Without A Cause Presents: Volume 3: New Year, Who Dis?

How exciting! January 13th, isn’t that far away and we get to attend the third instalment of Without A Cause, Who Dis? For the first show of 2019 the folks at WAC have put together a great card! With the fantastic talent they are bringing in from out of town and pulling in some of the best talent on the local scene, we are in for a terrific event.

Several weeks ago, Without A Cause announced they have new sponsors, Tony V’s Garage. This Saloon and Eatery is located only a couple of blocks away from the venue. As a result, myself and friend, Melinda, will be setting up there around 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon to prefab the event. Anyone who wants to join us is more than welcome! There are even rumors some of the talent might make an appearance!

Speaking of talent, lets get down to business! Here are the matches that have been announced:

Tag Team Match
The Strays (Judas Icarus & Tyler) vs. Extra Talented (Ricky Starks & Aaron Solow)

Photo/ Max Zaleski

The homeless youth of the Canadian wastelands are supposedly panhandling their way back to Everett Washington. Assuming they arrive in time they will be making their third appearance at WAC. These two vagabonds have proven to be cunning competitors and have thus far maintained a perfect record at Without A Cause.  Can they sustain their winning streak with a third victory?

Photo/ Max Zaleski

Extra Talented is arriving in town to put these Canadian upstarts in their place! Stroke Daddy Ricky Starks and Aaron Solow make up the membership of this spectacular tag team. Those of you who are not familiar with Extra Talented will likely be impressed with their resume. They have worked with Progress Wrestling in England, and in early 2018 made an appearance on Monday night RAW. These two gentlemen are more than qualified to rid Everett Washington of these pestilent Strays!

Singles Contest
Cody Chhun vs. Alex Cruz

Photo/ Max Zaleski

One of my favorite local talents, Cody Chhun, will be at Who Dis? And I am pleased to see he is listed as a regular at Without A Cause! With his strong technical skills and mat work Cody has proven himself to be an exciting wrestler and I enjoy watching him every chance I get.

Taking on our home-grown talent is the “Aztec Warrior” Alex Cruz. He is the current Southern Wrestling Heavy Weight Champion! Having made an appearance at Prestige back in October it would appear Alex Cruz has set his sights on Without A Cause, more specifically “Classic” Cody Chhun.

This should be a good match. I am familiar with the technical stylings of Cody and I look forward to seeing someone who is new to me, Alex Cruz. I’ve seen several of his matches on-line and from what I can tell, he isn’t going to let me down.

Singles Contest
Chris Ross vs. Sonico

Photo/ Max Zaleski

In my opinion Sonico is the preeminent luchador working in the Pacific Northwest today. Any opportunity to see Sonico live is time well spent! This is why I was excited to hear he would be making his debut at WAC this January 13th. He is the current DOA Pure Wrestling Champion and has held the 321Battle! Seattle Underground Championship multiple times. One needn’t spend more than a few minutes watching this young man in the ring to see the talent unfolding for this fine young gentleman.

Facing our luchador will be Chris Ross also know as “Cool Dad” Chris Ross. I’m not certain how cool his opponent Sonico, thinks Mr. Ross really is. After all, there has been a video released in which someone purported to be Chris Ross attacks Sonico as he is trying to cut a promo. Watch and see for yourself.

Needless to say, these two men have made it personal. This will no doubt be a no holds barred, dirty knockdown and drag out match.

Singles Contest
Travis Williams vs. DJZ

Photo/ Max Zaleski

“Golden Boy” Travis Williams has returned for a third time. Apparently being defeated by the Strays last November wasn’t enough to send this humiliated trust fund brat packing. It’s not terribly uncommon to see a member of the upper class be so detached from reality that he does not understand when he has bitten off more than he can chew.

Facing our ‘Golden Boy’ is one of the best in the business, DJZ. This talented gentleman has made appearances in some of the top promotions in the country including Evolve, PWG, Impact and Beyond, just to name a few. The number of titles he’s held adds up to a number greater than his opponents age. DJZ has faced and defeated some of the best talent working today.

Daddy’s money, isn’t going to win this match for ‘Golden Boy’ Travis Williams.

Four Way Contest
Ace Romero vs. Guillermo Rosas vs. Eli Surge vs. “Kingpin” Jonny Flynn

Photo/ Max Zaleski

We have a four-way contest announced! First coming down from Victoria British Columbia, is Eli Surge! This young man has only recently made a splash at ECCW and has been spending the better part of this last year building his reputation in the region.  Seeing Eli at Who Dis? On January 13th will be my first encounter watching him as a live performer and I am looking forward to seeing what he can do in the ring.

