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Lana, the Hollywood starlet, is one of the original Women of Wrestling Superheroes. The Fabulous One is all about the Lana Star Show. She enjoys the finer things in life, having grown up in the pampered and luxe LA lifestyle. She’s also not above doing whatever it takes to get what she wants. Lana has two major accomplishments in WOW. The first is her reign as WOW World Champion and the second is breaking up tag teams to get a new assistant.

In season one, Lana’s first target was Patti Pep of the pair called The Team Spirit. Patti was a wholesome cheerleader and her partner was Randi Rah Rah. Lana managed to turn the good Patti Pep into the bad Patti Pizzazz. Patti would then become Lana’s assistant. During the period where Patti was at Lana’s side, Lana would feud with Poison. Poison was another Superhero in WOW at the time; according to lore, she was a chemist who ingested something that changed her into Poison. Also, in WOW lore, Poison was a former partner of Lana Star who had been burned by the starlet. During this feud, Poison turned Lana’s signature blond hair green!

A bone of contention between the duo of Lana and Patti was Patti’s continued friendship with Randi. Despite Patti being a heel, Randi remained friendly towards her former partner; this infuriated Lana. Lana decided to take matters into her own hands and took Randi Rah Rah out. She smashed a mirror over Randi’s head, and Randi disappeared from WOW for a bit. Randi came back in episode 20 of season one and took on Lana. Randi defeated Lana soundly, and Patti was also fired by Lana soon after.

Sometime between the hiatus between seasons one and two in a WOW sanctioned match, Lana defeated Terri Gold for the WOW World Championship. When WOW returned for season two, Lana was riding high as the reigning champion. She also had a new assistant in the form of Kitty. Lana successfully defended her title against a new Superhero in Sunshine. Lana’s next order of business would be to crash the Princess Jasmine Trailblazer Award presentation to WOW original in Thug. You might know Thug as Peggie Lee Leather or Lady X as well. Thug, who is retired from the ring, was quickly joined by her niece Spike (aka Hudson Envy). Spike challenged Lana to a match for her WOW World Championship, which Kitty accepted on her behalf.

Lana Star
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During this match, chaos and controversy would ensue. Thug inadvertently knocked the referee off the apron and sent him crashing through a table. Kitty smashed Spike over the head with a mirror, and Thug hit Lana with the Last Call. A second referee came to count this fall and initially award the match and title to Spike. The original referee, however, recovered and overturned the decision by disqualifying Spike due to Thug’s original, albeit unintentional, interference. Therefore, Lana would retain the title and win the match via DQ. In season three, Spike was back on the hunt for the Fabulous Lana Star.

Spike would get her rematch on episode ten of season three. There, Lana would defeat her challenger once again. Lana wouldn’t get much respite between title defenses though. At the season three finale, she would take on the mighty Jungle Grrrl. Jungle Grrrl would finally wrest the WOW World Championship from Lana’s icy grasp. Kitty would no longer be Lana’s assistant after this either. In season four, Lana Star was denied a rematch by David McLane.
Lana Star
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In search of revenge, Lana would return to what worked for her back in season one. She set her sights on Amber O’Neal of The All-American Girls. Lana convinced Amber to turn on her partner, Santana Garrett and thus the Beverly Hills Babe was born. She also worked with Sophia Lopez to get some hired guns in Riot, Spike and Razor to take out Santana. With the number one contender (Santana) out of the picture, Lana led the Beverly Hills Babe to a World Championship match. In preparation for this match, Lana Star began molding the Beverly Hills Babe in her image. Once the match was ready to begin, Santana showed up on the scene. So the original singles match between the Beverly Hills Babe and Jungle Grrrl was thrown out in favor of a triple threat match. Lana was confident in her protégée, so they accepted the change.

It didn’t turn out like Lana had planned though, as Santana walked away with the gold. Now as we move into season five, Lana Star will look for another way to bring the WOW World Championship back to her camp. You can catch Lana Star and all the other Superheroes of WOW on AXS TV starting January 18th!  

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