Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 103 – Beer Snake City

PROGRESS present Chapter 103, Beer Snake City at the Electric Ballroom on February 23rd. We’re starting to get a good feel for this new era of PROGRESS after the events of Chapter 101 and 102. With Matt Richards slotted into the mix behind the scenes and inside the ring, we’ve seen a change. Although due to extenuating circumstances, we have a new champion, a focus on bringing established names in from elsewhere, and the resumption of long term storytelling. That last facet is something that has been on the backburner for a while in PROGRESS, despite the Regression arc being nearly two years long and critically revered. That being said, let’s see how the narrative may be pushed forwards at Chapter 103.

PROGRESS Title Match
Cara Noir (c) vs Mark Andrews

Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

Cara Noir makes the second defense of the PROGRESS World Title (no longer Unified I see) against FSU’s Mark Andrews. The Welshman, along with former champion Eddie Dennis, has beef here because Noir didn’t beat the incumbent champion to claim the title. Vacating the title due to injury, Dennis attempted to gift the title to Mandrews but was overruled by Matt Richards who placed the title into a one-day tournament scenario. Instantly eliminated by Ilja Dragunov, both Andrews and Dennis have had a chip on their shoulder since then and dubbed tourney winner Cara Noir an illegitimate champion. The Black Swan enters the Ballroom with one successful title defense under his belt. That came in an intense, hardcore battle with Chris Brookes in which Noir demonstrated he has the chops to be the face of PROGRESS. If there follow more contests of that quality we could be in for a classic title run. This match should certainly further that quest as both Noir and Mandrews are pure class inside the ring.

Prediction: Cara Noir

Proteus Title Match
Paul Robinson (c) vs Kyle Fletcher

Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 103 - Beer Snake City
Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

The Proteus title is on the line next as Paul Robinson defends against the Aussie Arrow Kyle Fletcher. The issue this match is built on also originates in the World Title tournament from Chapter 101. During the final four-way elimination match Fletcher became the first man to defeat Robinson since he won the Proteus belt in September. Using his Grimstone piledriver, the black-clad assassin pinned Robbo’s shoulders to the mat for the three count. That has left Robinson seriously aggrieved – this is not a man who enjoys the taste of failure. Of course, pinfalls won’t get you a win for the Proteus title. Robinson’s rules have it as submission or KO only. Will lightning strike twice for Fletcher? Or will Robbo avenge the indignity of the Chapter 101 defeat?

Prediction: Paul Robinson

PROGRESS Tag Title Match
Jordan Devlin & Scotty Davis (c) vs Workhorsemen

Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 103 - Beer Snake City
Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

Jordan Devlin and Scotty Davis defend their tag titles against former EVOLVE tag team champions, Anthony Henry and JD Drake. Henry is a guy who has been knocking at the door of major stardom for some time now. Together with Drake, Workhorsemen are quite the formidable team despite the daft name. NXT Cruiserweight Champion Devlin and prodigy Davis have been on a tear through the tag division since winning the belts last September. There doesn’t appear to be an end in sight for their reign any time soon as the company continues to build/groom Pretty Deadly for that spot. This should be a high work rate match, but the thing about imports is the result of the match is a foregone conclusion – especially in a title match.

Prediction: Jordan Devlin & Scotty Davis

Jinny & Toni Storm vs Medusa Complex

Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

Old enemies Jinny and Toni Storm team for the first time in PROGRESS to tackle the imminent threat of Medusa Complex at Chapter 103 Beer Snake City. Charli Evans and Millie McKenzie brought their double act to PROGRESS with a bang as they attacked Jinny following her successful title defence at Chapter 101. Their stated aim is to dismantle Jinny and take the Women’s Title from her, but first they’re going to take out Toni.

It’s going to be a very interesting match up here, as all four women are approaching peak power. Jinny’s mission statement, to put the women’s division at the top of the card, is going rather well. Her match with Gisele Shaw at Chapter 102 was excellent and it’s a pleasant change of pace to see her as a face in PROGRESS. Conversely, it will be very interesting to see what Medusa Complex can do as nasty bastard heels. I would expect them to take the advantage in the opening gambit of what promises to be an excellent feud.

Prediction: Medusa Complex

Anti Fun Police & Walter vs More Than Hype

Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

Walter replaces an injured Travis Banks and joins the ranks of The Anti Fun Police to combat the shenanigans of More Than Hype at Chapter 103 Beer Snake City. The Irish threesome makes a welcome return to PROGRESS after their unsuccessful matches at Chapter 101. The thing that makes their matches must-see is the way in which the three of them combine to create lightning-fast sequences. Of course, they are quite adept at providing laughs also, which make the oddball trio of Walter, Chief Deputy Dunne and Santos ideal opponents for them. Although AFP wasn’t victorious against the tag champs at Chapter 102, it hasn’t done anything to damage their popularity. For a team that protests about fun they definitely bring a ton of it to the table. Their time will come. Walter, as you know, is the NXT UK Champion and this marks his first appearance for PROGRESS since Chapter 95. I think that’s a shame as he still has a lot to offer at the PROGRESS main event level, though that’s not to say I won’t enjoy him having a laugh with AFP.

Prediction: Anti Fun Police & Walter

Gisele Shaw vs Chakara

Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

In a rare second women’s match on the show, Gisele Shaw faces off against Chakara at Chapter 103 Beer Snake City. The new Rev Pro Women’s champion has been on a tear across the country of late. Her blend of high-speed in-ring acumen and natural charisma have made her a hit in every company that she has appeared for. Chakara returns to PROGRESS for the first time since the Proteus Rumble last September looking to make her mark in the women’s division. A former member of Jinny’s House of Couture, she would be a natural challenger to the title once a spot opens up. Constantly improving, Chakara is a wrestler who has a lot of untapped potential and this could be just the match to showcase what she’s capable of. There’s no better combination than two wrestlers dead-set on proving their worth; this should be very, very good.

Prediction: Chakara

Ilja Dragunov vs Malik

Photo / PROGRESS Wrestling

One of the few wrestlers from NPS6 to not have featured since, Malik makes his return to PROGRESS against Ilja Dragunov. And what a welcome return it is, although he was eliminated in the first round Malik’s tough style made a strong impression. The wrestling gods/Matt, Jon, and Glen have been kind and paired him with a wrestler who defines the word tough. Ilja Dragunov has been taken into the hearts of the Ultras and elicits a guttural roar whenever he enters the arena. Although there’s no issue at stake in their match it’s sure to be a match to remember as the two try their best to destroy one another.

And that’s your lot for Chapter 103 Beer Snake City. And what a card it is, from top to bottom. Should there be any title changes we will have the news right here as always, so keep your eyes on our socials for updates.