“Kingpin” Jonny Flynn is making his second appearance at Without A Cause. The first time he attended he faced the loathsome Strays who soundly defeated him. But our Kingpin is no inexperienced wrestler. He’s been working the local scene for a while and he knows how to handle himself. I have no doubt he’s going to enter this four-way contest with the plan to remind everyone in attendance what he’s capable of.

Rounding out our third challenger in this match is none other than Guillermo Rosas. He along with several other people on this card are on my list of ten local talents to watch in 2019. He has sharp ring skills and lots of attitude to go along with his big wild hair! Guillermo Rosas can be a sneaky and cunning wrestler. Four way’s can be chaotic and confusing at times. Guillermo will excel under these circumstances.

The fourth contestant in this four-way match is Ace Romero! He is joining us from the East Coast and those unfamiliar with this young man should know he’s a former heavyweight champion at IWE and once the Rockstar Pro Trios Champion which he held with Clayton Jackson and the infamous Maxwell Jacob Friedman. He’s worked with House of Hardcore, CZW, and Beyond Wrestling just to name a few. He is a fierce competitor and I look forward to seeing him for the first time live!

Main Event
Dave Turner vs. Darby Allin

Photo/ Max Zaleski

Our main event will pit two of the best performers ever to be produced by the Pacific Northwest. ‘The Black Sheep’ Dave Turner has been in the game for a few years now and has worked for every major promotion in the region. However, he is coming off a suspension imposed by Without A Cause due to what some people might refer to as Anger Management problem. It would seem the folks at WAC feel that it is in their best interest to let him back in, though everyone’s safety may be at risk. I for one have under my employ a highly trained bodyguard to ensure my own personal survival.

Photo/ Max Zaleski

Coming to face the Black Sheep is Darby Allin. Though Darby is not nearly as large as the behemoth he faces on January 19th, Mr. Allin has proven time and time again, his resiliency and skill more than compensates against his larger opponents. In his last appearance at Without A Cause, King Khash threw Darby around the ring like a child’s toy, but Darby managed to pull out a win against the Persian Prodigy. Can he do this with Dave Turner? I’ve watched Darby Allin long enough to know, he certainly stands a very good chance.

Other Talent

Without A Cause has announced the appearance of additional talent, however, their role is yet determined. One never knows how things will play out at any given show.

Chase James will be making an appearance at Who Dis? This hard-working young man is making his way from Spokane to show support for his friend Max Zaleski and Without A Cause. He has however, been engaged in a long-running feud with another person who will be making an appearance on January 19th.

Photo/ Max Zaleski

It is rumored Local Celebrity Steve Migs will be making an appearance. After three poster snubs, Steve has graciously agreed to make another appearance. I for one, believe it is amazing he is showing such class after being treated so poorly. Celebrity Rights have been violated, but he will be there anyway, proving Steve Migs is a classy gentleman, willing to do his part to support the local wrestling scene, despite having to face grievous disrespect.

We have heard that Pitfall Jones is going to be present at Who Dis? He was a fantastic headliner last month in the main event against Effy. I think, should Without A Cause eventually develop a championship, Pitfall Jones would be one of the leading contenders for such a prize. What his role will be on January 13th is uncertain, however I suspect he might be on hand to help handle Dave Turner should the Black Sheep need ‘containing.’

The last of the announced talent who will be present is Vinny Pacifico. This former WOW No Limits Champion, hails from the Big Apple, and he will be joining us for the first time on January 13th. This young man has worked with Ring of Honor, and such promotions as Beyond Wrestling, CZW and Rockstar Pro. What will Vinny Pacifico be doing at Without A Cause? Not certain yet, but Max Zaleski has a few people showing up to this event who aren’t very happy with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t decided to surround himself with some champion bodyguards!

In Conclusion!

We have a great card in front of us and a number of potentially volatile situations that could immerge. Between Local Celebrity Steve Migs’ mistreatment by Max Zaleski, and the anger management issues of Dave Turner, this could be as exciting out of the ring as it is in the ring. I for one plan to come prepared to make it out of Who Dis? With my head firmly attached to my shoulders!

Without A Cause: Who Dis?
January 13th, 2019
Normanna Lodge #3
2725 Oakes Ave
Everett, WA 98201

This is an all age event, children are welcome if accompanied by a responsible adult. Alcohol is served in the lounge. All adult beverages must be consumed in the lounge area; however, it has a clear view of the action happening in the ring. There is food and beverages sold by the Normanna Lodge staff.