Chances Are He Doesn’t Like You Josh Briggs

Chances are he doesn’t like you. But even if that’s the case, with Chances Are He Doesn’t Like You, Josh Briggs, it doesn’t matter because he is very much liked. A rising star along the U.S east coast, Briggs found early success competing for promotions such as Limitless Wrestling and Chaotic Wrestling.

For wrestlers, there are moments in time where they can say their career has turned around and they have made it. In the case of Briggs, he highlights a match he had with current NXT superstar Dominik Dijakovic (Dominic Dijak) while competing for Limitless Wrestling out of New England.

Since both men were of similar stature, the biggest difference between them at the time was an experience. But Briggs didn’t allow the Dijak’s greater experience to prevent him from elevating himself. He took advantage of the moment and managed to blend ideas and spots together seamlessly.

A former trainee of Brian Fury, Briggs attributes having the same mindset as Dijak as helping him reach his early professional goals. After initially debuting under the moniker Mike Honcho, Briggs knew that wasn’t who he was or who he aspired to be. There was an untapped hunger in him, and that is something he still continues to develop.

Chances Are He Doesn’t Like You Josh Briggs

That’s one of the hardest things in wrestling that people don’t understand, who you really are. If your character is completely different from your actual being it is easy to get into because you are just acting at that point.

But, being 23 at the time, I didn’t know who I was as a human being. I realized one day, I had a horrible day and I was grumpy, I was in my car and I hated everyone, and I hated everything, and I didn’t want to deal with anything. I realized that may be a good character trait for Josh Briggs, so that became who I am, someone who doesn’t like people.

It’s basically me on a really bad day. It is still ever-evolving, just like everything in wrestling. Right now, I know who I am, that I don’t like being around people. If you are in the ring with me, I instantly don’t like you, and I am going to do whatever I can to hurt you. In a nutshell, that’s just Josh Briggs, someone who doesn’t like people.

Briggs doesn’t need to say he hates you, he can clearly make you aware he doesn’t like you and will show you why. One of the most important parts of Briggs’ career is increasing his exposure and growth. He has traveled across the border to Canada, and also faced some of the biggest names on the independent circuit in other promotions such as AAW Pro.

A New Hope

If his name and face appear familiar, they should. He and his close friend Anthony Greene opened up EVOLVE’s 10th Anniversary show that was broadcast on the WWE Network, in a match against one another. Briggs is so big and strong and has such a presence, that it is impossible to look away when he is in the ring.

He has also accumulated a wealth of knowledge but continues on his path of self-discovery. He doesn’t relent and he doesn’t surrender. In speaking with Briggs recently, it was clear that he continues to try and find the nuances of his character. They have yet to be shown or played out. He has caught the eye of famed promoter Gabe Sapolsky.

Sapolsky has taken this massive man and started to showcase him. He sees that Briggs is on the verge of moving up in the wrestling world and deserves to be in front of a major audience. No longer should he simply be competing in front of small crowds, he is ready to be in front of the camera.

Briggs demonstrates as a performer is his ability to know his positioning at all times. It is crucial for him to do these things, as it is for everyone. When he is in the ring he is able to capture your attention immediately, something not easily done by his peers and those with greater experience.

It would be easy to see that his sheer size alone is enough to capture the attention of those watching. However, it is so much more, as Briggs is able to gaze into a camera and his eyes will pierce into those of the viewer, forcing them to fix their gaze on him. It is a rare quality and shows that he is able to take the next step.

Briggs, along with his good friend Greene is poised to do great things under the watchful eye of Sapolsky. There is no telling the heights that he will reach. But we can be assured that when it does happen. He’ll continue to not like you throughout the process. Chances Are He Doesn’t Like You Josh Briggs is someone to watch as part of our ongoing indie spotlight watch series.

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