World of Sport Wrestling Preview Episode 4

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Welcome to the World of Sport Wrestling Preview Episode 4 with Mark Blake.


That’s how I’m going to start today, just wow and thank you all.

Last weeks first WoS Wrestling Preview went down a storm with you guys and due to that fact I’m now back doing a preview for every episode of the series, although I need a better title than The Mark Blake WoS Wrestling Preview & Fantasy Booking Experiment. Answers on a postcard, please…

Anyway, enough waffle from me, let’s get previewing!

Will Ospreay returns

I’m hoping that I’m some kind of clairvoyant genius and I’ve predicted what’s going to happen with Will Ospreay. Haven’t a clue what I’m on about? Click here to read what I wrote last week to catch up, while I concentrate on getting the lotto numbers for this week…

Will is back this week and is facing off against that dastardly cheating Martin Kirby. Will Joe Hendry get involved and cost Kirby the match? Could Ospreay once again have the kids in the audience wanting to wrestle like him while their parents say “no way!”.

In any event, I’m sure the match will be great, let’s hope we don’t have eight different camera cutaways while Ospreay is in full flight. Motion sickness isn’t a laughing matter

Kay Lee Ray Is A Fighting Champion –

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Not the kind of champion to rest on her laurels (Mr. Lesnar should take note here) Kay Lee Ray is back and puts her title on the line in her next WoS Wrestling contest.

No idea who it could be, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a one on one between herself and either Bea Priestley or Viper if that triple threat in episode two is to go by.

Or maybe there are more women in the roster that haven’t been announced yet? It doesn’t matter, so far WoS Wrestling is highlighting the women’s matches in the right way.

Crater’s Demolition Tour 2018 –

After completely (kayfabe style) demolishing Gabriel Kidd in last week’s episode, Crater will return to dismantle his next victim. Line up, line up, who wants to be next to get squashed by Crater and put him over as the biggest monster on the show (well apart from those damn editors that are)

As predicted, they’re making Crater look super strong. Let’s hope there’s a reason for this? Will he go for the championship around Rampage’s waist? Will he stand side by side with the champion? I’m not sure just yet but maybe some more seeds will be sown this week.

It’s now time….. It’s FANTASY BOOKING TIME!!!

Last week I spoke about how to best utilize Will Ospreay to help with TV ratings (insert link?). Today I’ll be talking about the WoS Tag Team Tournament.

It may just be me, but I don’t think that this tournament is as prestigious as it should be. I mean this whole tourney is to crown the first ever champs, but it feels like it’s coming off second and third best to the Crater and Rampage storylines and anything else.

Tag team wrestling isn’t very well highlighted at the moment. In the WWE the division is sometimes the flavor of the month, and in the indies, it seems that the Young Bucks have cornered the market.

So why aren’t WoS officials bucking that trend and pushing this to the top or very near top of the programming to stand out from the crowd?

Personally – and this is where my booking comes in – I would have made a big deal from the very first episode of the show. That the tournament would be over in two to three shows which then frees up the rest of the tv run to defend the titles and make switches etc.

At the moment the teams through are Adam Maxted & Nathan Cruz, Stevie Boy & BT Gunn, and Iestyn Rees & Kip Sabian, with two more teams to be announced and only the one semi-final slot left.

Considering that we don’t know the last two teams, I would put the belts on Sabian & Rees. They are very much in the Ziggler & McIntyre mold with Ress in the power McIntyre role and Sabian in the Ziggler cocky heel but can prove it in the ring role.

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Kip Sabian has a very big upside and has been touted as the next big thing in this country. Using him as a champion in WoS would be a feather in the cap for its officials. First major company (IPW withstanding) to show faith in him as the next big UK star.

Then with the remaining weeks of the show, showcase Kip to show the audience, and the world, how great your tag division is. Maybe have Ospreay tag with someone to REALLY get the best out of Sabian. A long long time ago Will and Kip tagged a little bit, so there’s ready-made history there for storyline purposes.

Basically, stop making the tag tournament (and the titles themselves) as an afterthought and push them to the moon. Show everyone that tag team wrestling is alive and well and is still a major part of pro wrestling/sports entertainment in this day and age…..

And that’s me done folks. My clairvoyant energy is depleted and I need to rest up…. Until I see you all with the review of Episode four anyway!

Again I’d like to thank all you readers for giving me the opportunity to do this, means a lot that the things I think about actually get read and talked about at water coolers around the world – well a man can dream right?!

To read Mark Blake’s week in review for this past week it is located here.


  1. “Or maybe there are more women in the roster that haven’t been announced yet?”

    There are two more women in WOS’s women’s “division”, making a grand total of five women. It’s less a division and more a small gathering. FTR, the two yet to be seen are Ayesha and Kasey Owens, so presumably one of them will be challenging KLR on this week’s episode.

    “It doesn’t matter, so far WoS Wrestling is highlighting the women’s matches in the right way.”

    The right way is just one match every other show? Well, if you don’t actually like women’s wrestling, I guess that statement might be true. Because right now, WOS is making the mid-90’s WWF look like a better place for women to wrestle!

    • First of all thank you for the feedback and comments, they’re always appreciated.

      It has been mentioned on an episode of WoS Wrestling that the female talent pool is a lot smaller than the men (both in the show and in the UK as a whole) and as such there would be less female wrestlers than the men as a result.

      Of course I would love to have seen a bigger roster but it looks like WoS Wrestling have had to “make do” with what they could.

      Again with the smaller roster, I would assume that you would have to make the women’s matches a special attraction otherwise the match ups would get stale super quick, even over a 10 episode run, hence why they’re not on every show. I would rather have a women’s match every other show than to overly bloat an episode to the point where you no longer care about it at all.

      But please remember that this is just my view and I thank you again for taking time out to leave your comments 😊

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