want to see him face Roman but then says that won’t happen. He brings out Drew McIntyre but eventually declares that he will agree to face Reigns at Super Showdown. Both leave after Reigns verbally puts them in their place.

The Usos take on The Revival next. Before the match gets underway, The Miz is shown backstage interrupting McMahon and McIntyre. He says he isn’t finished with McMahon but McIntyre says Miz has to go through him first. The Miz agrees to a match later in the show and says once he is done with the Scottish Psychopath he’s coming after Shane.

The Revival and The Usos are in the ring and the ensuing matchup is a straight up fight with Dawson and Dash determined to take out the brothers. After a commercial break, the action is back in the ring and both teams continue to battle it out. Dawson thinks he has their opponents beaten, but that isn’t the case. An eventual roll up aided by a handful of tights proves to be what does in The Usos, making The Revival victorious.

Next, we get ‘A Moment of Bliss.’ Becky Lynch comes out but is interrupted first by The IIconics and then Lacey Evans. The end result is a six-woman tag match, pitting Bliss, Lynch, and Cross against The IIconics and Evans, to be held after the commercial break.

After about five minutes, Lacey Evans walks out on her tag team partners, and soon after that Lynch gets the pinfall win. Bliss remained on the floor sipping tea for the entirety of the match.

After the break, Mick Foley comes to the ring to introduce a new title. The title is called the 24/7 championship, and can be defended anytime and anywhere as long as a referee is present. He tells all the members of all WWE rosters that want a shot at the title to line up and scramble for the title, as it is open to everyone effective immediately. After a battle outside of the ring, it is Titus O’Neil who gets the title first, but on the ramp, Robert Roode pins him, captures the championship and runs off.

The Miz comes out to face Drew McIntyre next. It was a back and forth affair early on, but McIntyre is ultimately victorious. Had it not been for the interference of Shane McMahon, the result may have been different.

Backstage, R-Truth hides Roode from the other wrestlers that are in hot pursuit, However, when the crowd is gone from sight, he slams Roode and pins him to become the third ever 24/7 champion.

Back in the ring, the main event is Kingston and Rollins against Corbin and Lashley. The result was a win by the two champions when Kingston pinned Corbin. Throughout the match, and indeed throughout the show, the announcers hype that Lesnar could cash in at the conclusion of the match. The Beast does indeed come out again but does not cash in his opportunity. Instead, Heyman declares he will make his intentions known next week.

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Smackdown Live kicks off with Shane McMahon and Elias in the backstage area discussing what is to come. After this Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are promoting the return of the third member of The New Day. A phony Big E comes out as a prank, but then the real Big E emerges. The trio goes to the ring where a collection of presents awaits. This was ‘Welcome Back, Big E’ night. Kofi wants them to be serious for a moment and addresses Brock Lesnar winning the Money In the Bank contract. The celebration is then disrupted by Kevin Owens coming out. He is followed by Sami Zayn who proceeds to talk down the New Day, but gets trash-talked in return. Owens hands over his mic and decides to walk to the back leaving Sami with two mics, which he calls distracting. Zayn says he will beat Kingston tonight and that the champion will be lucky to walk out on his own.

Ali versus Andrade is up next. However, before that, they show how Lesnar cost Ali the briefcase. After an outstanding match that goes about 12 minutes, Ali walks away as the winner.

Mandy Rose versus Carmella is up next. Deville accompanies Rose while R-Truth (in disguise) accompanies Carmella. The match lasts all of a minute because the locker room empties out in pursuit of R-Truth’s 24/7 belt. Truth picks up Mella and carries her on his back piggyback style around the arena floor.

Bayley is interviewed and says she is moving past the hugs and that others need to know that they will have to bring their best. Truth tries to escape but Mella brings him into the women’s locker room by accident. The quickly exit that and continue to run around the backstage area.

After a commercial break, Sami Zayn faces Kofi Kingston, who is going solo as Big E was attacked backstage earlier, and Xavier Woods decided to accompany him to the hospital. In the end, Kingston wins. At this point, Paul Heyman walks out with the briefcase saying that this could be the moment. But instead, a returning Dolph Ziggler attacks Kingston from behind and goes as far as to wrap a steel chair around the neck of the current WWE champion. It is a brutal assault that nearly sees Kingston stretchered to the back, but he slowly arises from it and walks to the back under his own power.

Lacy Evans and Charlotte Flair come out together to face Becky Lynch and Bayley. Becky says that once they are done with Evans and Flair she is coming for Bayley and the Smackdown Live women’s championship. The match gets underway and the attack is on Bayley early on. The tide is turned when she makes the hot tag to Becky, and in the end, Bayley is tagged in and gets the roll-up win on Flair. Lynch and Bayley are arguing after the match despite winning.

We are back a from a commercial break and Ziggler is asked why he did what he did, and he said he is going to tell all of them. He takes the microphone and walks out to the arena. He says that this goes way back and that when Ali was knocked out and Kofi took his spot it should have been him. He says Kofi jumped through hoops, and though he earned everything Kofi became an overnight success, still it should be Ziggler in that place. He recounts each moment where Kofi walked in as secondary talent and walked out better than before. Dolph says Kofi outperformed everyone, but he did what he did to the champions because he had to and that everyone will love him and respect him. ‘It should be me.’ This seems like a variation of Raven, only with even more of a sense of instability.

Shane McMahon introduces Elias and accompanies him to the ring. While this is happening Roman Reigns is walking towards the ring from the backstage area. He comes out and the match starts, and there are several distractions early on. Reigns and Elias go back and forth while McMahon adds a distraction, but still, the Big Dog gets the three count and the win. After the bell, Shane attacks and tries to use the guitar, but Reigns hits a Superman punch. He gets hold of the guitar, but Drew McIntyre arrives and hits a claymore kick, knocking him out. McMahon raises the hand of the Scottish Psychopath as he stands over a fallen Reigns to end the show. This concludes another edition of the WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Quick Hits Recapatory.


Both shows should tie up some loose ends in the lead up to Super Showdown, which is just a couple of weeks away. We aren’t likely to see much in the way of anything emerging other than the continuous storyline of the 24/7 title. With the Firefly Funhouse having taken a haunting turn, it makes us wonder when and where Bray Wyatt will finally return to the ring. Will The Revival continue to be made to look silly, or will they move beyond that and defeat the Usos consistently? The Money In the Bank contract will be a lingering storyline for the next little while and actually could lead to the unusual scenario of Lesnar saying he wants to challenge Rollins and Kingston for BOTH championships. Could it be on an episode of WWE Raw and/or Smackdown Live?

For Mark Blake and Brandi Wagner, this is Marc Madison saying thanks for humoring us and reading the WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Quick Hits Recapatory. Tag, Mr. Blake it is your turn next week! Muahahaha See you the second week in June when it is my turn to explore the world of both WWE Raw and Smackdown Live.

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