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Coming Up NXT with John Caul

Dinner Before War | Coming Up NXT for 11/25/20 | Preview

Between a clash of egos for the North American Championship, a battle between the entire women's division, a fight between kings and an era,...
Coming Up NXT with John Caul

Before We TakeOver | Coming Up NXT for 8/19/20 | Preview

?In a mere few days, we have taken NXT to another level. From Full Sail to the PC to the pending announcement of The...
Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair | The EST Even Before She Was In the E

Bianca Belair. While we typically journey into a WWE superstar's past before they come to the promotion, this week's reflection is slightly different. At...
#NEWS: Cody Rhodes releases Part 2 Releases Heartfelt Statement Before AEW: Dynamite

Cody Rhodes Releases Heartfelt Statement Before Dynamite

Yesterday Cody Rhodes releases posted a lengthy and heartfelt statement on Twitter. The AEW Executive Vice President spoke about being scared and nervous ahead...

#NEWS: New Champions Made Before Slammiversary

On the Friday evening at Bash at the Brewery, before IMPACT Wrestling was to have their Slammiversary PPV this Sunday, July 7th, new tag...
Scorpio Sky

Scorpio Sky – The Journey Before SCU

If anyone ever mentions the word California, my mind automatically wants to shout SCU. Part of that is down to one of the most...
NJPW Strong

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 9/17/22 – BULLET CLUB Goes To War!

Welcome back to the NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 9/17/22, your weekly breakdown of all the goings-on in the world of NJPW STRONG. Last week,...
Jarkaster Journey by DJ Jarka Wrestlebash Review Collision in Cuba

Empire State Wrestling’s Brawlfest 2022 | Jarkaster Journey

Hello, everyone; here is my blog on my time at Empire State Wrestling’s Brawlfest 2022 on Saturday, May 21, at Buffalo RiverWorks. I am...
CM Punk vs The Undertaker

CM Punk vs The Undertaker | WrestleMania REVISITED

The term 'main event' is an old-school combat sport reference, referring to the last match on a specific night's card. Typically, the main event...
Supercard of Honor

ROH Supercard of Honor

On Friday, April 1st, Ring of Honor Wrestling presents ROH Supercard of Honor. The event features six matches with several titles up for grabs....