Kane and The Undertaker | ‘Blood Runs Deeper’

Brothers of Destruction is Back to Decimate with Kane and The Undertaker. The dominance of Kane & The Undertaker continued well into the early 2000s. Both were destroying everything put in their path. The Undertaker continued to add to his undefeated WrestleMania streak.

Kane continued to terrorize every opponent he stepped in the ring with. Kane was a horror movie that came to life …literally. In 2006, he starred in the movie See No Evil. He played Jacob Goodnight, a psychopathic murderer with a hook.

He would take out the eyes of his victims. Kane was perfect for the part. Despite all that, the brothers of destruction seemed to coexist without being rivals at this time. That, of course, was temporary.

The Undertaker & Kane vs. Mr. Kennedy & MVP: SmackDown, November 3, 2006 - YouTube
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Kane and The Undertaker
Brothers of Destruction vs. MVP and Kennedy

In 2006, two up-and-coming superstars, Montel Vontavious Porter and Mr. Kennedy, wanted to make a name for themselves at the expense of the Deadman and The Devil’s Favorite Demon. MVP and Kennedy attacked Kane after a match.

As Kane was being double-teamed, the lights in the arena went off. When the lights came on, Kane was gone. Another time MVP and Kennedy used Mr. Kennedy’s microphone to beat down Kane. His brother, the phenom, once again helped him out. As the Brothers of Destruction gave simultaneous chokeslams to MVP and Mr. Kennedy, fans worldwide were ecstatic.

When Mr. Kennedy drove a hearse to ringside, he got more than he bargained for. MVP was facing Kane. MVP threw Kane to the ringside floor. Mr. Kennedy attempted to run Kane over, but just as Kennedy sat in the driver’s seat, the lights went out.

When the lights came back on, Kennedy had a passenger. It was the Undertaker. Both these rivalries led to one on one matches at Armageddon to settle the score. Kane faced off against MVP in an Inferno Match.

Since this was Kane’s specialty, the demon easily got the win. The Undertaker squared off against Mr. Kennedy in a Last Ride Match. Undertaker destroyed Mr. Kennedy and sent him for his last ride.

Kane and The Undertaker
Separate Paths of Destruction

In 2007, The Brothers of Destruction again went their separate ways. Kane entered into a feud with The Great Khali, Edge, King Booker, and Mark Henry. The Undertaker went on to make history in 2007. The Deadman was the last man standing at the 2007 Royal Rumble after eliminating Shawn Michaels.

Since Undertaker won the rumble, he was on the road to WrestleMania 23 against Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. On April 1, 2007, the man who walks with the angels kept his undefeated streak alive and captured the World Heavyweight Championship.

After defeating Batista, The Undertaker’s streak was now 15-0. The Undertaker lost the title to Edge after he cashed in his Money In the Bank contract on Smackdown. In 2008 after many months of being cheated by Edge, Undertaker regained the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVI with the Hells Gate submission.

He was also now 16-0 at undefeated at the event. Kane also had a successful 2008. At WrestleMania XXVI, he won a battle royal with an instant ECW title shot that night. Kane decimated Chavo Guerrero to win the ECW title in 11 seconds.

Sometimes It Is Hell Trying To Get To Heaven

2009 would be another banner year for the Undertaker, as he was challenged by none other than the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. At WrestleMania 25,  Undertaker and Shawn Michaels stole the show.

In the end, Undertaker once again stood tall as he defeated Shawn Michaels and kept his streak 17-0. Undertaker had a rematch against HBK a year later at WrestleMania 29 when he pinned Michaels in a Career vs. Streak Match. Shawn Michaels was forced to retire, and Undertaker was still undefeated 18-0 at WrestleMania.

Shawn Michaels and Undertaker | The Real Story Behind Their Feud
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Kane is WWE’s Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. Kane also had an eventful year. After he was defeated by Mark Henry for the ECW championship, signs of the demon were starting to resurface. After losing a fatal four-way match, Kane attacked WWE announcers Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

At the Great American Bash, he interfered in the Championship between Batista and CM Punk. He also began to feud with Rey Mysterio, a fan favorite.  In mid-November 2009, Kane and Undertaker teamed up again to take on Chris Jericho and Big Show. It felt like Kane had conquered the demon inside,  but true to form, the demon preparing to resurface.

