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Kane and The Undertaker

Kane and The Undertaker | ‘Blood Runs Deeper’

Brothers of Destruction is Back to Decimate with Kane and The Undertaker. The dominance of Kane & The Undertaker continued well into the early...
The Undertaker & Kane

The Undertaker & Kane – ‘Blood Runs Deep’

The Undertaker has a legacy like no other. By 1997 he was already achieving legendary status. He won two WWF Championships. The first was...
Kane and May 19th

Kane & May 19th | On This Day

‘On This Day’ is a commemorative article series dedicated to specific events, matches, and occurrences in wrestling history. We revisit those key moments and...

Kane: Hell Fire & Brimstone (INCLUDES VIDEO)

Today, Glenn Jacobs turns 53 years old. While his time now tied politics as the Mayor of Knoxville County, Tennessee it was one character...

205 Live Landscape 8/1/19 (Maverick vs Kanellis)

Hello, one and all! Grab a chair and settle down while I talk you through this past weeks 205 Live including this week’s main...

205 Live Landscape for 7/4/19 (Lorcan / Gallagher / Nese vs Kanellis/Daivari/Gulak)

Welcome to another edition of Pro Wresting’s Post’s 205 Live Landscape This week the main event will be the trio of Oney Lorcan, Jack...
Mr Perfect Curt Hennig

Curt Hennig | Remembering Perfection Personified

He was what he said he was …..absolutely perfect. Mr Perfect Curt Hennig was the perfect combo of technique and charisma that does not...
Terry Funk

Terry Funk – The Man Who Only God Himself Could Stop

The old idiom tells us that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Terry Funk did not like people telling him what he...
Pro Wrestling NOAH Satruday Night RetroView with Ethan Black

Autumn Navigation 2006 | Pro Wrestling Noah Saturday Night RetroView

On October 29th, 2006, Pro Wrestling Noah aired their 15th night of the Autumn Navigation 2006 tour. We had 8 matches on the evening,...
NJPW In The Tokyo Dome - January #NEWS: NJPW Announce Full Wrestle Kingdom 14 Two Day Card

NJPW In The Tokyo Dome – The History of January 4th of NJPW in...

January 4th might as well be renamed ‘Pro Wrestling Day’ in Japan. For over thirty years, New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) has put on their...