New Year Navigation 2015 – Pro Wrestling Noah RetroView

On January 10, 2015, Pro Wrestling Noah aired New Year Navigation 2015 from Tokyo, Japan, inside Korakuen Hall & we got eight matches with two title matches one for the GHC Tag Team and the other for the GHC Heavyweight.

New Year Navigation 2015
Hitoshi Kumano vs. Yoshinari Ogawa

Hitoshi Kumano immediately dropkicks Yoshinari Ogawa, then a kick by Kumano connects, and he hits another dropkick, then a leg submission by Kumano, but Ogawa gets to the ropes.

Kumano goes back to the leg, but Ogawa avoids the missile dropkick. Then, a backslide by Kumano connects, but Ogawa snaps off a DDT.

Backdrop suplex by Ogawa, but Kumano kicks out, so Ogawa hits another one for the win.

Winner: Yoshinari Ogawa (2:32)

New Year Navigation 2015
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New Year Navigation 2015
Zack Sabre Jr vs. Jonah Rock

Zack Sabre Jr & Jonah Rock trade wristlocks and do intro limb work before ZSJ goes for a roll up and Rock sits on him before a slam by Rock connects, and he gets a two count.

Uppercuts by ZSJ, but Rock hits a back suplex slam for a two count before a body block by Rock but gets another two count before a vertical suplex from Rock gets a two count.

ZSJ flips around and rolls up Rock for a two count, then ZSJ clamps on Rock’s arm, but Rock knocks him off and punches him in the face before Rock hits a swinging reverse STO to put away ZSJ.

Winner: Jonah Rock (8:59)

New Year Navigation 2015
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New Year Navigation 2015
Tag Team Match

Brave (Mohammed Yone & Taiji Ishimori) vs. Strong BJ (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi)

Yuji Okabayashi & Taiji Ishimori starts the match off, then Okabayashi throws Ishimori around the ring, then he tags in Daisuke Sekimoto & applies a reverse chin lock.

Ishimori gets away and tags in Mohammed Yone, and he trades chops with Sekimoto.

Standing dropkick by Sekimoto, and he tags in Okabayashi & Okabayashi & Yone. They run into each other until Yone hits a big boot, but Okabayashi springs right back up, and they trade chops. Boot by Yone, but Okabayashi hits a power slam.

Okabayashi tags in Sekimoto and hits a lariat before Yone hits one back. They trade lariats before Yone gets the better of the exchange, but both wrestlers are woozy as Yone tags in Ishimori. Double knee by Ishimori in the corner, and he hits a 2nd one.

Sekimoto catches Ishimori and puts him in a modified Argentine Backbreaker, but it gets broken up. Strong BJ both hit lariats on Ishimori, and they hit a double backdrop suplex for a two count, then a Scorpion Deathlock by Sekimoto, but Yone breaks it up.

Double shoulder block by Yone, then Ishimori goes off the ropes and hits a handspring kick to Sekimoto, then Brave hits a kick to Sekimoto, then a cover by Ishimori, but Okabayashi breaks it up.

Ishimori goes up top, but Sekimoto avoids the 450 Splash, then Okabayashi runs in and lariats Ishimori, then a scoop slam by Okabayashi & Sekimoto hits a diving body press.

He goes for the cover, but Yone breaks up the pin, then a backslide by Ishimori, but it gets a two count. Sekimoto catches Ishimori and hits a vertical suplex.

Lariat by Sekimoto, then he picks up Ishimori and hits a German suplex hold for the win.

Winners: Strong BJ (10:16)

New Year Navigation 2015
6-Man Tag Team Match
Cho Kibou Gun (Kenou, Hajime Ohara & Maybach Taniguchi) vs. No Mercy (Yoshihiro Takayama, Akitoshi Saito & Genba Hirayanagi)

Both teams brawl to start off this match, with Genba Hirayanagi being isolated in the ring.

Maybach Taniguchi slams Hirayanagi and tags in Hajime Ohara as Hirayanagi is choked by Taniguchi’s stick and Ohara twists Hirayanagi in the ropes so Taniguchi can choke him again before Kenou is tagged in, and he hits Hirayanagi low.

Hirayanagi is pulled out of the ring and is attacked with Taniguchi’s stick again. Then Taniguchi is tagged in and hits a lariat, but Hirayanagi hits Taniguchi low and tags in Yoshihiro Takayama.

Takayama lariats everyone and hits a double underhook suplex on Taniguchi before a belly-to-belly suplex by Takayama connects but Taniguchi returns the favor.  Lariat by Taniguchi and both wrestlers tag out as Akitoshi Saito & Kenou come in.

Lariat by Saito, and he hits a vertical suplex. Then we get a lariat by Saito, and he hits Death Punish, but Kenou bails out of the ring, then gets back in and dropkicks Saito before tagging in Ohara.

Ohara & Kenou double-team Saito, or they try to, but Saito beats them both down and tags in Hirayanagi. Hirayanagi lariats Ohara and rakes his eyes, but Ohara throws him at the referee.

This leads to chaos as Takayama and Kenou come in with weapons & they hit Hirayanagi with them.

Takayama & Saito come in to calm things down before Hirayanagi grabs Ohara low, and Takayama runs into knee him before Hirayanagi hits Shoryu Genba to get the win for his team.

