AEW Dynamite Weekly for 5/20/20

Welcome to the Pro Wrestling Post AEW Dynamite Weekly 5/20/20! It’s the final episode of Dynamite before this weekend’s AEW Double or Nothing pay per view. The Champ Jon Moxley is going to face Ten from The Dark Order. Sammy Guevara will face Matt Hardy in tonight’s main event and Arn Anderson will come face to face with Jake Roberts ahead of their clients match this Sunday for the TNT Championship this Sunday. This is the latest edition for AEW Dynamite Weekly for 5/20/20


AEW Dynamite Weekly for 5/20/20
Jon Moxley vs Ten

Brodie Lee leads Ten out to the ring holding Moxley’s AEW Championship title. Brodie addresses the audience at home to assure everyone he cant walk on water and he is no god. Lee talks about coming into possession of the AEW title. The Exalted One says he has to win this Saturday to pay off the love and loyalty of his men in the Dark Order. Ten rises at the Exalted One’s command before making his way to the ring with the orders to hurt Jon Moxley.

The real AEW Champion Jon Moxley makes his way out to the ring from the outside. Jon comes out swinging, slamming Ten and stomping on his head in the corner. The referee would pull the champ away from the corner leaving an opening for ten to attack Moxley from behind. The champ would recover countering Ten’s Samoan drop to hit a DDT followed up with a pile driver. Moxley would look out to the crowd looking for Brodie before hitting the Paradigm Shift to in by pinfall.

Winner – Jon Moxley

The champion would wrap Ten’s arm in a steel chair and threaten’s to break his arm if Brodie doesn’t return his title. Brodie responds saying sacrifices have to be made before leaving. Jon would smash a steel chair against the arm of Ten.

The commentary team talks about how personal the rivalry between the Champ and the Exalted One has become.

MJF makes his way out to the ring to a chorus of boos from the wrestlers at ringside. Marko Stunt is set to be MJF’s opponent tonight ahead of MJF’s match with fellow Jurassic Express member Jungle Boy at this weekend’s Double or Nothing pay per view.


AEW Dynamite Weekly 5/20/20
MJF vs Marko Stunt

Jim Ross acknowledges the loss of Shad Gaspard at the start of this match. Marko starts trying to use his speed against MJF before a failed Sunset Flip attempt gives MJF control of the match. MJF would continue the assault on Marko with punches and choking of Marko. Stunt would get in some offense countering a Superplex attempt and following up with a series of kicks. Marko’s offense would be short-lived as MJF would hit a Shoulder Breaker and forcing Marko to tap out to the Salt of the Earth.

Winner – MJF

Maxwell gets on the mic and taunts Marko before hitting him with the ring. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus run out to make the save.


Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson get in the ring for an interview with Tony Schiavone. Both Jake and Arn are the head caches for Lance Archer and Cody respectively. Jake tells Arn that Cody’s going to come face to face with the truth and that is Lance is going to rip his heart out. Anderson tells Jake he always seen through the act of carrying the snake that it was always in his eyes. Jake challenges Anderson but Arn is quick to dismiss this. Arn goes on to talk about how it’s an honor to share the floor with Mike Tyson. Cody has told Arn that he has to win this because he is one of the leaders of this company. Arn shares with everyone that Jake is doing DDP yoga, he wants Jake limber when he hits him with a spinebuster.

PAC makes an appearance by video message to send a warning to Orange Cassidy. Pac tells Orange to consider himself marked.

AEW Dynamite Weekly 5/21/20

Orange Cassidy vs Ray Fenix

Two of the participants in this Saturday’s Casino Ladder match face off. Ray tries to attack Orange before the match but Cassidy just saunters out of the way. Cassidy continues to nonchalantly avoid Ray’s offense. As the match progresses Fenix hits an impressive Springboard Leg Drop. Orange Cassidy gets into the match and hits a lot of high impact offense. A diving DDT from the top rope just wasn’t enough to put Ray away. Kip Sabian would come out to ringside distracting Orange and the referee. Ray would take advantage by low blowing Cassidy and hitting a Cutter to win by pinfall.

Winner – Ray Fenix

The rest of the participants from Saturday’s ladder match came out to brawl. Ray hit a springboard to the outside. Helooked like he took a nasty landing.

AEW Dynamite Weekly 5/21/20

Kris Statlander/Hikaru Shida vs Britt Baker/Nyla Rose

Nyla attempts to hit Shida with her kendo stick before Statlander and Shida work together to take control in the early part of the match. Nyla is able to regain some dominance when she knocks Kris down with a huge clothesline. The Native Beast dominates Statlander a while longer before forcing Britt to tag herself in. The match would go on and all the competitors would get their spots in but Nyla would hit a Beast Bomb on Shida for the win by pinfall.

Winners – Nyla Rose/Britt Baker

Nyla Rose continues her attack on Shida, laying her on a table. Before Nyla could splash through the table, Shida got up and but Nyla would then put her through the table with a Superplex.

Shawn Spears updates us with the Shawn Spears News update. Spears informs us that Dustin has decided to hang up the boots after the beating he took from Lance Archer. The Chairman goes on to say he doesn’t have a match for Double or Nothing and issues a challenge to Dustin. The commentary team announces that it’s official Shawn Spears vs Dustin Rhodes has been added to Saturday’s card.

AEW Dynamite Weekly 5/21/20

AEW Dynamite Weekly for 5/20/20
Sammy Guevara vs Matt Hardy

Matt and Sammy brawl to start and Matt batters Sammy off everything he can find at ringside. The match progresses until Sammy counters the Twist of Fate to get a foothold on the match. The balance of the match would change with both men having periods on top. Sammy would attempt a Corkscrew from the top rope but Matt would roll out the way. Sammy would adjust to land on his feet but Matt would hit a Twist of Fate. The Spanish God would kick out at the count of 2 though. Matt would attack the feet of Sammy but would be fought off by. He would attempt a Shooting Star but Matt would roll up before hitting a Twist of Fate on Sammy to win by pinfall.

Winner – Matt Hardy

Matt gets a chair to attack Sammy but the Inner Circle appears on the screen. Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle attack Kenny before the Young Bucks return to make the save. The Inner Circle and The Elite brawl on the football field a returning Hangman Page runs across the field to help out The Elite. The Elite are standing reunited and Adam Page walks away to end the show.