#WOWofTheDay – Fire

Another new Superhero set to debut for Women of Wrestling is Fire. The human incarnation of a flame is ready to set the world of WOW ablaze. You may not recognize the name Fire, but once you see her, if you’ve been following wrestling you will know exactly who she is. She is Kiera Hogan, also known as the Girl on Fire. Kiera began her career in 2015 in the Atlanta area where she is from. The promotions she first started working for were Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, World Wrestling Alliance 4 and Southern Fried Championship Wrestling. She also broke in with another wrestler that’s gotten a lot of attention lately, Priscilla Kelly. The two wrestled each other many times in 2015 especially.

2016 would expand Kiera’s wrestling endeavors to include Universal Independent Wrestling, WrestleMerica, and Girl Fight. The summer of 2016 would see Kiera debut for Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling in Texas. This would then lead to her debuts in Queens of Combat, Women Superstars Uncensored, RiSE Wrestling, Shine Wrestling, and SHIMMER. Kiera also competed in the 2016 ChickFight tournament. In early 2017 she would win her first major title, the WSU Spirit Championship from Su Yung. This was a three-way match that also involved Veda Scott. She would hold the title until June of 2018, eventually losing it to Jordynne Grace.

There were more tournament accomplishments for the future Fire in 2017 as well. She competed in the Shine Nova Championship tournament, making it to the semi-finals. She also teamed with Brandon Watts in the 2017 King and Queen of Wrestling tournament. They made it to the second round. Later in 2017, she would join the Cutie Pie Club stable in Shine with Candy Cartwright and Dementia D’Rose.

In 2018 Kiera would join IMPACT Wrestling, debuting on the February 1st episode. She took on and defeated the then-Knockouts Champion, Laurel Van Ness (Chelsea Green). It was, however, a non-title bout. What it did earn her was a title shot the next week against Van Ness, however, Van Ness retained. Kiera would go on to face superstars such as Taya Valkyrie and fellow Superhero Tessa Blanchard. She would first team with Allie on the July 19th episode of IMPACT. They would defeat Shotzi Blackheart and Blanchard. The new friends would go on to team again on the August 2nd episode, defeating Su Yung and the Undead Maid of Honor. Through her friendship with Allie, Kiera would get entangled in the story of the multiverse. This long-running and complicated story involves Allie, Rosemary, Su Yung and now Kiera Hogan.

On the September 27th episode of IMPACT, Allie and Kiera would again defeat Su and her Undead Maid of Honor. The next week, Kiera took on Su Yung one-on-one. Kiera would come up short against the Undead Bride. After the match, Allie and Su got into a fight. Kiera was able to save Allie from Su Yung but ended up being put into a coffin for her trouble. Su took Kiera to the Undead Realm after this. Allie rescued her friend at Bound for Glory 2018. After this though, something started to happen to Allie. Darkness had planted its seed inside of her. Soon the truth was known, Allie had become possessed. She turned on her friend on the December 6th episode formally.

Allie took on Heather Monroe that night and after the match put the mandible claw on Monroe. This was soon broken up by Hogan, trying to talk to Allie. Allie showed no mercy and struck her now-former friend down. Su Yung joined in the attack, leaving Hogan laying. At IMPACT’s Homecoming event earlier this month, the former friends would collide. Kiera teamed with Jordynne Grace in a losing effort against Dark Allie and Su Yung. After the match, Kiera would be saved by another former friend of Allie’s, Rosemary. It remains to be seen what will come next in this saga.

What is for certain in 2019 is that Fire is prepared to set the wrestling world on fire. Fire along with the rest of the WOW Superheroes will debut on AXS TV on January 18th!

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