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Who is Holidead? That’s exactly what every Superhero in Women of Wrestling (WOW) would like to know. Well, they know who she is, Holidead debuted in season four. They would very much like to know what she is, rather. Is she a person or is she a demon? Alive or undead? Is she a clown or a jester? Any combination thereof or something else entirely? No one knows for sure. What we do know is that the face-painted female called Holidead is a special and unique Superhero. As mentioned, she first appeared in season four, in the episode entitled Rise from the Dead.

Holidead cuts a signature style of promo all her own, talking about her voices and the darkness that lives inside of her. Her voices know her opponent, The Dagger. The Dagger was also a new Superhero who had just been acquitted of criminal charges. Holidead says her voices have told her all about what The Dagger has done. The voices say that The Dagger needs to be punished.

As Holidead made her way to the ring for the match, she was unlike any other Superhero in WOW. She even licked a video camera as she made her way around the ring. As soon as the bell sounded, Holidead immediately went on the attack. The Dagger was caught somewhat off guard by her mind games and aggressive style. Even when The Dagger would get some momentum going her way, it seemingly did not phase her. Her in-ring style is completely unique, combining brawling with power moves and submissions. She also doesn’t mind playing dirty either, whatever the voices want from her. The end came for The Dagger when Holidead hit her finish, Darkness Falls.


Outside of WOW, Holidead is still a strange but beloved wrestler. She’s competed all around the country and the world. She’s competed for so many promotions in her six years of wrestling, she earned her stripes in the KnokX Pro Academy. You can catch Holidead at Shine, SHIMMER, Women’s Wrestling Revolution, Pro Wrestling: EVE, RiSE Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling and more. She has also worked for World Wonder Ring Stardom, NWA, IMPACT Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

Holidead is currently one half of the Shine Wrestling Tag Team Champions with Thunder Rosa as the Twisted Sisterz. The two have been teaming since 2016 and have wrestled together for many of the promotions named above. The Twisted Sisterz also have held the Vendetta Pro International Tag Team titles. She was also part of the faction Oedo Tai in Stardom. In addition to tag team action, she is also a decorated singles competitor. She’s a former two-time Renegade Wrestling Alliance (RWA) Women’s Champion and a former Resistance Women’s Champion. Holidead has also competed in quite a few major tournaments such as the Women of Honor Title Tournament and the Goddess of Stardom Tag League twice.

If there’s one thing for certain with Holidead, it’s that nothing is for certain. Darkness will fall in WOW, as she returns for season five. Just who will the voices select at her next target? You’ll have to tune into WOW on AXS TV starting on January 18th.

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