WrestleMania 2 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On April 7th, 1986 the WWF presented WrestleMania 2. The event emanated from three different cities in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Vince McMahon welcomes everyone to WrestleMania from New York City.

He then introduces Susan St. James who will be his co-host for the evening. It is at this point that he then welcomes Ray Charles to sing ‘America the Beautiful.

After Ray Charles is finished, Mean Gene Okerlund is in Chicago, Illinois, and shares that there is an upcoming backstage interview.

We then hear from Rowdy Roddy Piper who shares his confidence in facing Mr. T in their upcoming boxing match on the evening. Lou Douva and Cowboy Bob Orton are in Piper’s corner. Piper said that if Mr. T can knock him out that he’d retire from boxing and wrestling.

WrestleMania 2
Magnificent Muraco with Mr. Fuji vs. ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff

Both competitors are in the ring for this match. Fans are clearly in the corner of Mr. Wonderful for this match. Before the match began we hear the threats and promises both men made before this matchup was underway.

As the bell rings both men exchange headlocks. We have Orndorff with the advantage early in this match. The two men lockup again. But Muraco forces Orndorff in the corner but Mr. Wonderful counters it.

Mr. Wonderful maintains an armbar and works on the arm and shoulder of Muraco. Both men are in the middle of the ring with Orndorff maintaining control. Despite Muraco’s best efforts, Mr. Wonderful maintains control.

Muraco eventually counters with a fireman’s carry takedown. He then drives a right hand and then drives Orndorff’s head into the corner. The two men are then tied up in the ropes and take the fight to the floor. The two men are counted out as the battled on the floor.

Winners: None – Double Countout

The referee has informed the two men that the match has resulted in a no contest as both men were counted out.

Mr. T with ‘Smokin’ Joe Frazier and the Haiti Kid in his corner share their strategy leading into the upcoming boxing match against Rowdy Roddy Piper. T was quick to share how he is prepared to get out there and end all the talking with Piper.

WrestleMania 2
WWF Intercontinental Championship
George ‘The Animal’ Steele vs. ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage (c) with Miss Elizabeth

Steele awaits the Macho Man who is led to the ring for Miss Elizabeth. Before the match begins, we hear Savage share what he plans to do to George Steele. Both men are set to come to blows but Steele forces Macho Man to the floor.

Savage is certainly trying to get under the skin of the fans. Steele once again chases him and forces Savage to the floor. This time, however, Steele followed Savage to the floor. He eventually catches Savage and begins to bite the ankle and calf of the champion.

The two men are now in the ring and Steele appears to have control early on, on Savage. But Steele is distracted by Miss Elizabeth at ringside. Savage attempts a crossbody but Steele kicks out.

Eventually, Savage makes his way back in the ring. Steele then throws Savage out to the floor. Savage crawls under the ring and comes in from the other side. He attempts a clothesline, but Steele begins to bite the bicep of Savage.

Savage then takes a bouquet of flowers and whips them at Steele’s face but that is short lived. Steele takes the same flowers and drives them in Savage’s face. George Steele then bites upon the turnbuckle.

He takes the stuffing and shoves it into the champions’ face. This forces Savage to leave the ring as the challenger is in hot pursuit.

But Steele is distracted and is hit from behind be the Macho Man. Savage then slams Steele in the ring. He then goes for the elbow drop from the top rope but Steele kicks out at two.

The Animal then whips Savage into the corner turnbuckle but Savage sweeps the legs and pins Steele while having his feet on the corner turnbuckle.

Winner: AND STILL WWF Intercontinental Champion, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

We then see replays of what took place and George Steele is in hot pursuit of the referee after the match.

Vince McMahon then shares that they are about to go to Chicago where Mean Gene Okerlund speaks with Atlanta Falcon’s Bill Fralic and Big John Studd. The two men exchange words leading into their upcoming inclusion in the Battle Royal.

