You Cannot Kill David Arquette

You Cannot Kill David Arquette. David Arquette is a lifelong wrestling fan who at the peak of his acting fame made the WCW movie, Ready to Rumble.

In 2000 he was brought into WCW TV storylines. He did not expect nor want to become their champion, but it was a ratings and publicity ploy. During his brief reign, he was used as pure comic relief. 

The fans, in turn, hated him with a passion and he was deeply hurt by 18 years of trolling. Despite the fan reaction, the noted actor still had a love and passion for the business. Proving where his heart truly is, all the money he made during his WCW tenure was donated to the families of Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, and Darren Drozdov who tragically became a quadriplegic after a match gone awry.

You Cannot Kill David Arquette
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You Cannot Kill David Arquette chronicles his difficult and painful journey back into wrestling. Unhappy with his faltering acting career and his place in wrestling history, a now sober Arquette, battling anxiety, and post-heart attack with two stints no less, decides he wants to mount a dangerous wrestling comeback. He loses 50 pounds, quits smoking, and begins training with and seeking guidance from multiple professional wrestlers- Peter Avalon, the always inspirational Diamond Dallas Page, and others. He wants to clear his name, honor wrestling, and finally prove to himself he can cut it in the ring.

On July 15th, 2018, Arquette debuts for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood against RJ City. Interestingly, they do an angle promoting the event on the red carpet of our own 350 Days documentary premier which is fun to witness in the doc.

Interview with David Arquette “350 Days” Red Carpet

There are also scenes of his performing and training on a backyard show as well as in Tijuana, Mexico. In one segment he’s collecting tips from cars driving by as they wrestle in a busy intersection. After an excellent in-ring performance, the luchadores honor him by giving him a mask that they announce he’s “earned”, and Arquette is visibly moved. It’s a truly touching moment and one of the best scenes ever shot in a wrestling film.

On November 16th, 2018, Arquette wrestled Nick Gage in a death match for Joey Janela’s LA Confidential card. During the bout, he suffered a severe gushing cut in the neck. Subsequently, he was driven to a hospital by his close friend and Jungle Boy’s father, late actor Luke Perry, and was operated on. 

You Cannot Kill David Arquette

In another wonderful and poignant scene, he wrestles Jungle Boy and tells him how much he loves both him and his recently deceased dad.

Throughout the film, a humble Arquette rips himself open and pours his heart out. “I’m just kind of sick of being a joke, to be honest.” He describes wrestling as “majestic” and “larger than life.” “They’re like gods” he proclaims, explaining why he “fell in love with it.” 

And in a particularly painful moment he ponders, “Why do you think they hate me so much?”

Well, by the end of the film, they don’t hate the game Arquette anymore. He pays his dues in blood, sweat, and injuries and earns the respect of the crowd. It is a true tale of redemption. He marvels at how they touch him as he walks to the ring and how much it all means to him.

Not only can you not kill David Arquette, you can’t help but love the guy after seeing this.

Bravo to a courageous Arquette and the filmmakers, both. They’re winners, one and all. For this is a powerful, beautiful film that I rank among the five greatest wrestling documentaries of all time.

Don’t miss it.

Evan Ginzburg is a contributor for Pro Wrestling Post. He was an Associate Producer on the movie The Wrestler and 350 Days starring Bret Hart and Superstar Billy Graham. He is a 30-year film, radio and TV veteran. Check out his Evan Ginzburg’s Old School Wrestling Memories page on Facebook and his new radio show Wrestling and Everything Coast to Coast with Buddy Sotello. He can be reached on Twitter @evan_ginzburg or by e-mail at