Winners: No Mercy (11:19)

New Year Navigation 2015
Tag Team Match

Brave (Atsushi Kotoge & Katsuhiko Nakajima) vs. Daisuke Harada & Quiet Storm

Quiet Storm & Katsuhuiko Nakajima begin the match as they trade holds back & forth before he gets the better of Storm and tags in Atsushi Kotoge.

Storm & Kotoge trade shots, and Storm tags in Daisuke Harada & they trade holds, but neither gets the better of it. Harada gets Kotoge to the mat, and he tags in Storm.

Storm & Nakajima trade elbows before Storm shoulder blocks Nakajima and lariats him in the corner, then Nakajima kicks Storm in the chest, then Kotoge runs in and hits a face crusher. Nakajima hits a missile dropkick, but Storm hits a reverse STO.

Storm tags in Harada & he elbows Nakajima before hitting a vertical suplex. Then Storm comes in the ring, but Nakajima kicks down both of them and tags in Kotoge.

Harada drops Kotoge on the ropes, but Kotoge drop toeholds him into the ropes and kicks him out of the ring. Then, a superkick by Kotoge on the floor then he gets on the apron as Harada and rolls in the ring, but Harada hits a backdrop suplex.

Storm comes in, and Kotoge is attacked by both, then a knee to the face by Harada, but Nakajima breaks it up.

Harada & Kotoge trade elbows, then a kick by Nakajima & Kotoge hits a leg kick on Harada for a two count before a headbutt by Kotoge connects, but Harada sneaks in an inside cradle for the win.

Winners: Daisuke Harada & Quiet Storm (13:38)

New Year Navigation 2015
Mitsuhiro Kitamiya vs. Takeshi Morishima

Mitsuhiro Kitamiya elbows Takeshi Morishima right off and hits a dropkick before knocking over Morishima with a jumping elbow. Then a hip attack by Morishima connects, and he hits 3 running butt smashes in the corner.

Spear by Kitamiya, and he applies an Octopus Hold followed by a German suplex before a dropkick by Kitamiya connects, but Morishima levels him with a lariat.

Lariat by Morishima, and he hits another one. Then Morishima boots Kitamiya to the mat, and he hits a backdrop suplex to get the win.

Winner: Takeshi Morishima (5:01)

New Year Navigation 2015
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New Year Navigation 2015
GHC Tag Team Titles Match
Dangan Yankees (Takashi Sugiura & Masato Tanaka) (c) vs. TMDK (Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls)

Masato Tanaka with a tornado DDT, then a cover, but it gets a two count. Then a spinebuster by Mikey Nicholls connects, and he tags Shane Haste & he connects with running uppercuts, then goes outside with Tanaka and powerbombs him onto the apron.

Sit out powerbomb by Haste, then a cover, but Takashi Sugiura breaks up the pin, then a vertical suplex into a sitout slam, but Tanaka springs up and hits the Sliding D.

Tanaka tags Sugiura while Nicholls is tagged in, and Sugiura hits a knee. Then they trade strikes before a slam by Sugiura connects, and he goes up top, but in the meantime, Tanaka misses a body press.

Haste puts Tanaka on the same turnbuckle that Sugiura is on and climbs up then Nicholls holds Haste so Haste can hit a superplex on both of them & this hurts everyone of course.

Nicholls tries to feed Sugiura to Haste but Sugiura gets out of it and hits a suplex onto Nicholls before Dangan Yankees hits double sliding attacks on Nicholls then a diving body press by Tanaka & Sugiura follows with a diving headbutt for two.

Dangan Yankees elbow Nicholls, then a cover, but Haste breaks it up, so Tanaka punishes him with a brainbuster, then a running knee by Sugiura to Nicholls connects, then a cover, but it gets two. Dragon suplex held by Sugiura, then a cover, but that also gets two.

Tanaka goes for Sliding D, but Nicholls ducks, then Sugiura & Nicholls trade elbows, then slaps before we get a pair of Death Valley Bombs by Nicholls, then a cover, but it gets a two count.

Haste comes in, and they hit a lariat/trip combination as Nicholls slams Tanaka, then an assisted DDT to Sugiura, then a cover, but he kicks out.

Tanaka is back, so Haste drops him with a fireman’s carry into a chokeslam before Thunder Valley connects to get the win.

Winners: AND NEW GHC Tag Team Champions: TMDK (18:19)

New Year Navigation 2015
GHC Heavyweight Title Match
Naomichi Marufuji (c) vs. Satoshi Kojima

Satoshi Kojima & Naomichi Marufuji trade elbows, and Marufuji applies a shoulder trap necklock before we get a Shiranui attempt from Marufuji, but Kojima blocks it and hits a Koji Cutter.

Kojima goes up top and finally hits the elbow drop,, then a cover,, but Marufuji kicks out. Then he attempts Shiranui again, but Kojima sits him on the top rope.

Marufuji turns around, and they trade elbows, but Kojima lariats Marufuji off the top down to the floor after he bounces off the apron. Kojima slides Marufuji back in and hits a brainbuster, then a cover, but it gets a two count.

Marufuji ducks a lariat and hits a knee before connecting with Shiranui. Then, a Jumping knee by Marufuji connects, but Kojima lariats him in the back of the head.

They trade strikes, but Marufuji knees Kojima in the face, then another knee, followed by a superkick, then a cover, but it gets two, so Marufuji drills Kojima to the mat with Fisherman Emerald Frosion for the win.

Winner: AND STILL GHC Heavyweight Champion: Naomichi Marufuji (21:01)