Back in New York we see Vince McMahon speak with Susan St. James as he asks her if she likes ‘snakes’. This is all leading to a discussion of Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts upcoming match with George Wells.

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts vs. George Wells

Wells awaits Roberts in the ring as Jake makes his way to the ring. Roberts came to the ring with no music but a ton of security as they lead him to the ring.  Roberts places a python in the corner and goes right after Wells.

This causes the match to begin immediately. Wells and Roberts go at one another. Roberts follows Wells to the floor.

Both men make it back in the ring, and Wells hits a shoulder tackle on Roberts. Jake is reeling in this match. Wells whips Jake into the corner, follows up, and takes The Snake down.

George Wells doesn’t seem to let up on Roberts with a scoop slam. He then proceeds to chop Jake and then picks him up again. Wells then hits a knee lift on Roberts. He picks up Jake and then hits a power slam.

Wells follows up with a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Roberts recovers with a thumb to the eyes but it leads to Wells to follow Jake out of the ring.

He then catches Wells with a knee lift and hits the DDT. Roberts then makes the pinfall attempt for the three count and the win.

Winner: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

After the match, Jake brings out the snake and wraps it around George Wells in the ring.  Jake lays over top of George who is foaming at the mouth because of the snake being wrapped around him.

Roberts then pulls the snake off of him and taunts the crowd with him. Jake then holds the snake over near Wells before leaving the ring. We then see a replay of what happened.

Vince and Susan St. James shares the history between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Mr. T’s feud in a video that showed the sequence of events that led to this match.

After the match, Piper spits at Mr. T during an episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event. He then teases a fight, but this leads to Cowboy Bob Orton’s attack behind Mr. T.

Then we hear from Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura with WWF Champion, Hulk Hogan discussing this upcoming match between Hulk and King Kong Bundy in a Steel Cage in Los Angeles. Hogan shares that Piper much like Ventura always cut corners.

Howard Finkel shares the celebrities on hand. First up is Joan Rivers, the guest ring announcer. Rivers then introduces the guest judges of the event. First up is NBA great Darryl Dawkins.

Next up is musician Cab Calloway. The third judge is G. Gordon Liddy. The timekeeper for the bout is Herb. It is now time for the event consisting of a boxing match.

WrestleMania 2
10 Round-Boxing Match
‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper with Lou Duva & ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton vs. Mr. T with ‘Smokin’ Joe Frazier, John Connolly & Haiti Kid

Piper makes his way to the ring first followed by Mr. T. The referee goes through the rules with both men as Piper tries to get into the head of Mr. T.

The first round begins with Piper throwing the first few jabs as Mr. T has his hands up. T then throws punches to the midsection but Piper forces T to the ropes leading to the referee to break it up.

We then see Piper throw fists as the referee continues to separate them. Piper is then given a warning.

With less then two minutes in the round and T hits and moves as Piper attempts to throw wild punches. Mr. T has Piper resting against the ropes as the referee calls for a break.

After a couple of exchanges, the referee tries to separate the two fighters against the ropes. Both men are trying to gain control of the match as the first round ends. The two sides are still trying to pull both sides apart from one another.

Piper tries to get into Mr. T’s face as the two are supposed to be in a rest period.

The second round begins and as Piper comes in Mr. T is caught with excess grease on the face of Piper. The two come in together and T throws fists and hands his hands up to block but is takes Piper’s best and throws Piper around as the referee separates the two.

With T backed in the corner he is able to fight back and takes Piper’s lefts and rights. Piper then manages to knock Mr. T down with a minute left. But Piper has to be pulled off and wasn’t initially letting the referee to count.

T makes it up by the count of 8. The two comes together again as the round is drawing to a close. With T backed in the corner Piper throws another fist and then led to his own corner.

During the rest period, Bob Orton throws water into the corner of Mr. T. The third round begins and Piper is coming at Mr. T who comes back with fists of his own. The two are then back in the corner and Mr. T is throwing fists to the battered and beaten Piper.

