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Abilene Maverick, the Governor’s Daughter, debuted for Women of Wrestling (WOW) in season three. Abilene’s road to wrestling grew from childhood. While her mother was busy as a career politician, she was close to her father. They would play together, ride horses together and watch wrestling together. Tragically, Abilene’s father would pass away during her final year in college.

In order to carry on her father’s memory and do him proud, she went into wrestling. Now back then, you could also call her Abi. In her first match, she teamed with her friend Candice LeRae. In episode five, they took on the WOW Tag Team Champions the All-American Girls. Sweet as good sweet tea, Abilene looked like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader even. She emphasized her respect and admiration for her opponents prior to the match. That didn’t get her far though; she and Candice came up short. In her next match, Abi squared off with Jessie Jones on episode 13. Despite another incredible showing, Abilene was unable to pick up the victory.

During the break between seasons three and four something happened to dear, sweet, and humble Abilene Maverick. When she returned for season four, something was very different about her. On the surface, everything was pretty much the same. Abilene still loved Texas, horses, and wrestling. However, edged remarks and backhanded compliments snuck into her vernacular. Her smiles began to seem forced and she had a new vicious streak in the ring.

It all started when Abilene invited the WOW Superheroes to her home for a party. While pouring tea, Abilene ‘accidentally’ spilled tea on Stephy Slays’ blouse. She even offered Stephy her pick of clothes set aside for charity. It was clear by her tone that she was proud of her high-class lifestyle and showing it off; perhaps rubbing it in what she had, and others did not. Abilene also threw some serious insults toward Stephy. While comforting Stephy, WOW trainer, Selina Majors offered to help set up a match for them to settle their differences. After the Superheroes left, Abilene Maverick welcomed another guest: The Fabulous Lana Star. Abilene filled Lana in on what she had done, revealing the plot. It appeared that the plan had been to goad Stephy into a match. And now with Selina’s help, she was getting exactly what she wanted.

The match was very different from Abilene’s first matches in WOW. She was much more aggressive than ever before. The change in attitude was perhaps in Abilene’s favor. The Governor’s Daughter, with her mother in the audience, defeated Stephy Slays with a tilt-a-whirl slam. In a post-match interview, Abilene praised Stephy and said that Stephy had earned her respect. Suddenly, Dan Masters noticed Stephy in the backstage area and waved her over. Abilene also animatedly waved her former foe over. She gushed to Stephy that she had been praising her and that Stephy’s father would’ve been proud of her. If he had been around, that is. As the interview took a rocky turn, Masters quickly ended it. As Stephy went to leave, Abilene let her pass first and may have tripped Stephy. The video ends with Abilene’s calculating stare.

The next Superhero Abilene Maverick would have issues with would be the All Natural, Khloe Hurtz. In what began as a comedy of errors, ended with Abilene tossing Khloe into the Governor’s pool. The issue began with a mix-up of limousines. Khloe mistakenly got into a limo that contained Abilene’s boyfriend Preston. Preston was waiting with Abilene’s favorite post-match treat, ice cream. He accidentally dropped ice cream on Khloe’s dress, infuriating her. When Abilene came out to get into her limo, she opened the door to find two of Khloe’s ‘rats’ waiting inside. She demanded to know where Preston was, which they didn’t know. Abilene threw the men out of the car and went to her home.

There, she found Khloe with Preston. Enraged, Abilene dragged Khloe outside and whipped her into the pool. This led to a match being made between Abilene and Khloe. The match went down on episode eight of season four. Abilene’s newfound mean streak reared its head in the match as she dominated Khloe for most of the match. Abilene attempted to put Khloe away following a rope-hung DDT, but Khloe was able to get her foot on the ropes. Khloe bounced back and hit her All-Natural top rope DDT for the win. As we prepare for season five, it’s clear that Abilene Maverick is a force when it comes to things she wants. She may also want to avenge her loss to Khloe Hurtz.

Outside of WOW, Barbi Hayden is also a Texas queen of wrestling. A veteran of eight years in the business, she’s competed across the country and around the world. She won the coveted NWA World Women’s Championship in 2014. She also competed in the first women’s match to be televised in China in 2015, against Tessa Blanchard. Barbi can be seen regularly across Texas as well as in Shine Wrestling, Queens of Combat, Women’s Wrestling Revolution and others. Still a young woman, not even thirty years old, she will be a mainstay in wrestling for years to come.

You can see Abilene Maverick and all the other Superheroes of WOW on AXS TV starting January 18th

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