Kane and The Undertaker
Some Things Never Change

June 2010, Smackdown reported that The Undertaker was found in a “vegetative state. ” Kane went on a rampage, accusing everyone in the locker room of attacking his brother. Due to Undertaker’s absence, a battle royal determined who would take his place. Rey Mysterio won the match by last eliminating Kane.

At the Money in the Bank, Rey Mysterio became World Heavyweight Champion in the fatal four-way. However, that same night, Kane won the Money In The Bank match and cashed it to defeat Rey and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Kane was now the first wrestler in History to be WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, and ECW Champion.

At Summerslam, Rey Mysterio received his rematch against Kane. After the match, the Undertaker returned. He attacked Kane. It was Kane that left Undertaker in a vegetative state.

After a double chokeslam attempt, Kane appeared more powerful and tombstoned the Undertaker. The match ended with a quote by Matt Striker, “the brothers of destruction are no more .”

This led to a match at Night of Champions. Kane, the World Heavyweight Champion against The Undertaker No, Holds Barred. The Devil’s favorite demon defeated Undertaker after a reversal of a tombstone piledriver.

William Moody, 58, Pro Wrestling's Paul Bearer, Dies - The New York Times
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Kane and The Undertaker
The Seemingly Neverending Betrayal Of Paul Bearer

After Night of Champions, Kane bragged about his brother’s defeat and how he was now more powerful than the Deadman. Just then, a red casket showed up at ringside. When the casket opened, Paul Bearer appeared. The lights went out, and the Man from the Darkside, The Undertaker, was right behind Kane.

Kane evaded the Undertaker and ran back to the locker room. The Undertaker and Paul Bearer were back together. It was announced that Undertaker vs. Kane would be the main event at Hell in a Cell.  At the end of the match, Kane forced Paul Bearer into the ring to watch the Undertaker’s demise. Undertaker got a second wind and tombstoned Kane.

As Undertaker prepared to hit another tombstone, Paul Bearer used his urn to blind the Undertaker. Once again, Paul Bearer turned on the phenom. Paul Bearer gave the urn to his son Kane. Kane knocked out the Undertaker and won the match.

The Undertaker was not done with Kane. In a Buried Alive match at Bragging Rights, Undertaker once again challenged the Demon Kane. After a brutal match, Undertaker was buried alive by Kane, thanks to the Nexus.

After burying the Undertaker, Kane went on to feud with Edge. Edge eventually defeated Kane to become the World Heavyweight Champion. After his defeat, the demon in Kane subsided again, and he began teaming with Big Show, winning the Tag Team Championship.

Kane was injured at the hands of Mark Henry’s Hall of Pain. When Kane returned, he let his inner demon out again. Kane attacked John Cena and Zack Ryder, wanting them to “Embrace the Hate.” The Big Red Machine then went on to be part of  Team Hell No with Daniel Bryan and win the tag team championship.

CM Punk Reveals How He Felt About His WrestleMania 29 Match With The Undertaker
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Kane and The Undertaker
The Deadman Fights For Respect And Family Honor At WrestleMania

The Undertaker returned just before WrestleMania XXVII and confronted Triple H. Triple H was determined to break the streak. He wanted to do what Shawn Michaels couldn’t do. At WrestleMania XXVII, Triple H came within a sledgehammer shot of defeating the Undertaker. Undertaker was now 19-0.

The Undertaker won but was carried away on a stretcher. His career was in question. The very next year, before WrestleMania, The Undertaker returned and wanted Triple H. At first, Triple H said no to a rematch until Undertaker forced him into it. Triple H stated that he would do the match, but the stipulation would be Hell in a Cell.

The Undertaker challenged Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVIII. At the End of an Era match, Undertaker defeated Triple H and retained his streak of 20-0. At Raw 1000, The Brothers of Destruction reunited again when Undertaker saved Kane from being attacked by Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Tyler Rex, etc.

The Undertaker was absent a lot from television in 2012. His next appearance was against CM Punk at WrestleMania 29. Coincidentally, this feud was made more personal by the real-life passing away of Bill Moody aka Paul Bearer. In the storyline, CM Punk made it a point to disrespect Paul Bearer. He stole the urn from the brothers of destruction and used it to attack Kane.