Mr. T is relentless as Piper is knocked down. Piper makes the 10 count and the two come to one another again with a minute and half left in the round.

Both men battle and Mr. T throws a left that knocks Piper out of the ring. Orton is trying to help Piper back in the ring and to avoid the ten count. Roddy is back in with less then 30 seconds left in the round. Mr. T has the advantage of this round.

The round comes to an end and both men are brought back to their respective corners. During the break, Mr. T does the same thing to Piper that Piper did to him and came over and began to taunt him.

The round begins and Piper throw his stool at Mr. T. Both men stand in the center of the ring and neither goes down. Mr. T and Piper begin to throw fist after fit at one another. Piper is battered as the referee attempted to separate them.

Roddy then scooped up Mr. T and slammed him to the mat. Both corners got involved in separating both corners. Mr. T is declared the winner but that doesn’t stop Piper from getting at Mr. T

Winner: via disqualification Mr. T

The two sides are eventually pulled apart from one another. Piper is led to the back as the replay shows how the disqualification took place. Both McMahon and St. James recall what they recently saw took place.

It is at this point when Vince McMahon throws it over to Gorilla Monsoon who is in Chicago, Illinois from the Rosemont Horizon.

Gorilla Monsoon introduces Mean Gene Okerlund who shares that the upcoming 20 man Battle Royal which will involve both wrestlers and football players. Monsoon then introduces Cathy Lee Crosby who will be attending as well.

WWF Women’s Championship
Velvet McIntyre vs. The Fabulous Moolah ©

Both women were in the ring, with the women’s championship up for grabs. Moolah immediately gets a handful of hair on Velvet McIntyre repeatedly.

McIntyre then hits a couple of one-footed barefoot dropkicks on Moolah. Moolah then makes a pinfall on a miscue by McIntyre leading to a three count and the win.

Winner: AND STILL WWF Women’s Champion, The Fabulous Moolah

After the match, the commentary team of Crosby, Monsoon and Okerlund discuss the upcoming tag team championship match, the 20-man battle royal and more.

WrestleMania 2
Flag Match
Nikolai Volkoff with ‘Classie’ Freddie Blassie vs. Corporal Kirchner

Blassie and Volkoff are in the ring as the rules of the flag match are shared. Volkoff then begins to sing the Soviet national anthem much to the dismay of those in attendance. He is then interrupted by the entrance of Corporal Kirschner.

The bell rings and Nikolai gets the early advantage in the match. Kirchner is thrown to the floor and Volkoff proceeds to batter and beat down the Corporal on the floor. With Kirchner back in the ring, he proceeds to get the advantage on Volkoff.

The referee is then down, and both are beating on one another. Blassie attempts to help Volkoff by throwing his cane in the ring, but Corporal Kirchner intercepts it and knocks out Blassie with it. He then goes for the pinfall and makes the pin for the three-count and the win.

Winner: Corporal Kirchner

The replay the final moments of the match with Kirchner intercepting the cane and using it to get the advantage as the referee was recovering from being down. After the match, the Chicago portion of the main event of the evening is set to take place.

WrestleMania 2
20-Man Battle Royal
Jimbo Covert, Pedro Morales, Tony Atlas, Ted Arcidi, Harvey Martin, Dan Spivey, Hillbilly Jim, King Tonga, The Iron Sheik, Ernie, Holmes, The Killer Bees (B Brian Blair & Jumping Jim Brunzel), Big John Studd, Bill Fralic, The Hart Foundation (Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart & Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart), Russ Francis, Bruno Sammartino, William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry & Andre The Giant.

The battle royal was a unique inclusion of both wrestlers and football players. Ernie Ladd would join the commentary both along with Cathy Lee Crosby as well. King  Tong and Jimbo Covert were both eliminated leaving 18 men in the match.

Ernie Holmes is then eliminated from the match. We then see John Studd and Andre continuing to battle.

