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Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox: Before the E (INCLUDES VIDEO)

Before the journey began for a number of WWE talent, their skills were being honed in gymnasiums, auditoriums and in front of crowds of...
WWE NXT presents NXT TakeOver 36

NXT TakeOver 36 | Preview

On Sunday, August 22nd, the WWE NXT presents NXT TakeOver 36. With this upcoming TakeOver, several matches presented include several scores seeming to be...
Jarkaster Journey by DJ Jarka Wrestlebash Review Collision in Cuba

A Mock Wrestling World Cup | Jarkaster Journey

Hello, everybody. I did not intend to take this long in between blog posts, but here we are. Life moves fast. Days turn to...
WWE NXT for 12/30/20

WWE NXT for 12/30/20 (#NXTYearEndAwards)

With the final WWE NXT upon us, the show also features the NXT Year-End Awards and two prominent matches. Fans will witness announcements for...
Coming Up NXT with John Caul

WWE NXT Halloween Havoc | Coming Up NXT for 10/28/20 | Preview

The ghouls and goblins, the terrors of the night... all have landed in the Capitol Wrestling Center for what is sure to be haunted...
WWE NXT Takeover 31

WWE NXT Takeover 31 | Preview

WWE NXT is back at it again with another pay-per-view which will set the bar on the brand. 3 titles on the line, a...
Coming Up NXT with John Caul

Battle Royale | Coming Up NXT for 9/23/20 | Preview

After a night full of major announcements and moments, NXT is back for another week of action on the USA Network! It will be...
Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai | WWE NXT’s Furious KICK Above The Rest | Before The E

Before the journey began for several WWE talent, their skills were honed in gymnasiums, auditoriums, and crowds of a few hundred people, much like Dakota...
WWE Smackdown Synopsis with Ian Agubov

SmackDown Synopsis for 8/14/20 (RETRIBUTION & Confrontation)

Where has the Summer gone? Time has flown by notwithstanding the presence of more masks than at the Luchador's Summer Harvest Ball. Summerslam will...
Coming Up NXT with John Caul

A Cinderella Story | Coming Up NXT or 7/15/20 | Preview

A new faction has established dominance under a wealthy champion. A couple that wins together, starts on a new path together. The new face...