Straight Edge Vengence

The Undertaker got his revenge for Paul Bearer and Kane as he defeated CM Punk and extended his streak to 20-0. On the Raw after WrestleMania, Undertaker paid his respects to Paul Bearer but was interrupted by The Shield. The Shield attacked the Undertaker, knowing he was weakened from the match with Punk. His Brother Kane and Daniel Bryan saved the Deadman.

The following week on Raw, Undertaker teamed with Kane and Bryan against The Shield. On the following Smackdown, the Shield attacked the Undertaker and put him through a table. Undertaker was not seen again until a Beast challenged the Phenom.

Brock Lesnar had returned to WWE and was hellbent on defeating the Undertaker.  In 2014, at WrestleMania 30, the unthinkable happened when the Beast Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker and ended the streak.

Brothers Of Destruction Vs. The Wyatt Family

A new dark force appeared in the WWE. Bray Wyatt, a cult-like leader, made his debut along with his followers called the Wyatt Family. Wyatt immediately started mocking the Undertaker. The Undertaker returned at WrestleMania 31 and defeated Bray Wyatt with a tombstone.

However, the Wyatts were not done. During a rematch at Hell in the Cell with Brock Lesnar, The Wyatts attacked the Deadman. They beat him mercilessly and carried him away. The next night on Raw, the Wyatts also attacked Kane and carried him out. Bray Wyatt claimed to have “taken their souls.”

The Undertaker and Demon Kane reemerge to unleash hell upon The Wyatt Family: Raw, November 9, 2015 - YouTube
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On November 9, 2014, The Brothers of Destruction returned and attacked the Wyatts. Survivor Series was right around the corner, and it was the Undertaker’s 25th Anniversary. In the main event, the Brothers of Destruction annihilated the Wyatts.  Undertaker was now back on a winning path. At WrestleMania 32, Undertaker defeated a returning Shane McMahon in a Hell in a Cell.

The Corporate Demon

Kane awakened his Mr. Hyde’s side and bought back the Devil’s Favorite Demon. However, this time, he was a Corporate Demon. Kane gave his mask to Stephanie McMahon and pledged allegiance to the authority. He was given the title of Director of Operations. Seth Rollins was the authorities chosen one.

Rollins felt Kane was a weak link and attacked the big corporate monster. When Kane returned, he returned with hellfire. He took back his mask and made Seth Rollins’s life a living hell. Eventually, Kane lost a match to Rollins that stated if Kane lost, he would be fired as Director of Ops.

In the meantime, WrestleMania 33 was fast approaching. Undertaker returned just like clockwork. This time there was a new big dog in The Undertaker’s yard. Roman Reigns challenged the Undertaker. After five spears, Reigns defeated the Deadman.

Kane and The Undertaker
Brothers of Destruction vs. Degeneration X…One Last Time

Through a deal with Saudi Arabia, WWE started having monthly pay-per-view specials called Supershowdown. The main event of the first installment was HHH challenging the Undertaker.

As an added bonus, Shawn Michaels would be in Triple H‘s corner, and Kane would be in Undertakers. After a pedigree, Undertaker lost the match. As a sign of respect, all four legends stood with their hands raised. Just then, the Brothers of Destruction attacked Degeneration X.

This led to a match at the next pay-per-view Crown Jewel. For the first time in a long time, The Brothers of Destruction faced off against Degeneration X. Unfortunately for the Brothers, they lost to the Degenerates when Triple H pinned Kane.

At WrestleMania 36, many fans were speculating retirement of the Undertaker. He did give us one last ride against AJ Styles in a boneyard match. After the phenom won the match, Undertaker drove off into the night.

Undertaker would have retired if 'train wreck' match had been better | Metro News
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The Brothers Of Destruction Undertaker and Kane. They are two of the most iconic terrifying forces the WWE has ever seen. Like most families, they have been their greatest supporters as well as their greatest enemies. Both icons are sure-fire Hall of Famers. Separate, they are legends who deserve respect.

Together they are an unstoppable force that will decimate everything in its path. WWE is currently producing a documentary detailing the rise of this demonic duo. When it’s all said and done, The Brothers of Destruction will be remembered for the trail of bodies they left behind them and the respect they earned.