Then Jim Brunzel is elmiminated leaving B Brian Blair in the match for his team. We then see Tony Atlas eliminated by William Perry. Perry and Studd continue to battle in in a corner.

Studd pounds on Perry who wouldn’t allow to be eliminated. Pedro Morales and Harvey Martin are eliminated. Ted Arcidi is then tossed out. Then Dan Spivey is tossed out along with B Brian Blair and Hillbilly Jim.

Perry and Neidhart battle as Bill Fralic is tossed out by John Studd and The Sheik. The Iron Sheik then is tossed out by Bruno Sammartino. Seven men then remain until Bruno is eliminated.

Perry and Studd take their opposite sides leading to Studd being tossed over the top. This leads to Perry pulling John Studd over the top rope to the floor.

WrestleMania 2
[Photo: Twitter]
The Hart Foundation, Andre and Russ Francis are the final four remaining. A double dropkick by the Harts lead to Andre getting tied up in the ropes. They then eliminate Russ Francis. This leaves the Hart Foundation to work on Andre The Giant alone.

Andre is able to beat down both members of the Hart Foundation. The Giant picks up the Anvil who gets out after being hit with a big boot. He then throws Bret Hart to the floor onto the Anvil leaving Andre the winner.

Winner: Andre The Giant.

This leads to Vince McMahon & Susan St. James interviewing Roddy Piper who was discussing the events of his Boxing match against Mr. T.

He said he would have retired had he been beaten but he doesn’t and said he had to fight. Piper spoke of how they had to carry Mr. T out after their match.

We then go back to the Rosemont Horizon where Gene Okerlund interviews Chicago Bears, Jimbo Covert to discuss the 20 man battle royal. Covert felt like he was cheated and thought he could have done more.

The Iron Sheik then comes out to share that wrestlers are better than football players and it was proved tonight. Once again the share the events of the end of the 20 man battle royal with Andre eliminating Bret Hart to win the Battle Royal.

Another flashback shows William Perry being eliminated from the match. Cathy Lee Crosby and Gorilla Monsoon then shares the next match will be for the WWF tag team championship.

WrestleMania 2
WWF Tag Team Championship
The Dream Team © (Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine & Brutus Beefcake) with Lucious Johnny Valiant vs. The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & The Dynamite Kid) with Captain Lou Albano & Ozzy Osborne.

With the champions already in the ring, the challengers would come to the ring led by Captain Lou and Ozzy Osborne. Two referees were appointed to the match which wasn’t typical.

The bell sounds and Davey Boy Smith and Greg Valentine begin the match. Smith gains the early advantage on the Hammer in this match. The two then lock up and Valentine attempts to get the advantage but Smith regains control.

Smith then makes a tag to the Dynamite Kid and he ferociously comes at Valentine. The Dynamite Kid follows up with a snap suplex and makes a tag to Davey Boy Smith.

Valentine blocks a couple of vertical suplex on Smith but eventually must succumb to a high vertical suplex. Greg Valentine eventually goes to the floor to recover and break Smith’s momentum as pointed out by Gorilla Monsoon.

The Hammer gains the advantage and works over Smith. He then tas in Beefcake and works over Davey Boy Smith. Beefcake has an armbar but eventually is caught with a press slam.

Dynamite is then gagged in and he is ferociously on Beefcake. This leads to another tag to Smith. Davey Boy hits a fisherman suplex with a cover but only for a count of two.

Greg Valentine is then tagged in and he drops a hammer onto Davey Boy Smith. Valentine follows up with a vertical suplex on Smith and follows up with a rear chinlock.

Dynamite is tagged in and he and Valentine go at one another chop after chop after fist. The Dynamite Kid then attempts a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Smith is tagged in and both of the Bulldogs take down Valentine.

Beefcake comes in after the referee is distracted and gives his team a momentary advantage. Dynamite hits a sunset flip and makes a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two.

