Revolution Pro Wrestling Presents World Of Pro Wrestling Episode #2

Hello everyone and welcome back to my review of RPW’s World Of Pro Wrestling. I’m “Smart” Mark Blake and this is their second episode of the season and follows on the heels of their first episode last week, which was damn good by the way (and you can read my review of that right here folks) Here is Revolution Pro Wrestling Presents World of Pro Wrestling Episode #2.

If you’re not sure about who Revolution Pro Wrestling is or your knowledge is lacking, then read my Brief History Of article right here which is all about the history of Revolution Pro Wrestling. It’s garnered a lot of interest and praise which I’m most thankful for.

That’s the introduction done, let’s get down to business folks. Here’s episode two of RPW’s World Of Pro Wrestling!

World Of Pro Wrestling
Episode 2

Recorded last month at the world-famous York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, this episode opened with the commentary team of Kevin Kelly and Andy Simmonz again running down the rules of pro wrestling. Just in case we didn’t pick them up last week 😉

The first match contains a couple of Rev Pro legends, Greg Burridge and Colt Cabana.

Greg Burridge v Colt Cabana

Both men are synonymous with Rev Pro, as they have been with the promotion from day one. They were also tag team partners and were collectively known as the Street Hooligan Adventure Gang (or Team SHAG for short….it’s British humor ok) before Colt went on to become British Heavyweight Champion

Burridge has been away from the scene for some time and as he made his way to the ring, Andy Simmonz comments that Burridge has been in Bollywood becoming a huge star over there, but when he heard that Rev Pro was holding these tapings, he had to come back to prove himself once again.

Colt Cabana walked out to a massive standing ovation from the crowd, again it’s been some time since Cabana was seen in a Rev Pro ring and the crowd is lapping up this moment and even Colt himself looked visibly shocked at his reception.

The match began as an ode to the original World Of Sport days, very technical catch as catch can style from both men, with an underlying comedic aspect in their game of one-upmanship.

During the early exchanges, Sha Samuels is shown watching the match on a monitor, showing an interest in Cabana maybe?

To me, this match never got out of third gear. Not that I’m putting the match down, it’s just that it seemed that both men were happy with this style as they knew it would get overdue to Colt’s popularity.

The match finished when Cabana rolls up Burridge in a very unique way to gain the victory and is one step closer to a shot at Tomohiro Ishii and his British Heavyweight Championship.

Winner – Colt Cabana

After the match, Andy Simmonz entered the ring and conducted a short in-ring interview with Colt, who basically explained that he wants the British Championship back and will be using the crowds’ respect and keeping the tradition of British wrestling alive while getting it.

A backstage interview now with Rev Pro owner Andy Quildan talking about the eight-team British Tag Team Tournament to decide the number one contenders for Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr’s titles. Halfway through he is interrupted by David Starr, the current RPW British Cruiserweight Champion, who demanded that he should be respected more and there’s a conspiracy that he’s not so well respected.

Quarter Final Tag Team Tournament Match
Roppongi 3K v HxC

HxC is a new team to me, and they consist of Dan Head and James Castle. They look like an anti-establishment team to me, very punk.

Roppongi 3K are clearly the crowd favorites here, it helps when they’re associated with Rocky Romero, a frequent Rev Pro favorite.

Being the obvious heels in this match HxC jumped the bell and attacked Sho from behind, those devilish heels! But it didn’t last long as the combined forces of Sho and Yo easily fought back to the delight of the partisan crowd.

Unfortunately, though, HxC took complete control of the match through their heelish ways, eye rakes, back rakes, and flagrant rule-breaking. Ragdolling Yo around the ring and ringside area, keeping the pace very slow and methodical.

But when the hot tag happened, Castle and Head didn’t know what to do. Sho came into the ring like a bull in a china shop and cleaned house pretty quickly, upping the pace in the process.

With the pace quickened, the match quality got better, with plenty of double team maneuvers and false finishes from both teams, but 3K finally got the win against the run of play, with their 3D finisher (cunningly called 3K) and advance into the semi-finals.

Winners – Roppongi 3K

Main Event
El Phantasmo v Chris Brookes

After last week’s tête a tête where ELP (El Phantasmo folks, I’m down with the kids you know) stopped Brookes from unmasking Jushin Thunder Liger, the Rev Pro matchmakers decided that it warranted a match.

Chris Brookes has some really great entrance music but ELP’s makes you want to stand up and dance with the guy, which many at ringside did!

Another dastardly heel move now as Brookes jumps the bell and attacks Phantasmo from behind, spilling the match outside. Thrown into the guard rails has pushed ELP onto the back foot and finally rolls into the ring to give himself some separation but to no avail, as Chris goes to work on the left leg and ankle of ELP in an effort to keep him grounded.

What followed was another slow beginning part of the match and the crowd looked disinterested as multiple ankle locks and single-leg Boston Crabs kept Phantasmo to the canvas.

Being the professionals that they are, they must have known that they had lost the crowd and began to bring the pace up to showcase ELP’s junior style. Spot after spot soon took place, but for a change they weren’t spot’s for spot sake, they all had a purpose in pushing the story along.

The finish came when Brookes tag team partner Jonathan Gresham (not Kid Lykos folks as he’s sidelined. So Chris called in his original partner Gresham) came out to ringside to “observe” the match. When in actual fact he made ELP take his eye off the ball, and allowed Brookes to hit him with a running knee strike and a beautiful high angle piledriver to gain a rather tainted win.

Winner – Chris Brookes

Blake’s Take

– I’m going to sound biased here but damn if us Brits aren’t a great crowd. Seeing them stand on their feet for Cabana legit brought a lump to my throat, as it did him I’m sure.

– I’m liking that Rev Pro is taking elements from WWE, Lucha and even Impact to a degree, and using them on this program. The backstage segments, although are every episode so far, have been relevant to what we’re watching on screen and not being used to push something or someone else.

– The Tag Team Tournament and Quildan saying that they’re possibly the most prestigious tag belts in wrestling right now (and he can say that when Suzuki-Gun are holding them dammit!) could be a great addition. The teams involved all have a pedigree and any one of them could win it overall. Although my tip is Aussie Open. Mainly because I want to see Mark Davis and Minoru Suzuki trade the stiffest and biggest chops in the center of that ring!

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Compared to last week this episode wasn’t as great, but it was still a lot better than most WoS episodes I watched. It’s a 6/10 for me today.

Hopefully, next week will be better, and the pace of the matches picks up to keep the crowd engaged.

Don’t forget that you can read my review of World Of Pro Wrestling’s first episode, the link can be found at the bottom of the page.

Until next week….


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