Hell In A Cell 2009 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On October 4th, 2009, WWE presented Hell in a Cell 2009. As the show began, it featured the opening package of everything from matches involving Randy Orton faces John Cena for the WWE Championship, CM Punk versus The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship to Degeneration X against Legacy. This event marked the first time Hell in a Cell was its own event. The first Hell in a Cell match took place in 1997. It would be twelve years later before the WWE would turn the match into an event.

At Breaking Point the previous month, we see that the Undertaker/CM Punk match was restarted duo to false tapout. We see how the match all came about between the two and the layers to this Championship matchup.


Hell in A Cell 2009
World Heavyweight Championship

CM Punk (c) vs The Undertaker

The champion would make his way to the ring out first. Todd Grisham announces him as the first-ever Straight Edge Champion. Admitting that suggests everyone else had some form of addiction. At the same time, Punk awaits the challenger the bell tolls, to signal the arrival of The Deadman. The Undertaker makes his way to the ring next. As soon as The Undertaker arrives at ringside, he slams the door behind him shut, signaling for the cage door to be locked. The bell rings, and Punk plays a game of stick and move against The Undertaker. Once The Undertaker gets his hands on Punk, he begins to beat him down systematically. Punch after punch; The Undertaker takes down the champion. Both men exchange blows outside the ring. Each time it appeared as though Undertaker was letting up, he refused to relent.

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Punk then hits a dropkick on steel steps affecting the knee of The Undertaker. Dueling chants of ‘Undertaker/CM Punk’ fill the arena. CM Punk continues to work on the knees of The Undertaker. Regardless of how much punishment, Punk attempted to deliver to The Undertaker, the Deadman would shake it off and regain control. With The Undertaker on the outside, CM Punk hit a diving plancha on the Undertaker on the outside. Punk maintains control of the match and then brings the match to the inside of the ring. With both men on their knees, they would strike each other until The Undertaker regained control. A big boot followed by a leg drop only brought about a count of two.

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A Terrified Champion

The Undertaker then attempted a chokeslam only for CM Punk to counter out of necessity. With The Undertaker recovering in the ring, CM Punk pulls out steel chairs from under the ring. He strikes him upside the head with the chair and a count of two. Punk then waits until Taker is back to his feet. The Undertaker then hits a Last Ride on him and then a pin. But it’s only for a count of two. This is followed up with old school Taker walking the ropes only to get caught with a knee strike on him. Punk is visibly frustrated as he can’t seem to finish off The Undertaker. The Undertaker catches Punk with a chokeslam on the champion. He then signals for Tombstone piledriver and a count of three.

Winner: AND NEW World Heavyweight Champion – The Undertaker

The win marks the first time the World Heavyweight Championship ever exchanged hands with a Tombstone piledriver.

Hell in A Cell 2009
Intercontinental Championship

John Morrison (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

Once again, the champion comes out first to start a match as Morrison arrives at the ring first. At this point, Ziggler comes to the ring with his bleach blonde hair and theme music, unlike what we hear today. With these two noted talents, it is sure to be a hit of a match. Both men are capable and skilled workers. Jim Ross shares about their collegiate backgrounds between them. The skillsets of both men are quite similar. The noted difference in Morrison is his parkour application. It begins with both men using their mat skills to gain an early advantage. Neither man can seem to gain the advantage of the other.

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It is at that point, Ziggler begins to drop fists to gain the advantage. After an exchange off the ropes from both men, Morrison hit a dropkick on Ziggler. This transitions into a rear chinlock by Morrison. At that point, Ziggler regains control putting on a rear chinlock on Morrison. Ziggler spends a great deal of time trying to work on Morrison. Morrison hits a springboard onto Ziggler driving him into the turnbuckles. The champion tries to hit Starship Pain on Ziggler, who moved out of the way. This gives Ziggler the advantage as he hits the champion with a measured dropkick.  Once again, Ziggler ties in a rear chin lock that turns into an inverted neck resthold. Dolph then follows up with a snap slam rotating the champion.

The Challenger Puts On The Pressure

Ziggler then hits a Mr. Perfect-esque neckbreaker. The challenger then whips the champion into the corner and follows up with a corner splash. Fists and kicks are the nature of the game for Ziggler. He then makes a pinning attempt but only for a count of two. Ziggler then hits a fireman’s carry takedown on Morrison on two occasions. He then waits for Morrison to get up and gets caught with a tilt a whirl DDT. Morrison regains control by hitting an array of moves. An exchange of roll-up pinning attempts leads to an eventual chin breaker by Ziggler on Morrison to make the final count. Morrison makes another near fall. That appears to be the expectation of this match. Ziggler attempts a belly to back suplex with a pinning combination.

