#Preview: PCW ULTRA Presents A2K19

9Anyone in the vicinity of Wilmington, California on January 18, 2019 would be hard pressed to find anything better to do with their Friday evening than to attend PCW Ultra A2K19 show. With three championships in contention and some of the best talent working in the industry today, this card is constructed with the specific purpose of being unmissable! If you haven’t already purchased your ticket, I wouldn’t waste another second and good luck!

Special Challenge Match
Sam Adonis vs. Garza Jr.


Making his way north is Sam Adonis! This is a man who needs little introduction. He’s a regular at CMLL, but many of us know him from his work in Japan and in the WWE development league, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). Few people are able to earn the audience’s ire better than Mr. Adonis. He’s been in the business a while and there is little doubt he knows how to put on a good show.

Facing Sam Adonis is Garza Jr. This young man from Mexico was once a masked luchador but shed his mask in 2012. He’s worked with Lucha Libre AAA and we’ve seen his work on Impact. Most recently he was signed by the WWE however he has yet to make his ring debut. I’m guessing once he does, we’re unlikely to see much of Garza Jr. on the indie scene. This may be one of your last chances to see this talented young man perform live on the independent circuit.

Match Contended Under Watts Rules
Michael Marshall vs. Sinn Bodhi


In this match we have two impressive men facing off. First, we have Michael Marshall, we’ve seen him at Ring of Honor, Impact and NXT. This man has worked with the best in the business for well over a decade and more than proven himself to be an impressive talent. This man has held multiple championships over the years and is the current MFPW Heavyweight Champion.

Facing Mr. Marshall on January 18th is none other than Sinn Bodhi! This frightful Canadian is know by many for his stint in WWE as Kizarny. Since hitting the Indie circuit we’ve seen him at Chikara, Freakshow Wrestling and WCWC just to name a few. This man has held many championships in his two decades as a wrestler, he currently shares his DWO Tag Team Championship with partner Hobo Hank. With two such distinguished professionals in the ring, this is no doubt going to be one of the best matches of the evening!

Tag Match
Worldwide Underground vs. Lucha Brothers
PJ Black & Johnny Ultra vs. Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero M


We have a tag team match between four pro-wrestling luminaries. PJ Black has been around the block more than once in the world of professional wrestling. He has worked for the WWE and we’ve seen him at ROH, Bar Wrestling and Lucha Underground among many others. If you don’t know who this man is, you must be new to wrestling! PJ is teaming up with our favorite “Survivor” Johnny Ultra! These two men are juggernauts of the pro-wrestling world. Whoever brought these two men together to form Worldwide Underground is a genius. This is a good thing considering who they’re facing at A2K19.

Facing PJ Black and Johnny Ultra are none other than the world famous Lucha Brothers. Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero M are perhaps one of the greatest tag teams working in the business today. Rey Fenix is coming off an injury and no doubt eager to get back in the ring. There is little doubt the Lucha Brothers are going into this ready to remind everyone how truly great they are.

In a match like this where every one of the performers is not only great, but collectively possess over sixty years of ring experience… you can count on this to be an incredible thing to witness. 

Ultra Tag Team Championship Match
Warbeast vs. Death Machines
Jacob Fatu and Josef vs. Sammi Calihan and Sawyer Fulton


Last month Warbeast retained their Ultra Tag Team Championship against Boarder Patrol. Now Jacob Fatu and Josef face the Death Machines! Sammi Calihan and Sawyer Fulton are no joke! These two men individually are highly impressive and putting them together makes them a terrifying combination.

Will Jacob Fatu and Josef retain? Every champion will fall eventually. They’ve held the PCW Ultra Tag Team Championship for two years! This is an incredible feat, one they should be proud of. Will Death Machines be the team who wrests the championship from Warbeast? It seems there is a very good chance. Either way, we will either see new champions or we will see a tag team retain and start their third year as the PCW Ultra Tag Champions.

Ultralight Championship Match
Jake Atlas vs. Eli Everfly vs. Fidel Bravo vs. The Oracle


A four-way Ultralight Championship Match? Don’t threaten me with a good time! Jake Atlas is on the rise. As he perfects his craft, more people are learning who this man is and what he’s capable of. The same can be said for the next competitor Eli Everfly. This gentleman has made a name for himself as a member of the tag team Doomfly. He, like Mr. Atlas, has been flirting with the WWE. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both of these men going as far in this business as they aspire.

The third competitor for the Ultralight Championship is Fidel Bravo. With over a decade in the business we’ve seen Mr. Bravo on the WWE, EWF and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. This man is no joke and it would be a mistake to count him out as a serious contender for the championship.

The fourth competitor in this match is The Oracle. This masked luchador recently made his PCW Ultra debut a couple months ago. He’s made a big splash and on January 18, he’s going to make a play for the Ultralight Championship.

Each of these men could take the title. When four people end up in the ring there is always chaos and it’s hard to predict what might come out of that kind of mayhem. One way or the other this will be anything but dull and in about a week we’ll have a new PCW Ultralight Champion!

Ultrawoman Championship Match
Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie


These women faced one another a few weeks ago at Impact. In that match Taya Valkyrie walked away with the Impact Knockouts Championship! It would seem Taya has decided to come after Tessa Blanchard’s other Championship at PCW.

Taya has proven herself to be a fierce and tenacious competitor. But one should never count Tessa Blanchard out. Both women are among the best professional wrestlers working in the business today and the world has finally figured this out. They are popping up everywhere, a fact that has stoked the embers of fandom to the point both are on fire and beloved by fans.

Has Tessa learned from her last encounter with Taya? Will she retain, or will Taya bring Ms. Blanchard down once again, claiming the PCW Ultrawoman Championship for her trophy case? On January 18 we’ll see if Tessa Blanchard can stop Taya’s momentum. You aren’t going to want to miss this one!

Ultra Championship
Shane Strickland vs. Brian Cage


These two men have competed before. When they faced one another this last summer at DEFY in Seattle, it was a brutal competition, so much so, the ring had to be readjusted following the match. There isn’t any doubt this is going to be one of hardest hitting, nail-biting entries on the card!

Brian Cage is coming in as a last-minute replacement for Matt Sydal, who is recovering from a knee injury. There are few pros in the wrestling world well suited to fill Matt Sydal’s shoes. Brian Cage is a machine. A stacked pile of muscles held together with bits of sinew. He isn’t just strong, he is also a cunning competitor and a serious threat to anyone holding a championship. Brian currently hold three Championship belts and has held well over twenty titles in his career. Will he add the PCW Ultra Championship to his collection?

Not if Shane Strickland has anything to say about it. Shane has faced Brian multiple times before and they have both won and lost against one another more than once. Mr. Strickland may be the smaller of the two but what he lacks in strength over his opponent, he more than makes up for in speed and agility. It’s impossible to say one has an edge over the other. Where one excels the other makes up for in other ways. Do you know what that means? This is a perfect storm and it will be one hell of a storm to watch!