Revolution Pro Wrestling Presents World Of Pro Wrestling Episode #4

Hello everyone and welcome back to my review of RPW’s World Of Pro Wrestling. I’m “Smart” Mark Blake and this is their fourth episode of the season, hopefully, today’s showing can build upon the great work from last week’s 7/10 episode. Not sure what I’m talking about? Then click here to read my review of last week’s show.

Again folks, if you’re not sure about who Revolution Pro Wrestling is or your knowledge is lacking, then read my Brief History Of article right here. It’s garnered a lot of interest and praise which I’m most thankful for.

That’s the introduction done, let’s get down to business folks. Here’s episode four of RPW’s World Of Pro Wrestling!

World Of Pro Wrestling
Episode 4

Recorded in September at the world-famous York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, this episode opened with the commentary team of Kevin Kelly and Andy Simmonz again running down the rules of pro wrestling. Just in case we didn’t pick them up over the past few last weeks 😉

Revolution Pro Wrestling Tag Team Tournament
Quarter-Final Match
Arrows Of Hungary v The Hunter Brothers


Jim and Lee, The Hunter Brothers, have been a mainstay of the British wrestling scene for many a year. It’s great to see them get some mainstream attention. The Arrows Of Hungary are brand new for me. Never seen or heard of them so I was looking forward to seeing them in action.

AoH (Arrows Of Hungary) reminds me of a very young War Machine/Raiders. They look very big, strong and physical.

A slow methodical start to the match from AoH, keeping the higher paced Hunter Brother’s down on the mat. Showing their superior strength by grounding and pounding the Brothers with some strong work. A double powerslam onto both Jim and Lee, and a super-strong whipped cannonball were some highlights from the pair from Hungary.

A quick TV match came to its conclusion with Jim and Lee picking up the win with a top rope blockbuster into a backstabber.

It’s a shame that the crowd was quiet during this match as all four men put on a good match here.

Winner – The Hunter Brothers

Dan Magee v The OJMO

Before the match, Sha Samuels made his way to the commentary table to give his opinions on the match but spent the entire time reminding everyone that Rev Pro was founded on his achievements. He’s so damn good, he needs to be given mic time more often. So so good!

Before the match even got underway, Sha jumped Magee on the way to the ring and gave him a good East End kicking, forcing Magee to the back.

In amongst the chaos, Lord Gideon Grey came into the ring to give The OJMO a brand new opponent….The Dominator, Great-O-Kharn!

The Dominator, Great-O-Kharn v The OJMO

Well, this was a total squash. It started well with OJMO hitting multiple clotheslines to Dominator’s chest, looking really strong…..all for about five seconds.

Then Dominator decided enough was enough and ragdolled OJMO around for a few minutes before deciding he had enough and pinned him in the most disrespectful way ever – think old school Chris Jericho and you’ll get my drift.

Winner – The Dominator, Great-O-Khan

MK McKinnan v Josh Bodom

I haven’t seen Bodom in a while so seeing him walk out looking buff and big surprised me. He’s obviously been working hard in the gym.

McKinnan is a guy that I know pretty much nothing about and feel guilty about it as he looked pretty good in this match, very surprising as Bodom is the one with the bigger reputation over here.

An overabundance on kicks and strikes with hardly any psychology, unfortunately, made this match, in my opinion, a letdown. With the reputation that Bodom has, I was expecting big things and was let down. But McKinnan looked fairly good. I hate being down on people but Bodom just doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid.

McKinnan hit some really great suplex combinations and looked more deserving of the reputation Bodom has.

Nonetheless, Bodom picked up the victory here after hitting a tombstone piledriver on the apron (did you know that’s the hardest part of the ring?) and then hit a sit down piledriver through the middle ropes. Probably the best things he did all match.

Winner – Josh Bodom

James Mason v Darrell Allen

Mason is a British wrestling legend, with over 25 years in the industry while Allen is the head trainer at the world-famous Knucklelocks Gym in London. I’m expecting good things here.

And I wasn’t wrong either! The match had a very technical and old school World Of Sport feel about it, which the rather lackluster crowd (I know that by this point the crowd had sat through nearly 2.5hrs of tapings but still, could have been more enthusiastic) lapped up.

Unorthodox holds and escapes from both men, with a rather respectful pace, kept considering the aspect of the match.

Unfortunately, Mason and Allen lost the crowd with the finish of the match, they didn’t quite understand it at all. The finish came about when Allen was on the mat ready to monkey flip Mason off the ropes, but Mason is the wily vet, took advantage and just sat on Allen’s shoulders for the win.

Seriously good TV match, shame it was quick.

Winner – James Mason

Main Event
Jonathan Gresham w/Chris Brookes v El Phantasmo

This match came about after Gresham interfered in Phantasmo’s match against Brookes a few weeks back. ELP wanted retribution and here we are…

A super-fast start with some technicality thrown in for good measure. Phantasmo with the pace and Gresham with the technical side.

ELP had the early running of the match with his high octane style, using the ropes and turnbuckles to his advantage, but he was soon grounded by JG with some unique submission moves, getting the crowd to clap for ELP to escape.

Brookes directed JG to the top rope to hit a maneuver of some description, but that’s where it all went wrong for CCK. ELP ran up to the top turnbuckle where Gresham was situated and hit a beautiful dragonrana, and with no wasted movement ran across to the other corner and hit a great moonsault onto the prone JG.

With the ref’s hand about to come down to count the three, Brookes pulled the ref out of the ring, giving Phantasmo the DQ win.

Winner – El Phantasmo

The show went off the air with CCK beating down ELP as Jushin Thunder Liger ran down to the ring to make the save.

Blake’s Take

I touched on it during the review but the crowd really didn’t help the show this week. And as I said that’s down to being them being there for quite a while at that time and probably “wrestled” out, which is understandable. Due to that, it’s a 6/10 for me.

James Mason and Darrell Allen being on the show was great. Two stalwarts of the scene here in the UK showing their skills to the masses. Muchly deserved. Not deserved is the reputation of Josh Bodom, who looked very “meh” against McKinnan. I really hope it was a one-off and I look forward to being proved wrong in the future.

A CCK v ELP/Liger match has me very excited. Actually, any match with the four of these guys has me very excited.

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