The challenger is clearly frustrated as the champion fights through time and time again. Morrison has a downed Ziggler but then attempts Starship Pain only to be caught with an inverted suplex off the top rope. Ziggler slaps Morrison and attempts the Zig Zag, but Morrison held the ropes. Morrison then hits a running knee and finally Starship Pain for the win.

Winner: AND STILL Intercontinental Champion – John Morrison

Josh Matthews is shown backstage and interviews Batista, who then takes over, kicking Josh out. He introduces his tag team partner Rey Mysterio. They spoke about how the choice about teaming together to face The Big Show and Chris Jericho for the tag team titles.

Hell in A Cell 2009
WWE Divas Championship

Mickie James (c) vs Alicia Fox

The challenger comes to the ring first, followed by the four-time champion, James. Together both women lock up and then lead to a staredown. They lock up again, with Fox maintaining a wristlock. Fox takes down James and then makes a pinfall attempt but only for a count of one. James then begins to make a comeback and hits a dropkick on Fox. Mickie James then hits a neckbreaker. She climbs to the top rope with the intent of hitting a dropkick, only for Fox to swipe her off the second rope. Alicia then works on James’s lower back area but gets caught with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Fox then looks in a body scissors on James. James tries to fight off the challenger.

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After making her way back to her feet, James continues to hit clothesline after clothesline on Fox. James climbs the top rope and hits a Lou Thesz Press off the top rope. James then hits a patented DDT, following that up with the pinfall and the win.

Winner: AND STILL WWE Divas Champion Mickie James

Hell in A Cell 2009
WWE Unified Tag Team Championship

Big Show & Chris Jericho aka JeriShow (c) vs Batista & Rey Mysterio Jr

The champions make their way out first, followed by the challengers. It’s peculiar as to how overly grateful Batista is towards Mysterio. Jericho and Mysterio begin the match against one another. Its a back and forth affair early on between Jericho and Mysterio. Rey makes the tag to Batista. Frequent tags between the challengers lead to a pinning attempt by Mysterio. Batista is back in the ring against Jericho and continues to wear him down. He then tags in Mysterio, whom he aids with a splash.

Eventually, Jericho makes the tag to Big Show, and Batista attempts to convince him to make the tag. Big Show toys with Mysterio. He is stepping on him and hoists him up and down in the ring. He hoists him back into the ring by the head! Jericho is then tagged into the ring and slings him into the middle rope. Mysterio then hits an enzuguri but then could have made the tag but gets caught attempting a 619.  Jericho then picks up Mysterio and places him onto the top rope. While on the top rope, he hits a sitdown senton. This allows Mysterio to make the tag to Batista.

Batista Is In With The Hot Tag

Jeri-Show vs. Rey Mysterio & Batista - WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Hell in a Cell 2009 | WWE
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Batista is a house of fire, taking out both Big Show and Jericho. He hits a spinebuster on Jericho, and the referee makes a count but only of two. Jericho hits a codebreaker, but then Batista kicks out a two. At this point, Big Show is tagged into the match. Batista and Big Show exchange blows in the middle of the ring. A chokeslam on Batista leads to Rey breaking up a pinning attempt. Jericho is tagged into the match. Jericho misses a lionsault attempt. Both men are tagged into the ring, with both champion and challenger taking the fight to each other. Mysterio tosses Jericho over the top rope onto Big Show. At that point, Batista spears Big Show, who is holding Jericho. Mysterio hits another 619 but is KNOCKED OUT by a WMD by the Big Show and covered for the 1..2..3

Winners: AND STILL WWE Unified Tag Team Champions The Big Show and Chris Jericho

After the match, Batista checks on Mysterio in the ring as the champions make their way back up the aisleway with the titles. Batista helps Mysterio up as he recovers from The Big Show’s punch.

Hell in A Cell 2009
WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs Randy Orton 

Orton arrives at the ring, first awaiting the champion. The challenger says that he won’t be responsible for his actions. The more menacing, Orton looks up the rampway as the champion prepares to make his way to the ring. Michael Cole shares that at this point, this is the fifth time the WWE Championship has been defended in a Hell in a Cell. The cage door is locked shut as the combatants are announced. The bell rings, and Cena immediately decks the challenger. In a cat and mouse game, the challenger catches the champion to gain an early advantage. Orton drives fists and boots into the champion quite methodically. At a moment’s notice, Cena attempts an Attitude Adjustment, but Orton reverses it.

