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The Riddle and Thatcher Pit Fight

The Riddle and Thatcher Pit Fight Match Thoughts

Pausing the great "pit" fight match with Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher last Wednesday on NXT, I had to laugh when the announcers continually...
Tales and Lineage of The Black Glove

Tales and Lineage of The Black Glove

Tales and Lineage of The Black Glove On May 27th, 2021, All Elite Wrestling posted a video on Twitter featuring a promo from Tully Blanchard...
Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson In Talks For MLW Match?

In a video posted to his Instagram earlier today, Mike Tyson appeared to be in training for ring action again. In the video, the...
Chris Colt

Chris Colt: The Life and Legacy

The CTV affiliate here in Montréal had a fantastic track record for broadcasting wrestling shows every Saturday at high noon. According to many an...

The Fabulous Moolah at Madison Square Garden in the 1970s

Mary Lillian Ellison, far better known by her ring name, The Fabulous Moolah, spent much of her career as the perennial Undisputed Women’s World...
Herb Abrams

Herb Abrams: The Ill Fated Odyssey of the UWF | Circus Minimus

Herb Abrams. The year is 1990, and if we are examining the landscape of professional wrestling in North America. Bob Dylan sang a quarter-century...

#Preview: WWE Presents Survivor Series 2019

Mark: It's the final Big 5 WWE PPV of the year! And for this man, it gives me a real old-school feels... It's Survivor...

Wrestling Legend Tito Santana Joins 350 Days Producers for TV Show

David Fredrick and Stephen Faust of the “Official Tito Santana Group, Arriba!” on Facebook “gets it.” Tito Santana is a legend deserving of not...

Random Thoughts on Way Too Much Wrestling

Well, the big week has ended. AEW’s TNT debut. Smackdown on Fox. Kofimania’s end. And both Cain Velazquez’s and Seth vs. Fiend’s WWE debuts....

Clash of Champions 2019 | #Preview

On Sunday, September 15th, WWE presents its annual Clash of Champions pay per view. What was once a World Championship Wrestling original event has...