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SPWNZ Battlelines
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SPWNZ Battlelines is now available to stream via SPW On Demand, check out www.spwrestling.co.nz to find out how to get your two week free trial of their incredible streaming service.  Battlelines was recently added to the service and so it is time to gear up for a review of the event.

Now it would be easy to simply jump immediately into thoughts regarding each match from SPWNZ Battlelines but there is much more that needs to be said before we even get to the matches.  There is a lot to be said for a company who puts so much heart and passion into every single aspect of their production.  SPWNZ always have a beautiful set up from their entrance ramp to the individual entrance videos, and then the still photo of the match which is projected up on the wall the side of the hard cam.  The video editing is excellent, smooth transitions between shots, backstage promos which are cut in, and then the remarkable job on the match packages which highlight the feud that has led to said match.  There is not one expense spared when it comes to the production value of SPW so you get a very remarkable product for the price you pay to subscribe to SPWNZ On Demand.  The commentary team is top notch, they carry you through the action while giving you the proper information on the competitors in the ring as well.  This is what sets SPWNZ Battlelines apart from many other independent wrestling companies and what helps add to the enjoyment in watching every show including the one and only Battlelines.  The following match reviews will include spoilers, so if you want to watch the event first then go do that and then come on back to continue reading.

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Falcon Kid vs Shane Sinclair is once again the match that kicks off the evening.  It was at the previous SPW event Queenstown Wrestlefest that these two went one on one in the opening match.  The first encounter between these two was awesome, it really did an amazing job of getting the attention of the crowd and getting them engaged in the evening’s events.  Shane Sinclair was victorious in the encounter at Queenstown Wrestlefest While Falcon Kid still managed to take his opponent to the limit, the defeat really bothered the young superstar.  Falcon Kid not only needed but wanted this rematch to happen.  Shane Sinclair feels that with his impressive run of form he should be in line for a shot at the SPW Heavyweight Championship.  In this match, Shane Sinclair focused a lot on power moves which were able to slow down the pace of the Falcon Kid.  One of the highlights of this match was a belly to belly from the second rope where Falcon Kid manages to land on his feet, meanwhile, Sinclair does not realize that Falcon Kid has landed on his feet allowing Falcon Kid to play a little possum with Sinclair.  Falcon Kid continues to use his speed and agility to do all he can to break down Shane Sinclair in this match.  Sinclair manages to continue his ruthless beating of Falcon Kid but only until Falcon Kid manages to roll up Sinclair out of nowhere and pick up the three count.  Falcon Kid wins this incredible opening match and also gets a massive boost to his own rising career.

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It was at Queenstown Wrestlefest where CTRL attacked Will Power utilizing their impressive strength in numbers.  Will Power was then willing to take on CTRL in a 4 vs 1 encounter.  Will Power obviously shows a lot of heart and a willingness not to ever back down to a challenge that has been put in front of him, but CTRL is just an army of solid in-ring performers that are looking to destroy Will Power.  Prior to the match starting Will Power lets everybody know that he has got a surprise in store for CTRL.  The surprise comes in the form of some backup, the returning Hammer comes on out and to the delight of the fans on hand is added to the match up and turns this into a 4 vs 2 encounter.  While the numbers still heavily in favor of CTRL, there is now at least a slight bit more balance in this one.  Hammer looks great any time he is involved in this match up, you would not know that he had spent any time away from the ring at all.  Will Power as always showing a lot of heart and tenacity while backing it up with his superb in-ring style as well.  Will Power and Hammer begin to become a real force and a few times have us on the edge of our seats believing that they may, in fact, overcome the numbers game.  In the end, though it is the numbers that prove too much and Will Power finds himself victim of the pinfall.  CTRL picks up the win and continue their reign over SPW.


Wana Fight was one half of the exciting tag team Down To Fight, a team that was forced to split up after a recent defeat to the SPW Tag Team Champions Detention.  Wana Fight was not quite done with Detention though as he then went and teamed up with legendary New Zealand wrestler Kingi.  Kingi and Wana Fight took on Detention and had the tag team champions on the ropes, in fact it was almost all said and done but Wana Fight felt he needed to finish the match himself instead of tagging in his partner which led to their team losing.  After the match Kingi did not want to walk out that night without some retribution, so Kingi attacked Wana Fight to teach him a lesson.  Wana Fight and Kingi now lock up one on one here at Battlelines.  Kingi shows great ring psychology in this match up and uses his experience wisely to control the match in his favor.  There is some great technical wrestling shown between these two competitors through the match.  Wana Fight gets his opportunity to display his quickness and intensity, however it is not enough as Kingi ends up picking up a pin fall victory.

