#Preview: PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 102 – Bang Tidy

PROGRESS make their debut in Cardiff on the 2nd of February with Chapter 102 – Bang Tidy. Running a show in the Tramshed, PROGRESS will be looking to make a big impression, as they do wherever they go, on the Welsh crowd. There’s a fair bit of Welsh talent being featured on the card.

Whether that’s for local flavor or convenience, I’m not too sure. The company has a new ring announcer, new commentator, and, most importantly new champion. Exciting times for PROGRESS, so let’s see what’s in store for Chapter 102.

Cara Noir (c) vs Chris Brookes –
PROGRESS Title Match

Cara Noir makes his first defense of the PROGRESS Title against the man who introduced him to PROGRESS – Chris Brookes. This one developed very, very suddenly – over the course of a few hours, really – via a worked shoot angle. Essentially, Brookes criticized PROGRESS on his Schadenfriends Twitch stream, which company co-owner Glen Joseph responded to negatively.

This will likely be the last thing that Brookes does for PROGRESS before he abandons us all to live in Japan for a year and wrestle for DDT. The fact that each man says they want to find out who is the more creative makes me think that we may be in for something special here. With Brookes heading East, it makes the winner a foregone conclusion. But I think getting to that point could well prove to be something quite special.

Prediction: Cara Noir

Jordan Devlin & Scotty Davis (c) vs Anti Fun Police – Tag Team Title Match

Jordan Devlin and Scotty Davis make their third defense of the PROGRESS tag titles against the Anti Fun Police. One of the main attractions for Attack! which is based in Cardiff, AFP has been on quite the run of late. With a victory over Grizzled Young Veterans and in the reverse battle royal at Chapter 100, Santos and Dunne have momentum on their side.

Davis and Devlin haven’t been slouching, mind you. Since they won the belts last September they’ve successfully defended against GYV and Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. Two impressive scalps I’m sure you’ll agree. There are two things at play here that I think may play a part in who emerges victorious.

1, a victory for adopted local lads would be a moment to treasure. 2, I keep feeling as though the main purpose of D&D’s title run is to have Devlin turn heel on his junior partner. A feud between the pair at some point would be dynamite.

Prediction: Anti-Fun Police

Jinny (c) vs Dani Luna vs Gisele Shaw – Women’s Title Match

The PROGRESS Women’s title should be a great match as Jinny defends against Dani Luna and Gisele Shaw. Originally slated to be a one on one match between Luna and Shaw, Jinny inserted herself into the match at Chapter 101. She remains on her quest to raise the profile of the women’s division.

Luna has really come to the fore over the last year or so on the BritWres scene and has the potential to be a breakout star. Shaw is a slick veteran on her latest tour of our shores after impressing with some great showings at PROGRESS and RIPTIDE last year. Of course, Jinny’s work is always excellent. And her mission to establish her division as the bedrock of PROGRESS is much appreciated.

I’d certainly look for the champion to retain, but perhaps after the events of Dalmations, we might see an appearance by Medusa Complex to rain on her parade?

Prediction: Jinny

Paul Robinson (c) vs Danny Jones –
Proteus Title Match

Danny Jones, the latest challenger to Paul Robinson’s Proteus Title, makes his first appearance for PROGRESS in 18 months. He was last seen on the eagle canvas during the build towards Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews’ Wembley match in 2018. Quite how he qualifies for a title match against Robbo isn’t overly clear.

But in terms of talent, it’s a well-earned showcase. Robinson has been on fire since his famous promo on Walter from last year. He’s really established the Proteus belt as a rock-solid title for the wrestlers on the undercard to vie for. At this point, it’s hard to tell who might be built as the person to take it from him, or if we will ever get a female challenger for this intergender title. I am, however, reasonably sure that Jones won’t be the person to take it from him just yet.

Prediction: Paul Robinson

Chris Ridgeway vs Elijah

Elijah makes his PROGRESS debut in a baptism by fire as he clashes with Chris Ridgeway. Ridgeway is known for his MMA influenced style and delightfully sweary nickname – Hard As F. Elijah will have his hands full here, and I’m not sure that he necessarily has the toolset to counter Riddy’s skillset. It should be a good match, but it looks like a foregone conclusion as to who walks away victorious.

Prediction: Chris Ridgeway

Ilja Dragunov vs Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews and Ilja Dragunov clash in a rematch from Chapter 101. At that show, Mandrews crashed out of the impromptu World Title qualifying rounds to Dragunov in just eight seconds. Although Dragunov would lose out to eventual winner Cara Noir, the fact that the Russian made it that far clearly sticks in Andrews’ craw. The Welshman has released a promo video on which he makes it clear that he sees nothing in Dragunov.

He also seems confident that he will be reclaiming the PROGRESS Title back on behalf of FSU, his long-running team with Eddie Dennis. Based on that, you have to think that Mandrews is being positioned as a threat to Cara Noir so will likely take the win in Cardiff.

Prediction: Mark Andrews

This looks like a fantastic way to debut in Cardiff to me. All the titles being defended on the same show is a rare pleasure indeed, so if you’re going enjoy and let us know how it was afterward, eh?