Bar Wrestling As You Wish | Review

If any of you read my previews for Bar Wrestling, you would have seen my preview for their show As You Wish on November 28th and how excited I was to watch it. Fast forward a few weeks and I finally got a chance to sit down and watch the whole show and I need to tell you, I definitely wasn’t disappointed! All of the matches lived p to my expectations and I loved the variety of matches from tag team, singles, and intergender. This show literally had everything so here’s my match by match review of As You Wish and I hope it encourages you to give it a watch!

Bar Wrestling Presents As You Wish

DoomFly v Worldwide Underground

Winners: Worldwide Underground

Starting the show with DoomFly v Worldwide Underground was a great way to kick this show off. It was clear from the start who the crowd favourites were, i mean DoomFly are SoCal through and through. What was especially big about this match was that it was straight after Eli Everfly’s win on SmackDown Live against the Miz and Shane McMahon (which played into the match). Anyway, the start of the match saw Everfly’s and PJ Black square off in the ring and it was clear from the start that there was a distinct size and strength advantage. But, with the guts and spirit of Eli, he wasn’t going to let that get to him so even with the clash of agility being stopped by Black’s strength. He used his speed and countered the strength with a good ol’ hurricanrana!

There was also a similar clash of styles and personalities with Delilah Doom and Taya Valkyrie but Doom’s passion and heart countered Valkyrie’s mean streak and strength. This continued during the match where we saw DoomFly having to use their small size, quick speed and agility to counter Worldwide Underground. The tide turned in DoomFly’s advantage after some taunting went on and Black did a skull-crushing finale on Everyfly and Valkyrie drop kicked him in the corner claiming it was for the Miz.

All this seemed to do was fire the duo up and event their tag team victory with some high-flying tandem offence including dives, 619’s and submissions. Even though the win went to Worldwide Underground in the end after a hell of a match and even though it seemed predictable, in the last portion of the match, it seemed to be DoomFly with the advantage and it could have gone any way.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Bar Wrestling Presents As You Wish

LuchaSaurus v Killer Kross

Winner: Killer Kross

After an initial belief that this match was going to be a test of strength and that Killer Kross could be a force to reckon with, the match turned out … not to be a squash match… just very short. It started in exactly the way i thought, two powerhouse wrestlers battling off in a strength war with LuchaSaurus having the advantage with his agility. However, into the match, out are Scarlett Bordeaux tying to distract LuchaSaurus before hitting him over the head with a bucket which led him to tap out to a Kross submission. I was quite annoyed that it ended like this because it had the ability to be an amazing match -let’s just hope we get a rematch soon with it any interference.

Bar Wrestling Presents As You Wish

Scorpio Sky and Watts (Wakanda Vice) v PPRay

Winners: Wakanda Vice #WakandaForever

What good match doesn’t start off with a bit of a test of strength by having a muscle and peck off? Well this one did, and I love how the commentator’s called it male bonding! This match was one of the one’s I was looking forward to the most when I wrote the preview and it didn’t disappoint me! After the tomfoolery at the start, we got some nice standing wrist lock trades between Peter Avalon and Scorpio Sky which sent the crowd wild which was then followed by some of that agility we love from both competitors! However, when Watts gets into the ring with Ray Rosas, you can see the obvious size (6ft 6) and strength advantage which Rosas thought he could rival… which didn’t really work in his favour, I mean those chops echoed throughout the venue.

What was great about this match was that, even with all the proper wrestling, all the guys knew had to have fun with the crowd and with each other to make the match fun to watch like PPRay trying to match Watt’s strength and some wiener gyrating. Although Watts and Sky won, even with their clash of styles, you cannot praise PPRay’s perfect tag team chemistry enough and I agreed with the commentators who said that, if Bar had tag team titles, Avalon and Rosas would be top picks. I couldn’t have picked a winner, even during the match, and it all seemed to come down to Wakanda Vice taking advantage of the situation and getting that win together (even with their lack of tag team history). However, all 4 guys put on an amazing match and those ‘This is Awesome’ chants were well deserved.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Bar Wrestling Presents As You Wish

Heather Monroe v Tyler Bateman

Winner: Heather Monroe

There’s nothing I love more than a good inter-gender match and especially one like this because we don’t see many like this anymore, especially a match with this big a clash of styles and personalities. Monroe started the match by trying avoid the match but, after some encouragement by Bateman, she got that belief back and started the match, even if the crowd thought she messed up by trying to kick Bateman whilst they were shaking hands. It was clear from the start that Bateman had the height and size advantage but, with the support of the crowd #EqualRights, Monroe got her winds back and showed Tyler that he shouldn’t have taken her so lightly.

That’s not to say that Heather didn’t take a beating from those chops, those knees and that powerslam onto the ring apron. it just showed her heart by the fact that she fought back and didn’t stay down. She instead used her speed, agility and passion to get back into the fight with her own chops, kicks and lucha libre offence. That low blow combined with the Michinoku driver was all she needed to secure the win and no-one can ever say that Monroe didn’t put her heart and soul into that match and she thoroughly deserved that win!

Bar Wrestling Presents As You Wish

D-Lo Brown & Willie Mack v The RockNES Monsters

Winners: D-Lo Brown & Willie Mack

With this first time pairing of D-Lo Brown and Willie Mack, you could see from the get go that the size and strength advantage had to go to these guys even though RockNES Monsters had the tag team experience. Although both crazy strong, there agility and speed aren’t normal for two guys of their size which meant that RockNES were subjected to body slams and forearms galore. However, that doesn’t mean that this was a straight squash match because, like I said before, the tag team experience of these guys made for some quick, secret tags as well as some amazing tandem offense and there small size helped their speed and agility to move and counter Brown and Mack’s moves.

We even saw Kevin Martenson (RockNES) manage to suplex Mack which, even though he’s the bigger of the two, wouldn’t be an easy thing to do which shows the versatility of both teams to adapt to their opponents. At the end of it all, after some Godfather trbutes, Brown and Mack won after Mack did a beautiful frog splash off the top rope to get the 1, 2, 3. This match was so good just down to the mix of comedy and pure versatility in the wrestling!

Brody King v Brian Cage

Winner: Brian Cage

It was then onto the main event with a clash of the titans between Brody King and Brian Cage – two mountains of men who had the crowd support split throughout in this first-time singles match. You could see that it was a massive clash of styles from the start and it’s crazy to see someone actually tower over Cage in terms of height and it’s crazy to see someone match Cage’s strength hold to hold, even though seeing Cage toss King across the ring like a bag of potato’s is something to behold.

Initially I thought Cage had the advantage with his agility but King has had some experience with Lucha Libre and had to bring it out to match those skills of Cage, I mean the top rope should never see men of these size on them. It was one of those matches where I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and I just didn’t know who was actually going to win. In the end, after a brutal match full of chops, kicks and suplexes, I think the experience of Cage and the fact that he’s half heavyweight half cruiserweight that got him the win at the end of an amazing match!

I mean if these match reviews don’t make you want to go and watch some Bar Wrestling, then something is definitely wrong with you. There isn’t even an excuse because there are so many ways to watch Bar from to sites like PowerSlamTV! So, if you have a few weeks off for the holidays, why not try something new and watch some good ol’ fashion SoCal wrestling!