Bar Wrestling Present As You Wish | Preview

Everyone’s favorite Dick Wrestler Joey Ryan’s promotion Bar Wrestling is back for another show on Wednesday 28th November at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles as they present As You Wish. Like always, I’m here with a preview of the show where I’m going to look at all the matches that have been announced. Just a note, these matches are just the ones that have been announced and there will probably be more matches on the day itself!

‪Bar Wrestling Present As You Wish

Brian Cage vs. Brody King

After not being able to be involved in the last bar show, the big and powerful Brian Cage is back and wrestling against the equally strong Brody King! I don’t think I’ve ever seen these two have a match before so it’ll be exciting for me to watch this on-demand (the downfalls of not living in America). I mean it’s obviously a match I don’t want to or can’t predict because I always find it hard with two big men who could probably beat the hell out of each other… all I can say is that it’s going to be hard-hitting and brutal which I can’t complain about.

‪Bar Wrestling Present As You Wish

Worldwide Underground vs. DoomFly

Yay, an intergender tag match! You probably know from my other post that I think DoomFly is an uber adorable team and I’m excited again to see them team together with all their cuteness and talent. But I’m also so excited to see their opponents Worldwide Underground because, even though I don’t know much about Taya, I’ve always loved PJ Black’s stuff from when he was in WWE to his independent stuff all around the world. This is going to be another battle of personalities so it’s going to be fun to see how the two teams respond to each other and the dynamic between the 4 of them! I also am excited to see whether they stick to traditional mixed tag rules or just go full-on intergender (which is what I love).

LuchaSaurus vs. Killer Kross

LuchaSaurus still scares the living daylight out of me but I don’t really know what to say about his opponent Killer Kross because I don’t really know much about him. From the looks of him, it’s going to be a brutal match with two very big men and the winner will probably be decided by who gets the upper hand early in the match! I mean I couldn’t pick a winner but I wouldn’t want to pick a fight with either of them.

RockNES Monsters vs. Willie Mack & D’Lo Brown

My boys RockNES Monsters are back and this time they’re fighting the veteran D’Lo Brown and the charismatic Willie Mack (who you might know as the guy replaced Brian Cage in the last Bar show). I don’t really know how the team of Mack and Brown is going to work but both men are really talented singles competitors so, as long as they get on the same page, they should be great opponents for the experienced tag team of RockNES Monsters. Like I said in the last preview, RockNES really excites me and I love everything about them from their persona to how they fight in the ring and their chemistry. I’d like to think that tag team experience can triumph but Brown and Mack are two big and strong men so it’s anybody’s game!

Bar Wrestling Present As You Wish

Heather Monroe vs. Tyler Bateman

Another intergender match on this card, yes, please! Another clash with two people with completely different personas and styles, yes, please! I mean what is there not to like about this match! Tyler Bateman is a really unique character and, for someone like me, it’s so intriguing seeing this sadistic, dark and quite tortured soul trying to prove a point every time he gets into the ring with his strong style. Then you’ve got Heather Monroe with her bright blonde hair, sparkly gear but still very sassy attitude and a good depth of different wrestling style offense. Both have very interesting styles and it’s always fun in an intergender match to see the dynamic especially with two very different athletes with the same desire to be the best.

Bar Wrestling Present As You Wish

PPRay vs. Scorpio Sky & Watts

I always find it weird seeing Scorpio Sky teaming up with anyone who isn’t the rest of SCU but he is one of my favorite wrestlers and I know that whatever match he’s in is going to be amazing. Teaming with Eric Watts, who I’ve seen him wrestle single matches with, it’s going to be great to see the dynamic change when they suddenly have to team together. Put these two against the charismatic team of PPRay (Ray Rosas and Peter Avalon) and you’re bound to have a proper, solid tag team match!

I mean it’s easy to say that PPRay has the advantage of being a full-time tag team with their high flying, combo offense. However, I wouldn’t count out Sky and Watt because having fought each other before can make for a really good team. Sometimes the best teams are the ones who’ve had rivalries because they know each other’s moves so well and it also helps that both guys are freakishly athletic. This is going to be a match to watch and it’ll be great to see the styles of all the wrestlers come together in this match.

So, I mean it’s easy to say that Bar Wrestling really knows how to put on some amazing shows with some amazing matches! Like always, if you’re in the LA area, pop down to see this show because it’s for all ages. Tickets cost $25 when you buy them in advance or $40 when you buy at the door but make sure to get there when doors open at 8 pm to not miss any shows If you’re like me and not lucky enough to live in America, you can watch it on and also other sites like PowerSlam TV!

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