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Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for 9/17/18

Week In Review for 9/17/18 (Pro Wrestling Post)

Morning one and all! Thanks for taking the time to read this week's Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for 9/17/18. As always it’s...
Pro Wrestling Post Week in Review with Mark Blake

Pro Wrestling Post Week in Review for 08/12/18

Hello one and all, and thanks for sparing a few moments of your day in reading this, a new article for Pro Wrestling Post...
RoH TK O'Ryan Episode 29 With

TK O’Ryan talks emergence of The Kingdom, & early training

Ring of Honor's TK O'Ryan has burst onto the wrestling scene and many have taken notice. As part of the Ring of Honor six-man...
Audio Edition with Episode 16 with Adam Cole

Adam Cole talks ROH, & Mount Rushmore

Adam Cole recently took some time to participate in an interview. Cole reveals his past training under John Dahmer, competing for PWG and working...
Chris Mordetzsky (Masters)

Chris Mordetzsky (Masters) talks growth, WWE & Future

Chris Mordetzsky (Masters) discusses his time with growth as a wrestler, time in the WWE, and future As Global Force Wrestling’s, “The Adonis” Chris...

Mankind | A Feared & Fierce Face of Foley

Fear often consumes us. It is easily something that makes all that feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Hearts will race, and blood will pump with...
The Undertaker & Kane

The Undertaker & Kane – ‘Blood Runs Deep’

The Undertaker has a legacy like no other. By 1997 he was already achieving legendary status. He won two WWF Championships. The first was...
Bull Nakano

Bull Nakano | The Iconic Trailblazing Joshi Warrior

If there is one thing professional wrestling has never been short of, it is “bull.” Wrestling has contended with Pitbulls, British Bulldogs, Brahma Bulls,...
WCW Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView with Clint Dye

WCW SuperBrawl VI | WCW Sunday Night RetroView

Happy new year to everyone who gives this a read. My first RetroView of 2023 continues the journey down the WCW pre-nWo with WCW SuperBrawl...
TJPW January 4th 2023

TJPW January 4th 2023 Review

January 4th, 2023 is a date that revolves around history. On January 30th, 2013, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling held its first public...