After a momentary advantage, Orton and Cena continue to exchange blows and even ducked an attempted shoulder tackle. Orton pushes a prone Cena into the cage from the apron. The challenger presses Cena’s face into the cage as the steel is pressed up against his nose and cheek. Cena then blocks and attempted face mashing up against the cage. Orton then counters a pounding by the champion. Randy then leaps onto the hand, face, and head of the champion. Orton begins to set upstairs and leaves a battered Cena on the floor near the separated stairs. The challenge maneuvers the stairs in the ring and then sets up Cena attempting then DDT off the middle ropes on the stairs. Cena reverses it and tosses Orton over the ropes.

Incoming Stairs

The champ then picks up the stair and tosses the stairs at Orton, who ducted it while resting against the cage. The challenger then pins the champion after his modified backbreaker. Cena is recovering in the corner while Orton makes his move. The champ hits his combination of shoulder tackles and then sets up for the five knuckle shuffle. He drops it on Orton and then attempts the Attitude Adjustment, but he blocks it. He then slingshots Cena off the top rope and follows up with his ‘vintage’ DDT off the middle rope. Orton makes the pin but once again for a count of two. He then begins to stare at Cena, driving his fists into the mat, setting up for the RKO.

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As Cena makes his way to his feet, he counters the RKO with an AA! Cena makes a count, but Orton kicks out at two! The champion is in disbelief! Cena then sets Orton up on the top rope and attempts to set up for an AA off the top rope. But Orton counters with an Electric Chair drop in the middle of the ring. Orton continues to take the fight to Cena driving his head from one end of the ring to the other. Cena fights off a superplex attempt by Orton. After three punches, he takes Orton down off the rope. Cena attempts a top rope leg drop only to have Orton avoid it.

The Steel Chair Comes Into Play

Orton brings a chair into the ring and measures the champion driving it to the back of his neck. After two perfectly placed chair shots to the back of Cena’s neck, Orton makes a pin but only for a count of two. Orton, then places a chair under Cena’s head, then prepares to drop a knee on Cena’s head only to have him avoid it. Cena then puts the STF on Orton. He gets to the ropes, but there is no rope break. Orton pushes off Cena but into the referee, who is out. The challenger taps, but the referee doesn’t see it. Cena helps Mike Chioda back into the ring, but Orton hits an RKO on Cena, who kicks out at two!! Orton can’t believe it. He is favoring his knee after dropping a knee onto a chair set up under Cena’s head.

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Orton then sets up Cena into the ropes as the challenger tries to chock out the champion. Cena is fading while in the ropes. He is out, and the referee asks Cena if he wants to give it up, but he can’t answer. Of course, he’s unconscious. Cena is released from the ropes, and he begins to make his way to his feet. Orton then hits a punt on Cena and knocks him out, making a pin for the one…two…three at Hell in a Cell 2009.

Winner: AND NEW WWE Champion, Randy Orton

After the match, we can see the referee tending to Cena as Orton looks on from the aisle with the title in hand. Cena looks like a deer in the headlights.

Backstage R-Truth is being interviewed by Josh Matthews discussing Drew McIntyre. We see the exchanges that the two have had leading up to this match. Truth shares that it is not time for the moment of taking advantage of an opportunity. He will not allow himself to be disrespected as he prepares to bring the fight to Drew.

Hell in A Cell 2009
R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre

Truth makes his way to the ring first, followed by the Chosen One, Drew McIntyre. Grisham and Ross are on commentary for this matchup. The commentary team discusses the exchanges that the two men have had with one another leading up to this match. McIntyre takes down R-Truth with a side headlock, but that is momentary. Truth hits McIntyre with a combination of strikes. With the referee attempting to break up the strikes, McIntyre took advantage and dropped R-Truth. McIntyre locks in a resthold on R-Truth, working on his neck and shoulder in the process.


Eventually, both men make their way to the feet, with Truth and McIntyre exchanging fists with one another. An attempted cross-body of both men resulted in neither man going anywhere. Truth gains the advantage, dropping fists and a scissors kick on McIntyre.  Truth then blocks an attempted front facelock DDT. R-Truth then gets caught and tosses back first off the middle rope. This leads to a front face lock DDT by McIntyre for the pin and the win at Hell in a Cell 2009.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Randy Orton is then sitting in the locker room with the title. With the support of DiBiase and Rhodes, both men try to tell Orton that they have it under control. The duo leaves the conversation as though they are the ones that should be respected as they prepare to face DX later on in the show.

Hell in A Cell 2009
WWE United States Championship

Kofi Kingston (c) vs The Miz vs Jack Swagger

All three men size each other up, with the champion being the one everyone is focused on in this match up. Kingston takes the fight to both The Miz and Swagger. Eventually, both The Miz and Swagger work on Kingston, trying to take him out of the equation. A double DDT and pinning attempt by The Miz leads to Swagger pulling him off of the champion. The assault continues to take the fight to Kingston. That ultimately ends as The Miz double-crosses Swagger. The Miz continues to put the boots to Kingston. He then focuses his attention on Swagger laying in a kick as well.

