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Bar Wrestling 30 & 31 Threes Company

Bar Wrestling 30 & 31 Threes Company (Part One) | Preview

If Bar Wrestling shows weren’t exciting enough, they’ve only decided to put on a two-day night. Bar Wrestling presents 30 & 31...

Smash Wrestling Presents Any Given Sunday 7 | Preview

On Sunday, January 27th, Smash Wrestling presents Any Given Sunday 7 where the best the promotion has to offer come out in...

#Preview: PCW ULTRA Presents A2K19

9Anyone in the vicinity of Wilmington, California on January 18, 2019 would be hard pressed to find anything better to do with their Friday...

Without A Cause Presents: Volume 3: New Year, Who Dis?

How exciting! January 13th, isn’t that far away and we get to attend the third instalment of Without A Cause, Who Dis? For the...

10 PNW Talents To Watch in 2019

The Pacific Northwest (PNW) has traditionally been a black whole of professional wrestling. Until recently there were few promotions that garnered little...
Bar Wrestling As You Wish

Bar Wrestling As You Wish | Review

If any of you read my previews for Bar Wrestling, you would have seen my preview for their show As You Wish...
Bar Wrestling You Wish

Bar Wrestling Present As You Wish | Preview

Everyone’s favorite Dick Wrestler Joey Ryan’s promotion Bar Wrestling is back for another show on Wednesday 28th November at the Bootleg Theater in Los...
Preview: Without A Cause A Seat At the Table (10/21/18) Without A Cause debuts in Everett

#Preview: Without A Cause – A Seat At the Table (10/21/18)

On Sunday, October 21st, 2018 Without A Cause presents their inaugural show, A Seat At The Table. Taking place in Everett, Washington. It is...
Dr. Tom Prichard

Dr. Tom Prichard talks wrestling & Vince McMahon

Former WWE superstar and trainer, Dr. Tom Prichard recently took some time to participate in an interview. Prichard reveals his past training under The...