The Dynamite Kid then drives a knee into the head of Valentine. Greg Valentine then hits a modified piledriver on the Kid. He follows this up with a series of pinfall attempts but only for a count of two.

Valentine telegraphs one attempt and then climbs the top turnbuckle, only for Dynamite to superplex him off the top rope. Valentine then beats down Dynamite, but Smith is tagged in, and he hits his running power slam.

As he attempts a pinfall attempt he only gets a count of two. Valentine beats down Davey Boy Smith and then makes a tag to Brutus Beefcake.

Both members of the dream team work over the left arm and shoulder of Davey Boy Smith. As Valentine comes in he drops an elbow onto the shoulder of Davey Boy Smith. He then stops his own pinfall attempt by lifting the head of Smith.

Then Dynamite is standing perched on the second rope and as Greg Valentine attempts to make a tag to Brutus Beefcake, Davey Boy Smith whips Valentine into the head of the waiting Dynamite Kid in the corner.

The headbutt knocks Valentine down. Smith then proceeds to cover him for the 1..2..3!

Winners: AND NEW WWF Tag Team Champions, The British Bulldogs

It was an absolute shock in how it happened and how quickly it came about. After the match, Ozzy and Captain Lou are holding the titles as Davey Boy Smith is down on the mat attempting to recover.

Smith then begins to help Dynamite Kid up on the floor and slowly into the ring. Mean Gene Okerlund then interviews the Bulldogs, Captain Lou, Ozzy Osborne after the match.

This was the final match from Chicago this evening. They then replayed the match, and the surprising end led to this result.

Back in New York we see Vince McMahon and Susan St. James sharing what is set to take place shortly. The early predictions of who will win for St. James lead her to say Hulk despite Bobby Heenan being at ringside. Will it be Hulk or King Kong Bundy?

Then we see Elvira, Lord Alfred Hayes and Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura in Los Angeles sharing what is set to take place there. As this trio shares what is set to take place Hercules Hernandez is in the ring awaiting his opponent.

WrestleMania 2
Hercules Hernandez vs. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat

Both men are announced as they were in the ring. The match begins almost immediately with Hernandez jumps Ricky Steamboat. Steamboat recovers and hits a series of martial arts thursts and then arm drags on Hernandez.

The Dragon works over the left arm and shoulder of Hercules as he has the advantage. Steamboat then hits a thrust kick on Hernandez taking him down.

He once again regains control with another arm drag takedown and maintains control on the mat. Both men make their way to the center of the ring and Hernandez then regains control on the Dragon even if it is temporarily.

But at the Dragon recovers and hits a suplex on Hercules in the middle of the ring. This leads to Steamboat to once again have an armbar on Hernandez but its short-lived.

Hercules throws forearms and boots at the Dragon who is on the mat resting across the bottom rope. Hernandez then catches Steamboat and drops him face-first across the top rope. Steamboat is trying to fight back.

He throws a couple of chops, but Hernandez stops the attack. Steamboat is on rubbery legs and crumbles in the corner. Hernandez picks up Steamboat’s head and drives it into the turnbuckle.

A back elbow followed by consecutive elbow drops on Steamboat. He then proceeds to try and cover him but only for a count of two. Steamboat gets to his feet and throws a series of chops but Hernandez stops it.

He tried a pinfall attempt on Steamboat but only for a count of two. Hercules then hits a Gorilla Press slam on consecutive occasions.

Steamboat is struggling to regain himself. That was until Hercules attempts a splash from the top rope but Steamboat got his knees up.

This gave The Dragon the chance to make his way to the top rope and hit a flying crossbody on Hercules Hernandez. This resulted in a pinfall and a three count.

Winner: Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat

After the match, Hercules is arguing the pinfall attempt and final decision.

WrestleMania 2
‘Adorable’ Adrian Adonis with Jimmy The Mouth of the South Hart vs. Uncle Elmer

Adonis and Hart make their way to the ring first. They are followed by Uncle Elmer next. Elmer takes in the cheers by those in attendance.

