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Another Superhero set to make her debut for Women of Wrestling (WOW) is Razor. Razor is the kind of woman to take you by the throat and make you take notice. She is the literal definition of five feet of fury. From the streets of LA, walking on the literal razor’s edge of life, she had to grow up fast. Razor is no stranger to the harshness and pain of life; she’s also not afraid to inflict it on others either. In need of an ally to watch her back, she’s teamed with another new Superhero in Fury. Together, they are the Psycho Sisters.

Sarah Wolfe plays Razor for WOW and there’s a lot of Sarah in the Razor character. Sarah has been a fan of wrestling ever since laid eyes on the 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna. Though she first became a social media figure through her love of video games, wrestling has always been a love for her. She began training as a manager at the Santino Bros dojo in Southern California. Sarah hit it off with a trainer at the time, Tyler Bateman.

Eventually, the two became a romantic couple, which also turned into a wrestling partnership. Sarah currently manages Tyler in many promotions, including Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, West Coast Pro Wrestling and Bar Wrestling. They are known as the #OccultCouple. Sarah also has a very special claim to fame. When the first class at the NJPW Dojo in Los Angeles convened, she was the first and only woman (to date) to participate. Absolutely no changes or modifications were made for Sarah. She had to do all the same drills and work as her male classmates.

In an interview with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture, Sarah talks about how this season of WOW will be different. WOW in the past had been very much like its predecessor, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW). There was a heavy focus on the characters and acting side, as opposed to a heavy focus on the wrestling side. As WOW progressed, this focus slowly shifted; however, you will see a more dramatic shift in the upcoming season. The larger than life characters that WOW is known for will still be very much part of the story, but with more of a focus in matches on wrestling.

Sarah also spoke about all the wonderful training she has been able to receive in a relatively short amount of time. She originally began training at the Santino Brothers wrestling school, took part in the NJPW Dojo and RiSE training seminars as well. As work for WOW began to ramp up as the tapings neared, she got to train with Selina Majors (aka Bambi) and fellow WOW newcomer in Tessa Blanchard. The taping process for WOW was also discussed in this interview, which Sarah described as very intense from a production standpoint and had very long days.

In addition to wrestling, she is a huge fan of video games and geek culture in general. Sarah founded a website called Nerdy but Flirty for geeky girls of all kinds. She also has a podcast called Women Wrestling Friends. You can listen to Sarah and her friends of the female variety on iTunes. Sarah is also a published author and you can find her work on Amazon. She’s helped pen Marvel’s Agent Carter: Season One Declassified, and The Art of Halfbrick. She also contributed a story called “The Pride of Kutush” to the Myriad Lands, Volume 1 anthology. Sarah is also highly active on social media, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram under the username @SarahTheRebel. Like other wrestlers that are part of WOW, she also has WOW-centered accounts on Twitter and Instagram under the username @razor_wow.

You can find Razor and the other Superheroes of WOW on AXS TV starting on January 18th!

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