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General Manager Professor Palmer comes down to the ring to a resounding sea of boos, this is a man who is absolutely despised by the SPW fans on hand.  Professor Palmer gave himself this championship opportunity which has only deepened the absolute hate that the fans have for him.  Hooligan the SPW Heavyweight Champion comes out and instead of hearing the sea of boos that he is used to, the fans greet Hooligan with many cheers.  Hooligan is just a fun wrestler in every sense of the word, his style is very simple but it is his spot on the commitment to the role that makes it feel so authentic.  Professor Palmer, of course, decides to get on the microphone and let Hooligan know that he either has to lay down and take the pin right now, or he will be fired immediately and the championship would then go to the number one contender which of course just happens to be Professor Palmer.  Smart thinking one would think, well it only gets better because Professor Palmer also changed out the referee in the match and brought in his own personal referee.  Now the championship is in absolute jeopardy as it would seem that there is no way out of this for Hooligan.  Leave it to Hooligan to completely ignore those silly little suggestions and decide to kick the ass of General Manager Professor Palmer.  Hooligan goes on a tear and does massive amounts of damage to Palmer and really starts to embarrass him in front of the crowd on hand.  Palmer would take this beating but only until he could start to bend the rules in his favor.  Hooligan ends up having to fight off outside interference and then also the referee attacking him as well.  Hooligan lays a beat down on everyone and then as he covers Professor Palmer he has to grab the referees almost lifeless arm and count the three count himself.  Hooligan is the winner and retains the SPW Heavyweight Championship.  This match on paper seemed to not be overly interesting at first glance, however, that was proven wrong as the match was wildly entertaining and quite memorable.  It was nothing fancy but it worked and was a perfect addition to the show.

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Caveman Ugg who is the Champion for PWA Black Label in Australia came over to New Zealand looking for a fresh challenge.  Caveman Ugg found this challenge in the form of the big man T-Rex.  T-Rex is one of the absolute best to grace an SPWNZ ring and he was not about to allow an outsider to come in and make a name for themselves at his expense.  Caveman Ugg is such a unique character to watch, not only a strong wrestler but he truly commits to the caveman persona.  The persona is fun and has a very old school feel to it as well.  This match is contested between two behemoths so it is an absolute slug fest at times.  There is a real display of strength shown by Caveman Ugg when he carries T-Rex at one point in the match.  This is a solid match from bell to bell and the monster of a man T-Rex ends up defeating Caveman Ugg.  Even though T-Rex is already a very experienced wrestler the win here still is a very large accomplishment and a real testament to the run that T-Rex is currently on.

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While the rest of the night had already featured some strong matches we then come to the main event of SPWNZ Battlelines.  Deadly Sins were reformed after J.K Moody decided to cash in his Fight For Gold contract for a tag team championship opportunity.  J.K Moody turned to his old friend and former tag team partner to get their team back together again.  The SPW Tag Team Championship did not exist when Deadly Sins were a team and they split up before ever having their chance to be champions together.  as singles wrestlers both Kane Khan and J.K Moody made it to the top and became SPW Heavyweight Champion.  The real question would be whether or not J.K Moody and Kane Khan could put aside their differences and find that spark that they once had when they came up in SPW together.  Detention who as of Battlelines had held the SPW Tag Team Champions for 161 days have a lot of reason to be confident going into this match.  This match is absolutely off the hook from start to finish.  Deadly Sins and Detention both bring it in this encounter and give a vert memorable performance.  There is a double team dive move done by Deadly Sins in this match that is a must-see moment.  The performance given by both teams really makes all four competitors stand out and proves how the world should be paying attention to the work they are doing.  Deadly Sins end up picking up the win and becoming the new SPW Tag Team Champions.  This was a memorable finish and an overall feel-good story as well.  The execution was done well and giving a main event spot light to the tag team titles really escalated the importance of this story.  Congratulations go out to the new tag team champions who along with their opponents stole the show.

Battlelines was a great watch from start to finish.  If you are wanting to get a new fresh wrestling company to watch then you really do need to give SPW New Zealand an opportunity to entertain you.  Subscribe to SPWNZ On Demand and go watch Battlelines for yourself as there is something for everyone at Battlelines.  SPWNZ continue to put out excellent work and SPWNZ Battlelines ranks right up there. SPWNZ Battlelines is well worth the time to watch so go get SPWNZ On Demand and check out SPWNZ Battlelines right now.


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