Both men are equally matched in size but Elmer has the height advantage, Elmer is mocking Adonis prior to the match. Elmer gets the advantage as he gets ahold of Adonis before the bell rings.

We then see Elmer throw fists at Adonis causing him to fall all over the ring landing on the floor! Hart is trying to help Adrian Adonis regain his composure.

Adonis is struggling to make his way back in the ring. But Elmer tears at the shirt of Adonis hits him with his tummy causing him to fall backwards into the ropes getting caught up.

The Adorable one manages to get a left cross in and into the face of Uncle Elmer. Adonis is whipped into the corner turnbuckle and hit but misses a leg drop on the Adorable one.

Adrian then hits a diving headbutt from the top rope on Elmer. He makes the pinfall for the three count and the win.

Winner: ‘Adorable’ Adrian Adonis

After the match, Adonis kicks Elmer, adding insult to injury, as they say. Both competitors make their way to the back after the match.

Lord Alfred Hayes then interviews Hulk Hogan ahead of his WWF Championship match against King Kong Bundy. Hogan assures everyone that he will climb out of the match the same way he climbed in as the WWF Champion.

Back from this interview shows the Funks in the ring with Jimmy Hart.

WrestleMania 2
Terry & Hoss with Jimmy Hart vs. Tito Santana & The Junk Yard Dog

Upon the arrival of the JYD and Santana the duo make their way over to the Funk’s looking to get the match started. Hoss is trying to get Terry under control before the match starts. JYD and Hoss enter, the match started.

Early in the match, JYD slams both Funk brothers. This brings Tito into the ring, going after Terry in the process. With both Funk’s on the floor at ringside, they appear to have lost their cool. Hoss attempts to get the attention of Santana.

This leads to JYD tagging in Tito and Hoss tagging in Terry. With both Terry and Tito in the ring, the two jockey for position leading to a clothesline by Tito knocking Terry over the top rope to the floor. He then takes out Hoss Funk shortly after.

Both brothers are attempting to regain their composure. Terry wants JYD to come in the ring and the two exchange fists. The Junk Yard Dog repeatedly drives Terry’s head into the corner turnbuckle. He does this from turnbuckle to turnbuckle.

Funk is then thrown over the top rope to the floor by JYD. Terry makes his way back into the ring and tags in Hoss. Hoss is brought over to the babyface’s corner. Tito is tagged in and is caught with a series of European uppercuts.

Santana hits his flying forearm, but Terry breaks up the pinning attempt. Hoss and Tito are caught kriss crossing the ring leading to Terry Funk beating d own Tito. A battered Tito is being worked over by both Funk brothers.

Jimmy Hart is using his megaphone to antagonize Tito at ringside and follows up with boots on him on the outside as well. Terry Funk goes for a pinfall attempt on Tito but only for a count of two.

Funk attempts a second suplex but Tito reverses it and hits Terry with one himself. The two men knock heads but Terry manages to tag in Hoss Funk. A double underhook suplex by Hoss is followed by a pinfall attempt, but only for a count of two.

Hoss hits another European uppercut as well on Tito. He then tags in Terry, who works him over. Terry goes for a pinfall attempt but only gets a count of two. He then attempts a leg drop, but Tito moves in the process.

Tito continues to fight, but Terry Funk stops it with a headbutt. Eventually, Tito gets away and tags in JYD with the hot tag. The Junk Tark Dog takes out both Funks. A clothesline by Terry Funk is followed by knocking Hoss to the floor.

The referee is counting JYD and the Funks out of the ring. That was until both Terry and the Junk Yard Dog make their way in the ring. Jimmy Hart is then taken out of match.

All four men get in the ring again but the referee is preoccupied with Tito and doesn’t see Terry Funk knock out the Junk Yard Dog with the megaphone. The referee doesn’t see but makes the pinfall attempt for a count of three and the win.

