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Keta Rush debuted as a Women of Wrestling (WOW) Superhero in season two. She debuted alongside another new Superhero in Stephanie La Maravillosa (later Stephy Slays). Together, they would be known as The Bully Busters. Keta’s path to becoming a Superhero was not an easy one. Keta was always an athlete, she was a track star. She also was bullied. Things would take a horrible turn when she was beaten severely by a group of bullies. They broke several bones, caused internal injuries, and damaged Keta’s confidence. In the aftermath of this though, her other strength would prove to be her heart. Keta recovered and vowed to never again be the victim. She began training and found herself at WOW with her new friend Stephanie.

When Keta and Stephanie debuted, they took on WOW’s ultimate bullies, Loca and Delta Lotta Pain of Caged Heat. The Bully Busters were not able to beat the veteran tag team, but they refused to quit. They returned in season three and there they faced another tough team, Tropical Storm. Tropical Storm was a team of a WOW original, Paradise, and a new Superhero in La Nina. Despite improving in the ring, and their best bully busting efforts, Keta and Stephanie lost once again. Season four began with Keta Rush joining the rest of WOW in attending a party at Abilene Maverick’s home.

Keta Rush

In episode six, the Bully Busters began to have problems. While working out together, Keta attempts to warn Stephy about The Dagger. Stephy brushes Keta off, saying that she’s just paranoid and painting everyone as bullies. Later, David McLane informs Keta that her match with an MMA fighter had been canceled. To help her friend, Stephy volunteers to have a match with Keta instead. It is noted during the commentary that the Bully Busters have taken separate routes in terms of training. Stephy has concentrated on working with WOW trainer Selina Majors to better her in-ring grappling game. Meanwhile, Keta has been training in MMA and Jiu-jitsu. The match began friendly enough with a handshake, however, that friendliness soon disappeared.

Both women gave the match their all, trading lockups, hammerlocks, and other grappling holds. There were also multiple near-falls with good pinning combinations. As the match wore on, each woman was letting her frustration shine through. However, it proved to be Keta Rush who had the killer instinct. When the opportunity presented itself, Keta put her tag team partner in a triangle chokehold. Stephy quickly tapped out, shocking everyone in the crowd and even the official. After the match, Keta celebrated with the fans. After, Dan Masters caught up with Stephy, who was upset with her friend using her MMA training in the match. Keta came onto the scene saying she was happy with the match. As we move into season five, the status of the Bully Busters team is unknown. What is known is that Keta Rush is ready for whoever she will face.

The Woman Outside of The Ring

Keta Meggett, the woman outside of the ring is not so different than Superhero Keta Rush. The story of Keta Rush was based on her own growing up. Keta was very athletic and in school encountered problems with bullying. This eventually ended up with her being severely beaten. After the broken bones and internal injuries healed, the psychological ones remained. Keta is an actress and went to an audition that turned out to be for WOW. At first, she felt like this wasn’t for her until she saw a woman her size throwing the bigger girls around. At her father’s suggestion that it might help with her PTSD, she decided to begin training. Eventually, she began training in Jiu-jitsu as well, which she found helped Keta find her confidence.

Due to this as well as her passion to help those who have also been bullied, she started a non-profit. Keta’s organization is called Team Bully Beater. Their mission is to lead a revolution against bullying. They strive to empower anyone to embrace their individuality and instill confidence in them. The program also teaches the importance of health and fitness, as well as self-defense.

You can check out Keta Rush and all the other Superheroes of WOW on AXS TV starting on January 18th!

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