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A brand-new character set to debut on season five of Women of Wrestling (WOW) is Chantilly Chella. Professing the values of PLUR (peace, love, unity, and respect) she’s ready to let the beat drop on the other Superheroes. Also a fan of electronic dance music, she’s the technicolor ray of sunshine in the world of WOW. Chantilly Chella brings the excitement, fluidity, and tempo of EDM into the ring as well. She’ll get her big break when WOW debuts on AXS TV on January 18th! Ray Lyn, also known as Rachel Bostic, is the woman behind the Chantilly Chella character. Affectionately known as RayCray too, she’s as fun and unpredictable as her Superhero alter-ego.

She began wrestling in 2013 in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) after training under Al Snow and Nick Dinsmore. By 2014, she began working outside of OVW as well for promotions like Fight Society, Vicious Outcast Wrestling (VOW), and Renegade Wrestling Alliance. 2015 started off with Ray Lyn winning her first title, the Covey Promotions Women’s title from Nyla Rose.

 A Growing Resume

Ray Lyn also added more promotions to her resume in 2015 like Five Star Wrestling, Absolute Intense Wrestling, and International Wrestling Cartel. She also made her first appearance on a bigger stage, working for Ring of Honor in a squash against Kelly Klein. 2016 was another year of continued growth for her, she added a ton of promotions under her belt and traveled internationally. She became a regular for Queens of Combat and RiSE Wrestling. January of 2017 saw one of Ray’s biggest career accomplishments to that point. She appeared on Monday Night Raw on January 23rd in a squash match against Nia Jax.

Rachel and her real-life husband Dylan Bostic also relocated to California, which led to Ray appearing more for West Coast-based promotions. She also manages and tags with Dylan in addition to her singles career. Most recently when teaming with Dylan, they were known as Platinum World Tour. 2017 saw her add promotions like Vendetta Pro Wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and SHIMMER to her already lengthy resume.

Rachel Bostic

2018 was arguably her biggest year in wrestling so far, with 45 matches logged on Cagematch.Net alone. She also appeared for IMPACT Wrestling, first in the co-promoted show with RiSE, RiSE 9: Rise of the Knockouts. Ray was then brought in for tapings that aired in November, with matches against Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie. She’s come a long way since her debut, working her way up the ladder on the indie scene.

As far as Ray Lyn’s character or persona, it is very similar to Chantilly. She’s known as Wrestling’s Miley Cyrus. She’s crazy, she’s colorful and enjoys the twerking. Fun-loving, fast-paced and one of the biggest smiles in wrestling, these are her calling cards. Per an interview with Alicia Atout on AMBY, she is a trained cosmetologist! You’ll definitely see colorful hair and makeup from her regularly as well.  Growing up, Ray wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or a Power Ranger. She was a Superhero all along but lacked a half-shell, turtle power, and Mighty Morphin powers. Wrestling seemed the perfect alternative as it combined the heroics and characters into a real-world application.

You can catch Ray Lyn all over the indie scene, and you can see her as Chantilly Chella for WOW. WOW debuts on AXS TV on January 18th, the only all-women wrestling program on network television.  

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