Winners: Terry & Hoss Funk.

After the match, Tito Santana is there to console the Junk Yard Dog after the match. We then see a replay with Terry Funk catching the megaphone thrown to him by Jimmy Hart and the rest is academic.

We then see the cage being brought to the ring and being assembled. Jesse Ventura then shares how this match all came about with Mean Gene Okerlund is in Hulk Hogan’s gym as he is training with Hillbilly Jim by his side.

We then see the attack from behind on Hogan by King Kong Bundy who charges at Hogan who is being held in the corner by the Magnificent Muraco. Bundy then hits a splash atop of Hogan.

Bundy hits two splashes onto Hogan who is lying motionless in the ring. Okerlund interviews the Dr with Hogan to test out how strong Hulk’s back, chest and ribs are at this time.

Bobby Heenan is then with King Kong Bundy as Jesse Ventura speaks with them both. Bundy shares that he will put Hogan in the hospital once again. Heenan then shares that Bundy will be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Elvira. Mistress of the Dark then shares that they will be going back to New York to Vince McMahon and Susan St. James who said Bundy-mania will never happen. Jesse, Lord Alfred and Elvira take over the commentary for the main event of the evening.

WrestleMania 2
WWF World Heavyweight Championship
Hulk Hogan © vs. King Kong Bundy with Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan.

Before the match, Tommy Lasorda is announced as the guest ring announcer. He introduces Ricky Schroder as the guest time keeper and the referee Robert Conrad. Lasorda then goes over the rules of the match.

Bundy and Heenan make their way to the ring first to a chorus of boos from those in attendance.

He is followed by the champion, Hulk Hogan much to the delight of those in attendance. Hogan arrives at the ring, shakes the cage and proceeds to climb it looking down at Bundy in the process.

The bell rings as both Hogan and Bundy circle one another. They lock up and immediately exchange lefts and rights with one another. Hogan then hits a big boot on Bundy and then uses King Kong Bundy’s tights to choke him early on.

Hulk hits a series of chops on Bundy. Hogan then throws a series of fists on the challenger. Bundy regains control throwing fists to the ribs of the champion. The challenger stalks the champion.

He then scoops him up and slams him in the middle of the mat. Bundy then presses his foot across the head of Hogan but Hulk stops him. Bundy attempts a second time to climb out of the cage but Hogan stops him.

King Kong Bundy then tears off the wrap around the ribs of Hogan. He then uses it to choke him in the process. Bundy then ties the wrap around the ropes and proceeds to leave the cage.

But Hogan stops him pulling on his eyes and brings him back into the ring. Hogan then hits a running back elbow on Bundy. Hogan then throws a right hand followed by running his head into the cage.

Bundy is then bleeding because of the toss into the cage. Hogan then rakes the chest and back of Bundy. Hogan whips the challenger face-first into the cage. Hulk then stands atop of the top rope and rests his foot across the throat of Bundy.

WrestleMania 2
[Photo: Twitter/Suchate Maduhar]
Hogan attempts to slam the challenger but falls back onto the mat with Bundy ontop of him. The challenger tries to make his way to the cage. But Hogan comes back and chokes Bundy in the process.

The challenger rakes the eyes of Hogan and then gets whipped into the corner. He is then hit with an avalanche in the corner and then a splash in the middle of the ring.

Hogan then crawls and pulls on the leg of Bundy, who is trying to escape. Both men are then in the ring with Hogan attempting to et fired up. He is hit with another avalanche, and nothing.

Hogan then hits a slam and a leg drop on the challenger. Hogan then proceeds to climb the cage, but Bundy stops him. He then knocks Bundy down. Heenan tries to stop Hogan and he makes it out of the ring first.

Winner: AND STILL WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan.

After the match, Hogan proceeds to go back in the cage with Heenan. Heenan is then tossed into the cage by the champion. An atomic drop is hit and Heenan then ends up out of the cage.