NXT Weekly for 01/24/23 (NXT Women’s Championship Summit)

Welcome to the NXT Weekly for 01/23/23. Live from the CWC in Orlando, FL here comes this week’s edition of NXT.

Bron Breakker and Grayson Waller had a fight in the Performance Center that got filmed “bystander cell phone” style. How convenient. It was a nice little hype for their upcoming Vengeance Day match.

We go live to the ring for out opening match.

NXT Weekly for 01/24/23
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NXT Weekly for 01/24/23
Indi Hartwell vs. Tiffany Straton

The match was pretty decent, but we know how this is going to end. Hartwell is the only one left from the Gargano group in NXT. She’s just here to put people over. I think it might be time to move her up to the main roster. Stratton looked great here, picking up the win after faking an injury and finishing Hartwell off with a very impressive looking triple jump moonsault, a la the Christopher Daniels BME.

Winner – Tiffany Stratton

The match was pretty good and had been given sufficient time to play out. Hartwell is doing well in her role of putting the other girls over. Perhaps she’ll do Roxanne the favor before going to the main roster.

Jacy Jayne gives a way too over the top backstage interview about how she’s dumping Gigi Dolin and gunning for the NXT Women’s Championship. We’ll all see what she means at the NXT Championship Summit tonight.

Thea Hail’s Chase U award ceremony for her first win is up next. It’s a bit cheesy but that’s Chase U sometimes. I wonder what’s up with Duke Hudson, since he’s pretty much been delegated to a backstage character. He has some decent talent in the ring.

JD McDonagh breaks up the party asking why we keep giving out participation trophies. Fair point. JD also rips into Hudson about his recent fall from the spotlight. Chase knocks JD out of the ring and their match is next.

NXT Weekly for 01/24/23
Andre Chase vs. JD McDonagh

Chase does his typical Chase U stuff before JD takes over. Chase did do an impressive Destroyer counter that got a nice nearfall. JD regained control of the match and won with the Devil Inside suplex after Hudson walked out leaving Hail confused.

Winner – JD McDonagh

The match just continued the story from earlier about Duke Hudson. I’m not sure where this will lead as we find out later that Hudson got a spot for them in the NXT Tag Team Championship Invitational match.

NXT Weekly for 01/24/23
Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley vs. Fallon Henley and Kiana James with Briggs and Jenson

Your standard tag team match here to push the Henley/James can they get along story. The match was quick (going to be a running theme tonight) with James pulling some heel like moves that allowed Henley to pick up the win.

Winners – Fallon Henley and Kiana James

Henley did not see the cheating that James did to allow her to pick up the win. Could there be a heel turn coming?

The New Day was backstage with Edris Enofe and Malik Blade wanting a title shot. Schism shows up wanting one as well. New Day announces a Tag Team Invitational next week with the winner getting added to the Vengeance Day triple threat match to make it a fatal four way.

Apollo Crews cuts a promo on Carmello Hayes and Trick Williams in the barbershop. Crews challenges Hayes to a two out of three falls match at Vengeance Day. Hayes accepts and it is made official.

NXT Weekly for 01/24/23
Drew Gulak and Hank Walker vs. The Creed Brothers, Julius and Brutus

This was setup earlier in the day when Gulak thought Julius took a cheap shot in a sparring session. This was a really good tag team match that was given sufficient time to develop. Walker is continuing to improve and I think sticking him with Gulak is a wise move. Charlie Dempsey shows up so Gulak goes to confront him. This allows the Creeds to wipe out Walker for the win.

Winners – The Creed Brothers

The Creeds are impressive and will make a splash on the main roster once they move up there.

After the match, they thank Ivy Nile, who came down to the ring, for sticking with them. Indus Sher appear and Jinder Mahal says his team is at 100% and the Creeds are at 100%, so it is time they fight. Nile accepts the challenge for next week.

Gigi Dolin is backstage running down Jacy Jayne for the comments she made earlier. I think I’ve seen this before though…

Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo are in a restaurant, getting shown to a private room. D’Angelo said everyone is taking about the new underboss. Stacks wants to take on the biggest guy he can find.

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NXT Weekly for 01/24/23
Elektra Lopez vs. Wendy Choo

Another short match here with Valentina Feroz showing up at ringside to watch. Lopez knocks out Choo with brass knuckles that the ref didn’t see for the win.

Winner – Electra Lopez

Simple story of the heel Lopez trying to teach Feroz you have to be aggressive sometimes to get what you want.

Fallon Henley was talking to Briggs and Jenson backstage when Kiana James shows up and said she went to Shawn Michaels and got them a NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship match at Vengeance Day. Fallon said she had to think about it?

Stevie Turner announced that she will make her NXT debut next week.

Greyson Waller is in the ring cutting a promo on Bron Breakker, who goes out to confront him. They fight and the locker room tries to separate them. Breakker charges at Waller on the floor. Waller side steps him and Breakker goes through the barricade! That was an impressive visual for sure. They’ve done a good job making it look like Waller has a chance against Breakker.

Gallus says they are ready to become tag team champions while they play pool. Not likely, but they’ve got an outside chance.

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NXT Weekly for 01/24/23
Kayden Carter and Katana Chance vs. Alba Fyre
(NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship)

Fyre says she is ready to go solo. Sol Ruca comes out and says she’ll be Fyre’s partner. Fyre didn’t want the help but didn’t turn her down either. The match was really good and had a fair amount of time given to it. The unlikely duo of Fyre and Ruca worked well together but Carter and Chance found a way to isolate Roca to pick up the win.

Winners – AND STILL NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

After the match, Fyre didn’t acknowledge Ruca and left with Isla Dawn of all people. Henley and James appeared on the platform and announced that they would be facing Carter and Chance at Vengeance Day for the tag titles.

Dijak was backstage telling Wes Lee he will be taking his NXT North American championship from him. He likely will too.

Cora Jade was talking to McKenzie Mitchell backstage about Lyra Valkyria when we cut to the dreaded NXT parking lot and see that Nikkita Lyons has blown out another knee. I don’t know who has more Jello in their knees, Lyons or Tegan Nox.

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The NXT Women’s Championship Summit closes out the show this week. Toxic Attraction had the claws out on each other and Roxanne Perez was enjoying what she was watching. The con is up and Toxic Attraction attacks Perez, beating her up before sending her through the table with a double team spinebuster. They hold the NXT Women’s Championship up over the fallen Perez to close the show.

The show was really good this week and stories progressed. Some of the matches were a little on the short side, but the matches that really mattered were given enough time.

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