Preview Bar Wrestling 55: MAMBA!

With Winter well and truly behind us, Bar Wrestling is back to kickstart the Spring in preparation for the biggest month of wrestling in the year. On the 11th March, Bar is bringing you MAMBA! At the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles with a mix of amazing singles and tag matches to quench any wrestling fans thirst. As always, here is a preview of the card and these cards are subject to change but it should give you enough of a push to go and buy a ticket to watch.

Chris Bey vs. WATTS

This match-up is the battle of contrasting styles. Although we have two amazingly charismatic men in this match with Chris Bey and Watts, their offense is very different but that always makes these bouts much more exciting. On one side, you’ve got Chris Bey who has really been making his mark on the world of professional wrestling. With his speed and athleticism, he really is able to be an amazing opponent for anyone no matter their size. This will be useful when it comes to the big Watts. With his height, weight, and strength, Watts is a super athlete and, despite his size, is able to move around the ring with such ease and grace that it shouldn’t be possible for anyone to do that. Because of both wrestlers distinct strengths, it’s hard to even see who could have the advantage in the match.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

DoomFly & Dom Kubrick vs. Los Luchas & Miranda Alize

After the reunion of DoomFly during the last Bar Wrestling show, it is great to see Eli Everfly and Delilah Doom back together and teaming. With their unique and athletic offence, they are unlike any team I’ve ever seen with this unrivaled in-ring chemistry. They’re teaming with the equally amazing Dom Kubrick who is also an amazing tag team wrestler as seen with his recent matches teaming with Heather Monroe. If I were to say this team had everything you’d want, you can say the same about their opponents too.

Los Luchas are as amazing as you expect to channel everything that makes luchador wrestling so spectacular to see. They are teaming with the pocket rocket Miranda Alize who has really cemented her place in Bar Wrestling as a superstar. Within this match, we have two well-established tag teams each teaming with amazing singles wrestlers who also work amazingly as part of a larger team. Both have their own strengths and are very similar to each other in their styles and offense which will just make this match even more exciting.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Joey Ryan vs. Ray Rosas

If you ask anyone to name two people you associate the most with Bar Wrestling, these two names are probably going to come up a lot. We’ve got the King of Dong Style Joey Ryan facing the tag team specialist and former PPRay member Ray Rosas – two Bar Wrestling veterans. Both men have very different wrestling styles that are suited to both their training but also their frames.

However, how they use their offense is very similar in the sense that they will find a way to dictate the pace of the match and this will be vital for whoever goes on to win the match. What both of these wrestlers also have in common is their amazing charisma and ability to entertain crowds. Even though many people might see Ryan with the advantage over Rosas, who is known for his tag wrestling, never count out Rosas and this underestimating might just get him the win at MAMBA.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Adrian Quest & B-Boy vs. Jamie Senegal & Alex Ocean

This match at MAMBA is definitely one of the most unique matches on the card. It has so many different characters and styles all intertwined into one bout. Quest and B-Boy have teamed together a few times calling themselves The Get Down and it’s a great name to describe these two amazingly talented and charismatic wrestlers. On the other side, we have the amazingly fabulous and sassy Kween Jamie Senegal and Alex Ocean.

Unlike their opponents, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that the two have ever teamed together before. This might be a huge disadvantage in this match. However, with both wrestlers having such amazingly diverse styles, hopefully, they will be able to blend them together and create something magical. Especially in the case of Senegal who really impressed me on the last Bar show and it’s exciting to see what Jamie can do next. Unfortunately, their teaming experience might just win here.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Andy Brown vs. Taya Valkyrie

Here we have yet another example of the amazing intergender Bar Wrestling continuously puts on at MAMBA. This match, in particular, is amazing because it has two of the best and most diverse wrestlers in the business today. Andy Brown has really made his mark on Bar Wrestling in the past year with his athleticism, charisma, and speed when he’s in the ring. Whether as a single or tag wrestler, he makes a huge impact on crowds.

What is there to say about Taya Valkyrie that hasn’t already been said in one of these previews. She may be one of the most talented and sassy wrestlers in the business today. With her high speed and athletic offence, she really is a tough opponent for anyone she steps in the ring with. Will this dominance at the moment be the key factor in winning the match? Whatever happens, it will be a battle of the super athlete.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Wolf Zaddies vs. RockNES Monsters

When it comes to wanting to see a traditional tag match, this bout will be perfect for you at MAMBA! RockNES Monsters have been a staple of Bar Wrestling for as long as possible and really are the perfect team. Big Hunky Kev and Yuma combine amazing tandem wrestling with charisma, style, and uniqueness in a way that isn’t really on show in mainstream wrestling at the moment. There is a lightness and air of fun about it whilst still producing high-quality wrestling.

With their experience as a tag team, they are always a tough team to beat. However, even with a lot less experience as a team compared to BHK and Yuma, Wolf Zaddies have really made their mark in Bar tag team wrestling recently. With their equally unique and charismatic style, there is no better two teams to be facing each other. Yet, the experience of RockNES Monsters will be a huge advantage for them!

Credit: Bar Wrestling

If that preview hasn’t got you excited for the show, then I don’t know what will. Presale tickets are available from Bootleg Theater for $25 and this is the best place to secure your tickets for this amazing show. However, as normal, limited tickets are available at the door for $40 but these will sell out very quickly. If you need a break from life or want to have a great time, MAMBA is perfect for that!

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