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Halloween Haunting

#Review SPWNZ Presents Halloween Haunting 2019

SPW New Zealand recently had an event that was loaded with epic memorable moments that will set the company on a brand new path...
Southern Rumble

#Review SPWNZ / MCW Southern Rumble 2019

SPW New Zealand and MCW recently presented the Southern Rumble 2019 and it was an extremely memorable event to say the very least. The...
SPWNZ Battlelines

#Review SPWNZ Presents Battlelines

SPWNZ Battlelines is now available to stream via SPW On Demand, check out www.spwrestling.co.nz to find out how to get your two week free...
Southern Pro Wrestling Battlines

#Preview: SPWNZ Presents Battlelines

There are times in wrestling when a moment can be memorable for all the right reasons.  Once again the amazing talent at Southern Pro...
Heavyweight Champion Shane Sinclair

#AndNEW: SPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Shane Sinclair

On the night of October 26th at SPWNZ Presents Halloween Haunting the prestigious SPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship was brought back home.  Shane Sinclair...
SPW New Zealand Tag Team Champions Will Power and Hammer

#AndNEW: SPW New Zealand Tag Team Champions Will Power and Hammer

Will Power & Hammer are two of the best competitors in SPW New Zealand and now this newly formed tag team are the brand...
Halloween Haunting

#Preview SPW Presents Halloween Haunting

SPW New Zealand has a lot of questions currently unanswered after the events at the Southern Rumble.  Slex from Melbourne City Wrestling became the...
Southern Rumble

#Preview SPW New Zealand and MCW Australia Present Southern Rumble

The Southern Rumble has been one of the big events put on each year by Southern Pro Wrestling out of New Zealand.  With each...
SPW TheNew

#AndNEW SPW Tag Team Champions Deadly Sins

The Battlelines were drawn and the Southern Pro Wrestling  ( SPW ) fans were in for a real treat with the long-awaited return of...