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WWE Sunday Night RetroView with Marc Madison

WrestleMania 1 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On March 31st, 1985, the WWF presented the inaugural WrestleMania event, now known as WrestleMania 1. This was when the closed-circuit television was used...
Ernie Ladd

Ernie Ladd, Confidence Personified | Unsung Heroes

In the history of professional wrestling, there are thousands of competitors who came to the squared circle from other athletic backgrounds. For example, Kevin...
Wahoo McDaniel

Wahoo McDaniel | Celebrating Wrestling’s ‘Chief’

One of wrestling's legit toughest was Edward "Chief Wahoo" McDaniel. I can't find any evidence he was ever recognized as a Chief. But that...
Jerry Brown Remembering The Heavenly

Jerry Brown Remembering The Heavenly Hollywood Blonde

I was sad to learn about the passing of a good friend in wrestler Jerry Brown. Jerry was already famous as part of the...
Ric Drasin

Ric Drasin | Wrestling’s Renaissance Man

2020 remains a devastating year, losing so many wrestling brothers and sisters. We lost Ric Drasin on Sunday, August 30th (far too young like...
Bullet Bob Armstrong

Bullet Bob Armstrong | Remembering The James Family Patriarch

One of wrestling's most believable in-ring athletes and best promo stars for many decades, Bullet Bob Armstrong passed away yesterday far too young at...

Gordon Solie | ‘The Dean of Wrestling Announcers’

Gordon Solie called Wrestling's Walter Cronkite because of his distinguished, educative, superb on-air presence. He could relate to regular, every-folk still remains my benchmark....
Wrestling Radio Early Years

Wrestling Radio – The Early Years | Origins

Pro Wrestling Radio, or at least terrestrial radio shows dedicated primarily to wrestling, appears to have begun in the very early '70s. They all...
Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner | An Unlikely Wrestling Fan | Where Are They Now?

The late/great comic genius/actor/director Carl Reiner was an admitted pro-wrestling fan "since the fifties. I loved Gorgeous George but also guys like Buddy Rogers,...
Johnny "Mr. Wrestling II" Walker

Johnny “Mr Wrestling II” Walker | Celebrating His Life and Career

We had the honor of having Johnny "Mr Wrestling II" Walker attend two of our Cauliflower Alley Club Vegas events in the past decade....