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Miz then gets caught by Kingston. Kingston then hits a cross body on Swagger as The Miz is lying prone. Eventually, the two challengers go after one another. Swagger does pushups while The Miz is hung up in the Tree of Woe. Kingston then hits a belly to back suplex on The Miz. Pinning attempts are fast and furious. Kofi hits a Boom Drop on Swagger and makes a pin but only for a count of two. Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise on Swagger but then gets caught in a Skull Crushing Finale. However, Swagger helps Kofi break the pin, and then after furious action, hits a Trouble in Paradise on The Miz and makes the pin for the one…two…three.

Winner: AND STILL WWE United States Champion, Kofi Kingston

Before the match begins, we witness the attacks by the likes of DiBiase and Rhodes going into this match. We see their battle at Breaking Point and the repeated attacks that they’ve delivered at Degeneration X.

Hell in A Cell 2009
Degeneration-X vs Legacy

Micheals and Triple H make their way to the ring first. While they make their way to the ring, DiBiase and Rhodes make their attack from behind almost immediately. Rhodes throws fist after fist on the former champion. While this is taking place, DiBiase and Triple H are battling on the other side of the cage. Both Triple H and Shawn Michaels focus their attention on Cody Rhodes beating down on him repeatedly. When it appears as though DX has the advantage, Ted DiBiase Jr returns and makes his attack on both Triple H and Shawn Michaels. This fight continues on the outside, and the bell hasn’t rung first.

Triple H and Ted DiBiase Jr battle on one side of the arena floor in the crowd while Michaels and Rhodes are on the other end. With a chain to the knee of Michaels, both DiBiase and Rhodes hit a double DDT on Triple H on the stage way. Rhodes hits a crossroads on Triple H at the top of the rampway. Now both DiBiase and Rhodes focus their attention on Michaels. As Rhodes holds Michaels’s leg prone, DiBiase slammed in it together. Rhodes then came back and locked Michaels in the Hell in a Cell without his partner.

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Michaels Faces Both Legacy Members Alone

The match is now technically started as Michaels is locked in the cage with Triple H incapacitated on the stage. Shawn stands up as both DiBiase and Rhodes continue to beat down on Michaels. The duo continues to beat down on Michaels. It has essentially become a handicap match. Cody covers Micheals after DiBiase clipped him low, and Rhodes hit him high. The focus is to work on the knee of Michaels, who is trying to survive this beating. Each time he seems to make a comeback, either Rhodes or DiBiase Jr takes him back down. Rhodes continues to whip the leg around the ring post of Michaels. Michaels whips a chair at the face of Rhodes.

Triple H begins to stir and make his way to the ring. Micheals continues to face beating at the hands of both Rhodes and DiBiase. After a second whipping into the cage, he begins to climb momentarily. Triple H looks on as he can’t get into the ring. Both Legacy members are relentless in their beating of Michaels. Shawn makes a slight comeback and takes down both members. Triple H tries to climb the cell but then drops back down. Michaels hits sweet chin music on DiBiase Jr and then takes a chair. Triple H continues to pace and then takes a steel chair to the cage door lock. He then attempts to pry it open and still to no avail.

Triple H Abandons Micheals?

Triple H then leaves ringside and heads to the back. The commentators are unsure why Triple H leaves. DiBiase Jr and Rhodes continue to berate Michaels, who is helpless in the cage. Their beating is relentless on Michaels. The Legacy members are proud of their handiwork. Fans are chanting for HBL, who tries to helplessly make his way back up to his feet just to be knocked down. Then a smattering of fans could be heard calling for Triple H. It is a systematic decimation of Michaels. They aren’t attempting to make a pin in the slightest. Rhodes does the figure-four leglock around the ring post while DiBiase is choking him.

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Triple H then makes it down to the ring with a bolt cutter. He then eventually cuts the bolt and makes his way in the ring. Triple H walks in and cleans house. He hits a spinebuster on Cody on a steel chair and then attempts a Pedigree but has it blocked. A referee comes down to the ring and attempts to lock the cage door, only for Triple H to take it from him and drives a chain in the head of DiBiase Jr. Micheals then drags DiBiase Jr out, and they lock him out of the cage. Cody then faces the wrath of both Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Triple H wraps a chair around Cody’s neck, and Micheals drops an elbow on his throat!

The infamous sledgehammer makes its way into the ring as both Michaels, and Triple H set up with a sledgehammer and sweet chin music finish. Michaels then makes the pin for a one..two…three at Hell in a Cell 2009.

Winners: Degeneration X